Fatal Incident During PET Scan at Heraklion Hospital

Fatal Incident During PET Scan at Heraklion Hospital

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Tragic Event Unfolds at Heraklion University Hospital as Woman Loses Life During PET SCAN


An Unexpected Turn During Routine Medical Exam

In a heartbreaking turn of events, a 59-year-old woman from Tympaki, in the Phaistos Municipality, tragically lost her life at the Heraklion University Hospital. She was undergoing a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan examination within the Department of Nuclear Medicine when the incident occurred.

Emergency Response Fails to Revive Patient

Immediately recognizing the crisis at hand, the medical personnel sprung into action. The attending doctors alerted the on-call nurse and an emergency anesthesiologist was promptly summoned to the scene. Despite the rapid response and exhaustive efforts to resuscitate the woman, their endeavors proved unsuccessful.

Deeper Investigation into Hospital’s Preparedness

Upon the woman’s unfortunate demise, whose overall health condition was reported as severely compromised, the hospital’s emergency mechanisms were initiated. Notably, an autopsy was not ordered considering her dire health status.

However, this unfortunate incident shed light on the concerning absence of essential emergency medical equipment within the Department of Nuclear Medicine. Critical devices such as defibrillators, monitors, blood pressure monitors, and oximeters were not readily available. The alarming lack of these vital tools, despite the department’s management requesting them in writing since January 2023, has raised pertinent questions regarding the hospital’s preparedness and patient safety standards.

Learning from Tragedy

This tragic event underscores the essential role of timely response and adequate emergency resources in healthcare facilities. While the medical community mourns the loss of the patient, it also reinforces the need for continual evaluation of hospital resources, staff preparedness, and emergency protocols.

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