Unleashing Joy: Okami’s Happy Dance for Pizza Crusts Wins Hearts Worldwide

Okami's Happy Dance for Pizza Crusts Wins Hearts

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Unleashing Joy: Okami’s Happy Dance for Pizza Crusts Wins Hearts Worldwide


Discovering the Delightful Dance Moves of a Pizza-Loving Pup

In a heartwarming display of canine delight, a viral TikTok video has captured the “happy dance” of Okami, a special 2-year-old Australian Kelpie and Border Collie cross, as she indulges in the simple joy of pizza crusts. Melissa Fleur Afshar, our Life and Trends Reporter, brings you the delightful story of Okami’s infectious happiness.

The Viral Sensation: Okami’s Pizza Crust Happy Dance

A social media phenomenon unfolded when Minna Moffatt, a 30-year-old residing in South Wales, U.K., shared a video on TikTok showcasing Okami’s exuberant response to a tasty pizza crust. Since its debut on December 12, the video has garnered over 5,000 views, captivating audiences worldwide with Okami’s endearing “happy dance.”

“Okami loves a good treat. Most of the time I give her dog treats, but occasionally she gets some tasty human food too. I noticed when she was little, she would sometimes drop the food on the floor and do a happy dance around it before scoffing it down. I think it’s so funny every time,” shared Moffatt, Okami’s owner, with Newsweek.

The Origin of Joy: Love at First Sight

Moffatt recounts the “love at first sight” encounter with Okami, who stole her heart nearly three years ago as a puppy. Determined to provide the best life for her canine companion, Moffatt embarked on a journey of nurturing Okami’s cheeky personality and intelligence.

“She comes from a strong line of working dogs, and because of this, she’s incredibly intelligent. She has lots and lots of funny tricks, and I’m constantly teaching her new things to help keep her mind as active as possible,” Moffatt explained.

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From Competitions to TikTok: Documenting Okami’s Adventures

Okami, a blend of Australian Kelpie and Border Collie, has not only been a beloved pet but also a participant in canine competitions, earning ribbon-topped prizes. Moffatt utilizes TikTok as a platform to share Okami’s growth and adventures, creating a visual diary of their cherished memories.

“I originally started using TikTok as a place to upload videos of Okami growing up and her adventures. It’s a fantastic way of documenting your memories with your pets, and sometimes other people might find some enjoyment too,” Moffatt added.

Community Engagement: The Dance that Stole Hearts

Accompanying the TikTok post with the caption, “Anyone else’s dog do a dance when they get a treat?” has sparked a wave of engagement. Since December 12, the post by @baby_okami has garnered over 570 likes, with users sharing their own canine dance stories.

“I do a similar dance, can’t beat the crusts,” one user commented, echoing the sentiment of countless pet owners who understand the unique joy that tasty treats bring to their furry friends.

Join Okami’s Dance Party: A TikTok Treat

For a firsthand experience of Okami’s infectious joy and her delightful dance, check out the TikTok post here.




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