Miraculous Survival: Seattle Cat Survives an 11-Story Fall

Seattle Cat Survives an 11-Story Fall

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Miraculous Survival: Seattle Cat Survives an 11-Story Fall


In a remarkable testament to the resilience of our feline friends, a Seattle cat named Mr. Banks survived an astounding 11-story fall from a deck, even after breaking three legs.

An Unanticipated Plunge 

Mr. Banks’ owner, Jessica Tonani, shared this astonishing tale of survival that unfolded on a regular Wednesday morning. After a conference call, as she was about to leave her home, she noticed Mr. Banks’ unexpected absence.

Seattle Cat Survives an 11-Story Fall

The Search for Mr. Banks 

Concerned by the mysterious disappearance of her pet, she alerted her neighbors of Mr. Banks’ absence and initiated a quick search. When she couldn’t find him by 10 a.m., worry grew. It was only when she stepped outside and called his name that she heard his agonizing cries in response.

The Heartbreaking Discovery 

Tonani traced the cries to the awning above the building’s entrance, discovering the injured Mr. Banks on the 5th floor. With the assistance of the building manager and a ladder, she was able to reach the severely hurt cat and secure him in a carrier.

The Race to Save Mr. Banks 

Upon realizing the gravity of Mr. Banks’ condition, Tonani rushed him to a veterinary clinic. The veterinarians were astonished by the cat’s survival after such a high fall, an event they hadn’t previously encountered.

Seattle Cat Survives an 11-Story Fall

Mr. Banks’ Road to Recovery 

The vet relayed to Tonani that despite the injuries, Mr. Banks could enjoy a quality life after approximately four weeks. However, his road to recovery would involve losing one leg and undergoing surgery on the remaining two.

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The High Cost of Healing 

The projected cost of Mr. Banks’ surgeries and treatments was estimated between $20,000 and $26,000. The steep expenses left Tonani contemplating whether she could afford Mr. Banks’ medical care. But the mournful cries of her other cat, George, and the miraculous survival of Mr. Banks, prompted her to seek help.

A Community Rallies to Support Mr. Banks 

In a bid to secure Mr. Banks’ surgeries and treatments, Tonani set up a GoFundMe campaign. The community’s response was heartwarming, with donations exceeding $15,000 by Thursday afternoon.

A Hopeful Update 

Tonani shared an update on Thursday, informing everyone that Mr. Banks had begun his surgeries. She managed to visit him at the hospital, where he was “purring away,” a hopeful sign for his recovery and a testament to his remarkable resilience.

Conclusion: A Story of Survival and Community Support 

Mr. Banks’ story is not just a tale of a cat’s miraculous survival, but also a testament to the power of community support in times of need. The extensive fall and his severe injuries couldn’t beat this resilient feline, and with the continued help from the community, Mr. Banks is set for a strong recovery.

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