Dog Owner’s Poignant Tribute to Lost Pet Touches Hearts at Exmouth Beach

Dog Owner's Poignant Tribute to Lost Pet

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Dog Owner’s Poignant Tribute to Lost Pet Touches Hearts at Exmouth Beach


Exmouth Beach visitors were deeply moved by a simple but profound gesture from a mourning pet owner, a testament to the unique bond between humans and their furry companions.

A Touching Tribute to Rex, the ‘Goodest of Good Boys’

On June 14, beachgoers discovered a note attached to a box filled with tennis balls, a loving tribute to a dog named Rex. The heart-wrenching note revealed that the “goodest of good boys,” as described by his owner, had recently passed away.

The note elaborated, “Rex loved the beach, Rex loved the ball. Please feel free to take a ball for your dog and I hope you all enjoy this place as much as we did. Rex – sleep well, my ginger prince.”

Rex was known for his love of the beach and playing with his ball, making this spot, the Exmouth Beach, a favorite of his.

Heartwarming Gesture Gains Widespread Attention

The touching tribute was shared on Twitter by Devon County Council, which captured the essence of the poignant act by writing, “A lovely gesture on Exmouth beach.”

(Image: Devon County Council)
(Image: Devon County Council)

The social media post, which showcased a picture of the box and the note, garnered much attention and elicited emotional responses from the online community.

One moved Twitter user expressed mixed emotions, stating, “So nice… but so sad, thank you, Rex.” Another added, “Lovely, and sad, in equal measures.”

East Devon’s Conservative MP, Simon Jupp, was also among those touched by the act, describing it as “truly heartwarming.”

One emotional response summed up the general sentiment, stating, “I’m not crying, you’re crying. On my way to scoop up my own favorite blonde boy to take him to the beach.”

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This touching gesture is a solemn reminder of the deep love we share with our pets and the void they leave behind when they’re gone. At the same time, it’s a beautiful testament to a dog’s love for life, play, and their human family.

Source: DevonLive


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