Draper’s Stealthy Menace: Pet Disappearances Tied to Coyote Activity

Pet Disappearances Tied to Coyote Activity

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The Stealthy Predators of Draper: Rising Pet Disappearances Linked to Coyote Encounters


Residents and Police Note an Alarming Pattern in Pet Vanishing Incidents

Residents nestled in the foothills of Draper, Utah, have been witnessing a worrisome trend lately: pets stepping out, never to return. The shadowy culprits suspected of these mysterious disappearances? Coyotes.

A local resident, Theresa Ashman, recounted an early Sunday morning when she spotted a duo of coyotes crossing Highland. The sight was both fascinating and eerie, as she shared her astonishment at observing these wild creatures at such an hour.

Draper City Police Acknowledge the Rising Issue of Pet Abductions

The Draper City Police took to social media to alert residents about the escalating issue of pet disappearances, widely believed to be orchestrated by coyotes. This revelation wasn’t surprising for some locals like Ashman who, luckily, doesn’t own any outdoor pets.

Coyotes aren’t newcomers to Draper, and their increased visibility is potentially linked to the impending end of their pup season.

Search for Food, Water, and Shade Attracts Coyotes to Residential Areas

Lt. Mike Elkins from Draper City Police Department, who also manages the Animal Services Division, suggested that the quest for food and water is likely drawing the coyotes out from their habitats. The recent heatwaves might be another factor propelling these predators into residential areas for more shade and water.

Currently, the department is on a mission to locate the coyote dens in an attempt to manage this increasing menace.

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Pet Disappearances Tied to Coyote Activity

Fencing and Food Storage: Measures to Ward off Coyotes

When quizzed about possible solutions to keep coyotes at bay, Lt. Elkins recommended initiating proper fencing measures. A well-maintained fence can serve as a robust deterrent, coupled with the removal of any food sources that could attract these creatures.

Theresa Ashman, although yet to lose any pets to these wild invaders, pragmatically stated, “We just kind of accept it as part of living on the mountain in a fairly wild space.”

Crucial Safety Tips for Pet Owners Amid Rising Coyote Encounters

Local authorities urge pet owners to be vigilant during dusk and dawn, avoid feeding pets outside, and store all potential food sources securely, away from the reach of wildlife.

This alarming scenario in Draper underscores the necessity for heightened precautions to ensure the safety of pets, as well as the importance of co-existing peacefully with the wildlife surrounding residential areas.

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