Face of Puppy Adopted Then Returned for Not Being Potty Trained: ‘Teach Me’

Puppy Adopted Then Returned for Not Being Potty Trained

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Face of Puppy Adopted Then Returned for Not Being Potty Trained: ‘Teach Me’


In a heartbreaking turn of events, Lilah, a newly adopted rescue puppy, was returned to Animal House Shelter for not being potty trained. This story highlights the importance of patience and understanding when adopting young pets, who often require time and consistent training to adapt to their new homes.

Lilah’s Story: A Heartbreaking Return

A New Beginning Turned Sour

Lilah was initially adopted with high hopes of finding her forever home. However, her joy was short-lived as she was soon returned to the shelter for not being potty trained. This devastating news was shared in a TikTok video by Animal House Shelter, a no-kill shelter in Huntley, Illinois.

A Plea for Patience

“I’m just a puppy,” an onscreen caption reads over footage of Lilah looking heartbroken from her enclosure. “I thought I found my forever. Why didn’t you teach me?” The message underscores the frustration and sadness of a young animal unable to understand why it was abandoned.

The Circumstances of Lilah’s Return

Understanding the Challenge

Tabitha, a member of the Animal House Shelter staff, shared the details of Lilah’s return with Newsweek. “The family that adopted Lilah returned her because they had difficulty potty training her,” Tabitha said. Despite being informed that Lilah was not yet potty trained and had occasional accidents, the family decided to return her rather than work through the training process.

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The Online Reaction: A Surge of Support

Social Media Uproar

The story of Lilah’s return sparked outrage and empathy on social media. Comments on the Animal House Shelter TikTok video reflected the collective disbelief and frustration of animal lovers. One viewer wrote, “What is wrong with people? He’s a baby.” Another commented, “I volunteer for a rescue and the number of times I’ve been asked ‘are they potty trained?’ Like that’s your job!”

Heartfelt Responses

The general sentiment echoed across the platform was one of support for Lilah and frustration towards her previous adopters. Many questioned how someone could return an animal to a shelter, expressing their heartbreak over the situation.

Lilah’s Journey: From Rescue to Rejection

A Rough Start

Lilah’s troubles began long before her recent return. She arrived at Animal House Shelter in February as part of a litter rescued from a pound in southern Illinois. While her siblings quickly found homes, Lilah faced initial adoption hurdles. She was placed in a foster home for about a month but had to return due to a child’s allergy.

Adoption Prospects

Despite her setbacks, Lilah’s chances of finding a forever home were high. According to a study by Priceonomics based on Petfinder adoption data, 95 percent of puppies entering shelters find permanent homes. Lilah’s story, however, proves that the road to adoption can be filled with obstacles.

The Pain of Rejection

A Second Chance Cut Short

Lilah’s return to the shelter after her brief adoption was a tough blow. “Lilah was sad when she came back from her foster home but was so excited when she was chosen to be part of a family again,” Tabitha said. Despite this excitement, she found herself back at the shelter, struggling to understand what went wrong.

Adjusting to Shelter Life Again

Her first night back at the shelter was particularly tough. “She was very confused her first night back at the shelter and just sat in her cage with her favorite toy in her mouth, whining,” Tabitha recalled. Fortunately, Lilah has since adjusted, making friends with other dogs and waiting for her next chance at a loving home.

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Looking Forward: A Bright Future for Lilah

A Hopeful Outlook

Despite her rocky journey, the staff at Animal House Shelter remain optimistic about Lilah’s future. “Lilah would love a home with kids and other dogs or just doggy friends to play with! She also gets along great with cats,” Tabitha said. A family that is home often would be ideal for this loving and cuddly pup.

A Call for Patience and Love

Lilah’s story serves as a reminder of the patience and commitment required when adopting a pet. Puppies, like all young animals, need time, training, and a lot of love to thrive in their new homes.


Lilah’s journey is a poignant reminder of the responsibilities that come with adopting a pet. While her story is filled with challenges, it is also a testament to her resilience and the unwavering support from the staff at Animal House Shelter. We remain hopeful that Lilah will soon find the perfect family that understands her needs and provides her with the loving home she deserves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs


Why was Lilah returned to the shelter?

Lilah was returned to the shelter because her adoptive family had difficulty potty training her.

How did Lilah react to being returned?

Lilah was heartbroken and confused, struggling to understand why she was back at the shelter. She spent her first night whining with her favorite toy in her mouth.

What is the Animal House Shelter?

Animal House Shelter is a no-kill shelter located in Huntley, Illinois, dedicated to rescuing and rehoming animals in need.

What can potential adopters learn from Lilah’s story?

Lilah’s story highlights the importance of patience, training, and understanding when adopting a young pet. Potential adopters should be prepared for the responsibilities that come with raising a puppy.

How can I help support animals like Lilah?

You can support animals like Lilah by donating to shelters, volunteering your time, or considering adoption. Additionally, sharing stories like Lilah’s can raise awareness about the challenges and joys of pet adoption.

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