Cheeky Canine Alert: Smart Dog Velma Rings Doorbell After Getting Locked Out!

Dog Velma Rings Doorbell After Getting Locked Out

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Cheeky Canine Alert: Smart Dog Velma Rings Doorbell After Getting Locked Out!


A Pawesome Tale of Velma, the Ingenious 9-Year-Old Weimaraner

In an adorable twist of fate, Velma, the quick-witted 9-year-old Weimaraner, showcased her exceptional intelligence by ringing her owner’s doorbell after accidentally getting locked out. This heartwarming incident was caught on camera and shared with Newsweek by Ring, leaving viewers in awe of Velma’s problem-solving skills.

The Smart Side of Canines: Dogs as Geniuses

Dogs, often regarded as man’s best friend, continue to amaze us with their intelligence. In a 2021 study published in Scientific Reports, researchers delved into the cognitive abilities of dogs, exploring whether these furry companions could display exceptional mental prowess.

The study involved training 34 puppies and adult dogs to recognize various object names, comparing their results to six “gifted” adult dogs globally. These extraordinary dogs learned the names of 15 toys spontaneously, suggesting canines possess incredible cognitive abilities. One exceptional dog from the ordinary group even learned 20 names, hinting at the untapped potential of our canine friends.

Velma’s Doorbell Drama: A Canine Capable of Incredible Feats

Though we may not label Velma as an Einstein of the dog world, her actions speak volumes about canine intelligence. Standing at two and a half feet tall, Velma’s owner, Paul Harrison, unknowingly locked her out while attending to his car. What ensued was Velma’s remarkable display of problem-solving skills, captured on Harrison’s Ring Video Doorbell.

Harrison recounted the incident, stating, “Shortly after my Ring Doorbell goes, and lo and behold, it’s Velma! Not having her own set of keys, she did the next best thing and rang the Ring Doorbell.”

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Dog Velma Rings Doorbell After Getting Locked Out

Velma’s Great Escape and More

This isn’t Velma’s first adventure; she’s previously made a notable escape onto a village football pitch, creating a humorous yet slightly embarrassing moment. Harrison shared, “Velma once wandered onto the village football pitch and was surrounded by both teams in the center circle. It was very funny but also a slightly embarrassing moment, I must admit!”

However, incidents like these are becoming less frequent, with Velma now preferring to stay closer to home. Harrison humorously revealed, “Our neighbor has a field he keeps donkeys in, and Velma just walks right in with no fear. They kiss and lick each other to say hello, and then she’ll start eating the grass with them.”

A Lesson Learned: Check Twice for Furry Friends

As Velma continues to charm with her antics, Harrison jokingly suggests that next time she rings the doorbell, he might need to double-check if another four-legged friend is accompanying her.

This heartwarming tale not only highlights the intelligence of our canine companions but also reminds us of the unique bonds we share with them.

Source: Newsweek


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