Puppies Found ‘Freezing’ Beneath Abandoned Home Reunited With Mom

Puppies Found 'Freezing' Beneath Abandoned Home

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Heartwarming Rescue: Puppies Found ‘Freezing’ Beneath Abandoned Home Reunited With Mom


Rescue in the Midst of Winter Storms

In the midst of the harsh winter storms sweeping through Missouri, a heartwarming rescue unfolded as a litter of puppies, discovered “freezing” beneath the foundation of an abandoned house, was successfully reunited with their mother. The rescue operation, orchestrated by Michelle Lascon and the dedicated staff at KC Protective Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), took place under extreme conditions, highlighting the challenges faced by the estimated 70 million homeless cats and dogs in the United States, particularly during inclement weather.

Dire Circumstances Prompt Immediate Action

Receiving a tip about the stranded puppies, Lascon knew they had to act swiftly, especially with another ice storm looming on the horizon. The abandoned house’s crawlspace provided a challenging environment for rescue efforts, as the puppies, unaccustomed to human interaction, retreated further under the structure.

A Four-Hour Operation Unfolds

Describing the rescue operation, Lascon stated, “I could hear the puppies crying underneath, but they had no experience with human interaction.” Lascon enlisted the help of her friend Cassie from the KC PAWS rescue partner group, Mid-America Bully Breed Rescue, resulting in a meticulous four-hour operation to retrieve the scared puppies from the depths of the crawlspace on one of the coldest days of the year.

Zion’s Daring Escape and Ultimate Rescue

Despite the challenges posed by the tight crawl space and the puppies’ small size, the team successfully coaxed the puppies out one by one. The last puppy, aptly named Zion, presented an additional challenge by wedging himself behind wooden boards. Lascon’s determination prevailed as she navigated the tight space backward, cradling Zion in her arms, ensuring the successful rescue of all six puppies.

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A Mother’s Love Prevails

While the puppies thrived post-rescue, the mother, initially missing, raised concerns. Lascon, prioritizing the puppies’ welfare, brought them to the rescue for care, leaving food and blankets for the mother in the hope of her return. Within 24 hours, with the assistance of KC Dog Trappers, the mother, now named Katmai, was safely trapped and joyously reunited with her puppies.

Bright Future for the Rescued Family

Despite their challenging start, the puppies, named after National Parks, are thriving and will soon be available for adoption. The rescue organization, KC PAWS, a privately funded no-kill rescue, emphasizes the importance of donations for veterinary care and the urgent need for more foster homes to address the ongoing animal welfare crisis.

A Call for Support

Michelle Lascon encourages support, stating, “We are always in need of donations for veterinary care and desperately need more foster homes, so that we can help even more dogs each year, especially in the current animal welfare crisis.”

For more information on this heartwarming rescue, visit Newsweek.


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