Colombian Forces Pledge to Find Heroic Dog Who Aided in Rescue of Lost Children

Colombian Forces Pledge to Find Heroic Dog Who Aided in Rescue of Lost Children

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Operation Hope: Colombian Forces Pledge to Find Heroic Dog Who Aided in Rescue of Lost Children


A Remarkable Canine Hero

Wilson, a 5-year-old Belgian Malinois and esteemed member of the Colombian army has always been a beacon of hope and guidance. From leading the team to the wreckage of a crashed plane to finding a baby bottle hinting at survivors, Wilson’s unmatched scent-tracking abilities have been vital. Yet, after disappearing into the dense Amazonian rainforest on a rescue mission, the committed canine has now become the subject of an ongoing search mission.

From Rescue to Rescuer: Wilson’s Tale

Before he vanished, Wilson had carved out a trail significant enough to guide the Colombian soldiers to four young children who had tragically been lost after their plane crashed into the heart of the Amazon rainforest last month.

Miraculously, after 40 grueling days in the unforgiving jungle, all the children aged 13, 9, 4, and 1, were found alive on June 9. Unfortunately, the crash claimed the lives of their mother and two other passengers.

A Continued Mission: Operation Hope

Despite the successful rescue of the children, over 70 men from the Colombian Special Forces refuse to conclude the mission. Branded Operation Hope or Operación Esperanza in Spanish, the rescue operation presses on, its new objective being to locate their loyal four-legged partner in the Caquetá and Guaviare regions. This mission has garnered so much attention that even Colombian President Gustavo Petro has voiced his concern over Wilson’s disappearance.

Wilson’s Unending Quest

Despite Wilson’s sudden absence, it’s believed he had been with the lost children for a time. Carolina Rodríguez, a spokesperson for Colombia’s military working dog training center, confirms this based on the children’s testimonies. According to Rodríguez, Wilson had arrived, located the children, and then embarked on a mission to find his handler, which unfortunately resulted in him getting lost.

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The Undeterred Search for Wilson

Two weeks have passed since Wilson’s disappearance, but the search team’s efforts remain unwavering. In a bid to attract the neutered canine, two females in heat have been let loose. The team has also strategically placed food points and the handler’s clothes to entice Wilson with familiar scents.

Reiterating the army’s commitment to this mission, the Colombian army tweeted, “No one is left behind. Our commander has given the order to keep up the search for Wilson, the canine leader who helped in the rescue of four children lost in the jungle.”

The Bond Between Wilson and His Trainer

Wilson’s trainer, Edgar Fontecha, has raised and trained dogs for the Colombian army for 28 years, with Wilson being under his care since puppyhood. He recognized Wilson’s innate love for hunting early on and has seen him grow into a tireless and committed search dog. Fontecha shared his heartbreak over Wilson’s disappearance, comparing it to a father’s concern for a missing child.

A Lasting Legacy

Wilson’s heroic deeds have not only provided valuable lessons for future canine training but also have touched the hearts of many. The dog’s disappearance underscores the unpredictable risks involved in rescue operations, and the story serves as a stark reminder of the bonds between humans and animals in times of crisis.


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