West 5th Pet Resort: A Paradigm Shift in Pet Care in Hutchinson

A Paradigm Shift in Pet Care in Hutchinson

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West 5th Pet Resort: A Paradigm Shift in Pet Care in Hutchinson


A New Era Unfolds Under the Visionary Ownership of Katlyn and Austin Esslinger

For Katlyn Esslinger, a native of Hutchinson, caring for animals has always been an inherent part of her life. Teaming up with her husband, Austin Esslinger, she seized the golden opportunity to purchase the West 5th Pet Resort in Hutchinson in March of this year, fueled by her unyielding love for animals and extensive experience in veterinary services.

Katlyn’s background is deeply embedded in the world of animals. She was actively involved in showing a variety of animals from dogs to sheep, pigs, goats, cows, rabbits, and even chickens, crafting a diverse and robust understanding of animal care. Katlyn’s expert skills extend to the grooming of dogs, a service she has been delivering with diligence for many years.

A Paradigm Shift in Pet Care in Hutchinson

Holistic Pet Care Services: From Boarding to Grooming and Day Care

What sets West 5th Pet Resort apart from its counterparts is its all-encompassing range of services. Now, pet owners in Hutchinson and its surrounding areas can avail themselves of services including boarding, grooming, baths, walks, and even daycare facilities for dogs, cats, and birds.

Ensuring maximum comfort for the pets, the resort is equipped with an air-conditioned facility, sectioned off into 20 spaces for large dogs and approximately 15 for smaller ones. Pet care at West 5th goes beyond simply boarding and grooming, ensuring each pet is nurtured according to its individual needs, including personalized walks and monitored outdoor playtime.

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A Dynamic and Passionate Team Offering Personalized Care

Under Katlyn’s competent leadership, the team at West 5th Pet Resort, including her sister Cassidy Galloway, strives to provide an outstanding pet care experience. Each pet is known by name and treated like a family member, highlighting the warm, personalized approach that distinguishes West 5th Pet Resort.

A Paradigm Shift in Pet Care in Hutchinson

The Thrilling Future of West 5th Pet Resort: Expanding Facilities and Services

Envisioning a future filled with innovation and expansion, Katlyn plans to elevate the resort’s offerings by increasing the number of kennels and introducing a dock diving pool. This unique facility will provide dogs with a fun, physical outlet while also serving as a training ground for dock diving competitions.

While this exciting feature is planned for the coming seasons, Katlyn dreams of extending its availability year-round once resources permit. With a young family and a booming business to manage, she acknowledges this as a goal to work towards.

More Than Just a Pet Resort – A Home Away from Home

Hutchinson’s West 5th Pet Resort stands as a testament to exceptional pet care services, combining an array of offerings under one roof. With an unwavering commitment to animals and their well-being, Katlyn Esslinger and her team continue to redefine pet care standards in the region.




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