Yorkshire Terriers; The Complete Info Guide – Fumi Pets

Yorkshire Terriers; The Complete Info Guide - Fumi Pets

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Yorkshire Terriers are known for being lively, loyal, sociable, hypoallergenic, and clever. Other considerations include the fact that they may be costly, delicate, noisy, and dirty.

What is a Mini Yorkie?

Yorkshire Terriers are a breed that most people are acquainted with. They appear in almost every TV ad. However, not everyone is familiar with Mini Yorkies and how they differ from their larger counterparts.

Yorkshire Terriers and Miniature or Teacup Yorkies are almost identical dogs and breeds. The only significant difference between Mini Yorkies and regular Yorkies is their size. They’ve been bred to be a fraction of the size of a typical Yorkie.

Breeders realised that there was a great demand for Yorkies, but much more so for the smaller ones. Mini Yorkies are designed to be adorable and little throughout their whole lives, much like puppies.

Yorkshire terriers of all sizes are identical to pups, making it difficult to distinguish between the two without assistance. Be wary of breeders that claim to have Mini Yorkies but are just attempting to deceive you. To sell you full-sized Yorkies, they conceal the sizes of the litter’s parents.

Make sure they show you the parents of the puppy litter to prevent this. You should be OK if the parents are still tiny and teacup-sized.

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Many people are unaware of the history of the Yorkshire Terrier breed, which was developed to hunt rodents. They were developed in England to hunt rats and other pests.

They were so excellent at what they did that they ultimately expanded to other European nations. The tiny, adorable dogs soon became popular, and they can now be found all over the globe.

The rodent hunter gene is still present in Yorkies, which may be both a benefit and a drawback to having one. You may see them with a mouse in their jaws now and again, which is fairly disgusting, but they will keep your yard pest-free!

As the Yorkshire Terrier breed grew in popularity, breeders realised that one of the reasons people adored the dogs was because of their tiny stature and adorable look. Breeders then began mating their tiniest Yorkies together, giving birth to the Mini Teacup Yorkie!

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Keeping a Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terriers are one of the most well-known toy dogs. They are very adorable to people all around the globe. Part of this is due to their lighthearted and cheerful demeanour.

Yorkies are such a beautiful species that they’ve been mixed with other canines to produce all kinds of new adorable creatures!

YorkiPoos (Yorkie Poodle mix), Morkies (Maltese Yorkie mix), and Yoranians (Yorkie Palmeranian mix) are three popular Yorkie mixtures!   There are a plethora of other options available.

Some breeds are notorious for not getting along well with other people, but Yorkies are not one of them.

Yorkies and Mini Yorkies have a reputation for being sociable dogs. They rapidly get connected to and establish bonds with their family and friends.

They establish a deep attachment to their owners and seem to go to great lengths to please them. Even when new faces appear, they are eager to trust and adore everyone in their immediate vicinity.

When it comes to other dogs, Yorkies are also extremely sociable. There may be a lot of barking at first, but they will soon get used to other dogs and become buddies. My family’s Yorkies get along swimmingly with all of my relatives, aunts, and grandparents’ dogs.

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One of the greatest aspects of owning a Yorkie is that they are a hypoallergenic breed of dog. Although no dog is completely hypoallergenic, Yorkies are less allergic than the majority of dogs.

The Yorkie’s hypoallergenic feature is that they don’t shed! If you’ve ever had a dog that sheds, you know how wonderful it is for a dog to be hypoallergenic.

Yorkies do not shed at all, whether they are large or little. This eliminates the need for owners to vacuum their whole home several times in order to remove all of their dog’s hair.

This also implies that Yorkie owners must groom their pets and ensure that they get haircuts. This may be very costly.

Another advantage of having a hypoallergenic dog is that individuals who are allergic to dogs will not be allergic to hypoallergenic dogs. My wife is allergic to the majority of dog breeds, yet she has no problems in our Yorkie-filled home!

They may be obnoxious and obstinate at times, but it doesn’t alter the fact that they will go to any length for their masters. They form a close connection with their family, and you can tell they adore you.


Yorkies, particularly small ones, aren’t the simplest dogs to train, but if the owner is dedicated, it can be done properly. Yorkies are a stubborn breed, but they aren’t totally opposed to learning new things.

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Complicated tricks may require a little more time and effort, but any Yorkie can learn just about any trick if you are persistent.

There’s something particularly adorable about a tiny Yorkie rolling over that you won’t see in other dogs!

Yorkshire Terriers are low-maintenance canines that are easygoing and laid-back. They don’t need much more than the basics of existence to flourish and have a wonderful time. They will be happy even if they are simply sitting with their owners.

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Therapy Dogs 

 A Yorkie became famous for his therapy during World War II. She went to field hospitals and consoled wounded troops. This Yorkshire Terrier became a celebrity for 12 years as she provided solace to people who had been devastated by the war.

Yorkies, particularly tiny Yorkies, are still excellent companions for those who are experiencing mental discomfort. I believe it is because of their cuddly nature that they offer so much joy to everyone they meet.

Potty Training

Toilet Training is Difficult One major disadvantage of this dog food is that Yorkies are notoriously difficult to potty train. When it comes to this, they may be extremely obstinate and sneaky, which makes Mini Yorkies much more difficult. They have the ability to conceal and pee in even the tiniest of spaces.

They will learn if the owner is serious about potty training their little Yorkie at a young age and is constantly on top of it. 

Don’t give up or get complacent since your pups will continue to pee in your home until they are completely taught and punished.

Not the Best Dogs for Families with Kids 

Yorkies, particularly tiny Yorkies, are very delicate as pups and are not the best dogs for families with children. They must be handled as if they were made of glass until they mature and become more durable. This is why Yorkies are not recommended for households with young children in general. Kids just do not understand how to be gentle, and it has occurred on many occasions when a child has injured or even killed their Yorkie due to a lack of knowledge.

It’s difficult for them to know how kind they should be. Even grownups must exercise great caution when it comes to their tiny Yorkie dogs. People have inadvertently kicked our Yorkies while going through the kitchen or hallway a few times. These dogs aren’t always the brightest, and they often stroll right close to your legs.

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Everyone in the home should be careful where they tread until they learn to stay away. Mini Yorkies need extra care since they will remain small and delicate throughout their lives. They do become wiser and faster as they get older, mostly avoiding feet and legs.

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Yorkshire Terriers are often regarded as picky eaters. As previously said, they may be a little obstinate when it comes to some issues. When it comes to food, they will often beg and plead to eat what you are eating. Simply refuse to give in, and they will get used to eating what dogs should eat. It’s simple to get them accustomed to their diet while they’re young. Puppies will eat any bread that is offered to them. It’s more difficult when you start them on the nice stuff, like wet dog food, and then move them to the less appealing, less expensive dry dog food as they grow older.

Watch Dog, Not Guard Dog 

Yorkie owners can’t seem to prevent barking from their watchdogs, not guard dogs. Yorkies are constant barkers, yipping and yapping all day. It’s just in their DNA. Two of our three Yorkies were heavy barkers, but the third only barked when someone knocked on the door. As a result, they make excellent watchdogs. They bark at every sound, keeping intruders at bay. Yorkies aren’t the fiercest guard dogs around. They often believe they are larger than they are, yet when it comes to fighting, they are typically the first to flee. For the most part, I find the barking amusing, but there are moments when it becomes irritating. Some individuals are irritated by it. There is a method to de-bark your dog, but it is an expensive process.

Yorkshire Terrier


Yorkies are well-known for being a costly breed. Yorkies in miniature may be much more costly. Typically, they are purchased for hundreds or thousands of dollars. These canines, in my view, are so wonderful that they are well worth the money. It is certainly feasible to get a cheaper Yorkie if one does proper research and locates a reputable breeder.

Related Questions: 

Are Yorkies Good With Cats? 

It is dependent on the socialisation of the animals. If a Yorkie has lived with cats since it was a puppy, there isn’t typically much of an issue. However, they may not be the greatest of friends. There may be issues if the owner brings a cat to an adult Yorkie.

What Size is a Mini-Yorkie?

When completely grown, a Mini Yorkshire Terrier will weigh about 3 pounds (at around 1 year to 1.5 years of age). A normal Yorkshire Terrier, on the other hand, will weigh about twice as much.


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