Dog Owner Documents Stages of Guilt After Lab Chews Slipper: ‘Panic’

Lab Chews Slipper

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Dog Owner Documents Stages of Guilt After Lab Chews Slipper: ‘Panic’


A Heartwarming Tale of a Guilty Labrador

Dogs often find themselves in trouble for various antics, but it’s their reactions that truly capture our hearts. Zara, a black Labrador, recently became an internet sensation for her hilarious and relatable display of guilt after chewing up one of her dad’s slippers. This story, shared on Instagram, has garnered significant attention and showcases the amusing yet touching process of a dog’s guilty conscience.

The Discovery: Zara’s Guilty Secret Unveiled

At 7 a.m., Zara’s mom discovered the chewed slipper, marking the beginning of Zara’s guilt saga. As she descended the stairs, she found one of Dad’s slippers in a state of ruin. Zara, realizing her misdeed, immediately displayed her “tail of guilt,” a common canine reaction when caught red-pawed. However, since it wasn’t Mom’s shoe, Zara momentarily relaxed.

The Moment of Panic: Dad’s Approach

The peace was short-lived as Zara heard Dad coming downstairs. Panic quickly set in, and Zara’s guilty conscience became evident. Hoping to avoid trouble, she attempted to hide behind Mom, a classic dog maneuver when trying to evade punishment. Unfortunately for Zara, hiding wasn’t enough to absolve her of the crime.

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Innocent Eyes: The Final Attempt

In a last-ditch effort to escape blame, Zara used her most potent weapon: the puppy-dog eyes. She looked up at Dad with an innocent gaze, hoping to convince him of her non-involvement. Despite her best efforts, the chewed slipper’s evidence was too strong, and Dad wasn’t swayed.

Why Dogs Chew Shoes: Understanding the Behavior

Zara’s behavior is not uncommon among dogs. According to AskVet, there are three primary reasons dogs chew on shoes:

  • Boredom: Dogs need mental and physical stimulation. When left unoccupied, they might resort to chewing on easily accessible items like shoes.
  • Anxiety: Chewing can be a soothing activity for anxious dogs. Ensuring a safe and comforting environment can help alleviate this behavior.
  • Teething: Puppies often chew to relieve teething pain. Providing appropriate chew toys can help direct their chewing away from shoes and other valuable items.

Preventing Destructive Chewing: Tips for Dog Owners

To prevent incidents like Zara’s slipper fiasco, here are some tips for dog owners:

  • Provide Adequate Exercise: Ensure your dog gets plenty of physical activity to prevent boredom.
  • Mental Stimulation: Engage your dog with toys, puzzles, and training exercises to keep their mind occupied.
  • Safe Environment: Remove accessible shoes and other chewable items from your dog’s reach when leaving them alone.
  • Appropriate Chew Toys: Offer suitable alternatives for chewing, especially for teething puppies.

Zara’s Instagram Fame: A Viral Sensation

The video capturing Zara’s stages of guilt was shared on April 17 on her Instagram account, @zara_thelabrabear. The hilarious and relatable clip quickly went viral, amassing over 723,000 views, 31,400 likes, and 159 comments. Instagram users flooded the comments section with support and humor, defending Zara’s innocence.

Social Media Reactions: Zara’s Online Defenders

Comments on Zara’s video were filled with humorous defenses and support for the guilty Labrador. Some users pointed out the lack of concrete evidence, joking about legal representation for Zara.

  • “Don’t worry Zara, Dad would have to prove you did it in a court of law,” one user quipped.
  • Another offered, “I’m willing to represent this innocent client pro bono.”
  • A third added, “The slippers started it! She is innocent! Bless her, best dog.”
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Contact and Additional Comments

Newsweek reached out to Zara’s Instagram account, @zara_thelabrabear, for additional comments on the viral video. Zara’s story continues to bring joy and laughter to her followers, showcasing the lovable and sometimes mischievous nature of dogs.


Zara’s story is a delightful reminder of the joy and humor our pets bring into our lives. Her guilty reactions and attempts to evade trouble are not only amusing but also endearing. By understanding why dogs engage in such behavior and taking preventive measures, we can ensure a harmonious coexistence with our furry friends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs


1. What breed is Zara?

Zara is a black Labrador, known for their friendly and energetic nature.

2. Why do dogs chew on shoes?

Dogs chew on shoes primarily due to boredom, anxiety, or teething. Providing mental stimulation, comfort, and appropriate chew toys can help mitigate this behavior.

3. How can I prevent my dog from chewing my belongings?

Ensure your dog gets enough exercise, mental stimulation, and provide suitable chew toys. Remove accessible items that they might chew on when unsupervised.

4. What should I do if my dog chews something valuable?

Stay calm and avoid punishment. Redirect your dog’s chewing behavior to appropriate items and provide consistent training and positive reinforcement.

5. Where can I follow Zara’s adventures?

You can follow Zara’s delightful antics on her Instagram account, @zara_thelabrabear.

For more details, visit the original Newsweek article.




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