Simba’s Return: The Miraculous Homecoming of a Missing African Serval Cat

The Miraculous Homecoming of a Missing African Serval Cat

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Simba’s Return: The Miraculous Homecoming of a Missing African Serval Cat


Simba, the one-year-old African serval cat whose disappearance had set his owner and the community of Chatham into a worried frenzy, has made a triumphant return home.

The exotic, domesticated feline had slipped away unnoticed during a late-night escapade while under the temporary care of his owner, Brady Webster’s mother. Brady was vacationing in Cuba at the time.

The Search Begins

Upon receiving the alarming news of his beloved pet’s escape, Brady swiftly cut his vacation short. “I was in Cuba when I got the phone call that he got out, so I paid $1,000 to get home on a flight the next day and start my search,” Webster recounted. The anxiety-ridden quest for Simba lasted ten days, which Webster described as “the absolute worst ten days of my entire life.”

The Miraculous Homecoming of a Missing African Serval Cat

A Happy Reunion

The elation felt when the wayward pet was finally spotted in a wheat field 20 kilometers from where he first vanished was indescribable. The news came from a local farmer who had caught sight of Simba.

Webster hesitated to announce Simba’s recovery until the cat had received a thorough check-up and a clean bill of health from veterinarians. “It was the most amazing moment I’ve ever experienced actually seeing him again after not knowing if I was ever going to,” he admitted, referring to the reunion as nothing short of a miracle.

The Emotional Roller Coaster

“He’s been there through the thick and thin of my life,” Webster said about his feline companion. “Before rehab, after rehab, he’s what I look forward to every single day when I get home.”

While Simba’s adventures during his ten days in the wild remain a mystery, it was an agonizing period for both Webster and his mother, who felt overwhelming guilt over the pet’s initial escape.

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The Miraculous Homecoming of a Missing African Serval Cat

The Power of Community

Stephanie Leipold, an animal rehabber, assisted the Webster family in the search for Simba. She noted how the intense public interest in the story and a flood of unkind comments took a toll on Webster’s hope. Yet, the wave of negativity was met with an equally potent outpour of generosity and goodwill.

In the end, it was the community’s vigilance that led to Simba’s return. Leipold praised the helpful citizens, saying, “They don’t know Brady and they don’t know Simba. Nobody had to help but they did their best to help anyway.”

Webster expressed his gratitude for the supportive community members. Overjoyed by Simba’s safe return, he decided to disregard the negativity. “I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t find him,” he admitted.

For the full story, visit CTV News Windsor.


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