Discover the Canine Influence: Signs That Kids Were Raised by A Dog

Signs That Kids Were Raised by A Dog

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Discover the Canine Influence: Signs That Kids Were Raised by A Dog


Unveiling the Unspoken Bond: Kids and Their Furry Best Friends

In the heartwarming world where children and pets forge unspeakable bonds filled with love, snuggles, and playtime, an extraordinary connection unfolds between a family of five—two parents, two kids, and their four-legged companion, Bentley, a mini goldendoodle. As kids absorb information like sponges, they might not only develop a deep bond but also pick up on some intriguing habits from their furry friends.

Meet Bentley: The Paws-on-Deck Assistant in Child Rearing

Kelly Madsen, a parent from this charming family, shared the unique story with Newsweek, shedding light on how their two children have embraced habits from Bentley since they were mere infants. Bentley, the mini goldendoodle, seemingly takes his role in child-rearing seriously, and the parents noticed their kids mirroring his actions from a very young age.

Mini Doodle Bentley’s Viral Moment on TikTok

Madsen shared a delightful TikTok clip via the account @minidoodlebentley, showcasing her daughter, now almost one year old, mimicking Bentley’s playful panting and carrying items in her mouth, mirroring the lovable canine sibling. The toddler’s older brother, about to turn three, imitates Bentley’s tail-wagging moves, creating a heartwarming display of shared mannerisms.

The Canine Mentor: Teaching Manners and Expressing Emotions

Fortunately, Bentley is not just influencing adorable mimicry but is also acting as a furry mentor. Madsen happily reports that Bentley has taught the children polite behaviors—sitting patiently for treats without whining or barking. The charming goldendoodle is also imparting the importance of expressing emotions, showcasing happy panting and playful butt-shaking.

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Bentley’s Pride: Becoming a Puppy Sibling

Madsen expressed, “I think Bentley is extremely proud of himself that he finally has some puppy siblings in the house!” The unique relationships between Bentley and each child bring heartwarming moments, from head scratches and sweet goodbyes to spontaneous displays of affection throughout the day.

Unique Bonds: A Toddler’s Farewell and a Baby’s Playtime

Madsen reveals the precious moments between her son and Bentley, saying, “Right now, with my son who is about to be three, it’s been so sweet hearing him tell Bentley, ‘Bye, we love you Bentley!’ when we leave the house.” Meanwhile, her 1-year-old daughter delights in playing with Bentley and his toys, evident in the viral TikTok video capturing her carrying a toy ring in her mouth—an adorable resemblance to her furry sibling.

TikTok Community Celebrates the Adorable Family

The TikTok clip stirred the hearts of viewers, accumulating over 358,300 views and 31,600 likes. Users flooded the comments section, expressing sentiments like, “You have three puppies,” and praising the parenting style with comments like, “Raising them right,” and “They got the best teacher, aka best big brother.”

For an endearing glimpse into this canine-influenced family dynamic, visit Newsweek.


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