Woman Mortified as Dog Using Buttons Tells Workmen to Leave: ‘Bye’

Woman Mortified as Dog Using Buttons

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Woman Mortified as Dog Using Buttons Tells Workmen to Leave: ‘Bye’


A woman from Houston, Texas, was left mortified when her goldendoodle, Baxter, used his soundboard to tell workmen to leave their home. The incident, which quickly went viral, highlights the surprising communication skills of this clever canine.

Baxter’s Communication Skills

Baxter, now 8-and-a-half months old, has been using sound buttons since he was just three months old. His owner, Mónica Hicks, has trained him to use a soundboard to communicate with the humans around him. This innovative method, known as Animal-Initiated Communication (AIC), is derived from Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) used by humans.

The Incident

During a recent furniture setup, Baxter made his feelings clear about the presence of the workmen. Using his buttons, he said, “Leave human” and “Bye,” much to the surprise and amusement of everyone present. Hicks shared the hilarious moment on TikTok, captioning the video: “Having a talking dog is all fun and games until he embarrasses you in front of strangers.”

Reaction of the Workmen

The workmen were taken aback by Baxter’s words but found the situation amusing. One of them joked, “I swear that’s the first dog to ever tell me to get out. There’s no taking it back either.” Despite the unexpected command, the workmen showed Baxter affection, and the incident ended with everyone laughing and sharing a memorable story.

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Baxter’s Growing Vocabulary

Baxter has quickly picked up on using the soundboard, and now boasts over 70 buttons. This communication tool has given him more agency and strengthened his bond with Hicks. “He picked them up very quickly and now has over 70 buttons. He is a goldendoodle. The delivery guys were so cool about it. Baxter normally loves having people over, especially if they’re giving him attention,” Hicks told Newsweek.

The Viral TikTok Video

Hicks shared the moment on TikTok under the username @doodleboybax. The video has gained over 700,000 views, with TikTok users reacting to the dog’s actions. Comments ranged from amusement to empathy, with users joking about the need for a sign that says, “Beware of dog: He won’t harm you but he will hurt your feelings.”

Animal-Initiated Communication (AIC)

The use of buttons for animal communication is a relatively new phenomenon but has shown promising results. For Baxter, it has been a game-changer, allowing him to express his needs and desires clearly. This method not only enhances the pet-owner relationship but also provides valuable insights into the cognitive abilities of animals.

Benefits of AIC for Pets

  • Enhanced Communication: AIC allows pets to express their needs and feelings more effectively.
  • Stronger Bond: This method strengthens the bond between pets and their owners by fostering better understanding.
  • Mental Stimulation: Using a soundboard can provide mental stimulation for pets, keeping them engaged and active.
  • Behavioral Insights: AIC offers insights into a pet’s behavior, helping owners address issues more effectively.

Baxter’s Social Media Fame

Baxter’s TikTok fame has brought joy to many, as viewers are charmed by his communication skills and playful personality. Hicks continues to share Baxter’s adventures on social media, documenting their unique journey together.

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Baxter’s story is a heartwarming example of the potential for communication between humans and animals. His ability to use a soundboard to express his thoughts has not only provided amusement but also deepened the bond with his owner. As more pet owners explore AIC, we can expect to see even more remarkable stories of animal intelligence and communication.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs


1. How did Baxter learn to use the soundboard?

Baxter started using the soundboard at three months old. His owner, Mónica Hicks, trained him to use the buttons to communicate his needs and desires.

2. What is Animal-Initiated Communication (AIC)?

AIC is a method derived from Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) used by humans. It involves using tools like soundboards to allow animals to express their needs and feelings more effectively.

3. How many buttons does Baxter have on his soundboard?

Baxter has over 70 buttons on his soundboard, allowing him to communicate a wide range of words and phrases.

4. How did the workmen react to Baxter’s commands?

The workmen were amused by Baxter’s commands to leave. They found the situation humorous and even showed affection to Baxter despite his instructions.

5. Where can I see the viral video of Baxter?

The viral video of Baxter telling the workmen to leave can be found on TikTok under the username @doodleboybax.

For more information and updates on Baxter’s adventures, visit the original article here.





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