5 Best Predator-Proof Rabbit Hutches 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

5 Best Predator-Proof Rabbit Hutches 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

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5 Best Predator-Proof Rabbit Hutches: Ensuring Safety for Your Furry Friends


Rabbits are charming and delightful pets, often chosen for their gentle nature and adorable appearance. However, as owners, it’s our responsibility to protect them from potential threats lurking in the great outdoors.

Enter predator-proof rabbit hutches – the ultimate solution for ensuring the safety and well-being of your beloved furry friends. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the world of predator-proof rabbit hutches, exploring the essential questions and answers that every rabbit owner should know.

Predator-Proof Rabbit Hutches

Everyone takes the weather into consideration while keeping rabbits outdoors. Considerations like wind, rain, and cold may all be very important. But predators are a serious threat that many people overlook. You must keep your rabbits in a hutch that offers equal protection from the elements and hungry predators if you want to ensure their true safety.

We set out to compare the most well-liked predator-proof rabbit hutches to see which one was best in order to be sure we were giving our bunnies the greatest safety possible. We’ve used these hutches a lot, and as a result, we’ve discovered a lot about them, which we’ll share with you in the next five evaluations.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

  Image Product Details  
BEST OVERALLWinner Trixie Natura 1- Story Rabbit Hutch Trixie Natura 1- Story Rabbit Hutch   Wood construction  Solid roof  Good looking design Check Price
BEST VALUESecond place Tangkula Tangkula   Removable sliding bottom tray  Wire fencing  Multiple entries Check Price
PREMIUM CHOICEThird place PawHut Solid Wood PawHut Solid Wood   Two stories  Solid fir and metal wire  Removable tray Check Price
  PawHut 2-Tier Wooden PawHut 2-Tier Wooden   Lockable doors  Asphalt roof  Slide-out dropping tray Check Price
  Pets Imperial Pets Imperial   Fox and coyote-proof  Metal pullout tray Check Price

The 5 Best Predator-Proof Rabbit Hutches – Reviews 2022

1. Trixie Natura 1- Story Rabbit Hutch – Best Overall

Trixie Natura 1- Story Rabbit Hutch

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The Trixie Natura 1-Storey Rabbit Hutch has a straightforward design, is constructed of solid wood, and is finished in glazed pine. Although you may reapply stain every few years to perhaps extend its life, it has been prepared such that it will endure for years with no upkeep. It contains one enclosed bedroom section and a main living area.

You may enter easily and clean without having to attempt to hold up the lid, pick up bowls, and sweep all at once thanks to the roof’s hinged design and locking arms. On warm days, you may also open the roof using the locking arms to let a breeze travel through the hutch. It is said that the hutch is a good size for one giant or many little breed rabbits.

Although we found this to be the greatest overall rabbit hutch, we think it would be better utilized under a roof or other protection since the legs allow you to keep the hutch off of the soggy ground. However, it isn’t as robust as the premium choices.

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  • Wood construction
  • Solid roof
  • Good looking design
  • Cheap


  • Could be stronger

2. Tangkula Rabbit Hutch – Best Value

Tangkula AM0150PS Rabbit Hutch

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Maintaining your rabbits out of harm’s way is one of the finest methods to protect them from the elements and hungry predators. The Tangkula Rabbit Hutch is raised on legs for just this reason. Your rabbits are much more difficult for predators to get at when they are sitting high off the ground. Additionally, they are less vulnerable to the forces of nature, such as water buildup.

The bottom tray of the Tangkula hutch is detachable, making cleanup simple. This makes cleaning a simple process by enabling you to remove all the trash and used bedding in one rapid stroke. Also, with three opening doors, including the top, you have almost complete access to the cage’s inside.

Heavy-duty wire fencing was used to construct a piece of the hutch since your rabbits require air. It will keep the outside hunters out while allowing for plenty of ventilation. In fact, it will probably perform better than the weak wood used for the remainder of the structure. However, the hutch as a whole is strong and secure, which is why we believe it to be the greatest predator-proof rabbit hutch available for the money.


  • Elevated design keeps animals safe and dry
  • Removable sliding bottom tray makes cleaning easy
  • Wire fencing provides ventilation and protection
  • Multiple entries for easy cleaning and access


  • The wood isn’t very strong

3. PawHut Solid Wood Rabbit Hutch – Premium Choice

PawHut Solid Wood Rabbit Hutch

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The PawHut Solid Wood Rabbit Hutch is a little more costly than the majority of the other alternatives we reviewed, but if you want your bunnies to live in comfort, you may want to give it some thought. Your furry pals may play outdoors in the security of the fence or take refuge from the weather in the roofed and walled top half thanks to this excellent structure, which offers two floors of space.

This hutch is quite strong since it is built of solid fir wood and metal wire fence. It has a stronger build quality than any other hutch we examined, which gives you a lot of confidence in its capacity to keep your pets safe.

This hutch makes cleanup easy when the time comes. There are several entrances that make it simple to reach the whole interior. Even better, the primary housing component of the hutch comes with a slide-out detachable tray that makes cleanup a breeze. Although the price may be a little more, we believe the added room and fantastic features are worth the additional money.


  • Two stories of space for your rabbits
  • Build from solid fir and metal wire
  • Multiple entries provide easy access
  • Removable tray makes for quick cleanup


  • More expensive than other choices

4. PawHut 2-Tier Wooden Rabbit Hutch

PawHut 2-Tier Wooden Rabbit Hutch

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For you and your rabbits, this PawHut two-story wooden rabbit hutch has several amazing features. But it also fails in a few crucial areas. We liked the lockable doors because they gave us peace of mind knowing that our bunnies were secure. The asphalt roof is particularly wonderful since it offers a ton of sun and rain protection. Additionally, the main living area was fast and simple to clean because to the slide-out dropping tray.

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We were eager to build this hutch, but as soon as we cracked up the package, a peculiar and overpowering stench assaulted us. Unfazed, we persisted with the assembly, and when we were finished, we were shocked to discover that it was not at all as robust as we had imagined. Even worse, the finished measurements were less than the promised specifications by several inches, giving our bunnies less room than we had anticipated.

The PawHut 2-Tier Wooden Rabbit Hutch is still a fantastic product despite its flaws. Simply said, we believe there are more cost-effective alternatives, such as the Tangkula rabbit hutch in the second spot on our list.


  • Lockable doors for added security
  • Asphalt roof provides sun and rain protection
  • Slide-out dropping tray for easy cleaning
  • Two stories of space for your rabbits


  • Dimensions are smaller than advertised
  • Not as sturdy as expected
  • Strong, strange smell

5. Pets Imperial Rabbit Hutch

Pets Imperial Rabbit Hutch

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The Pets Imperial Rabbit Hutch seems to be a bunny palace, however it really has less floor area than initially appears. Nevertheless, with two storeys of area, it offers more than enough room for one or two rabbits to live happily. Additionally simple to clean is the aluminum pullout tray.

It is mostly constructed of treated timber, which is meant to be durable and animal-friendly. Unfortunately, it has a strong cedar-like odor that should be avoided since it is very hazardous to rabbits. Even though it is meant to be safe for animals, we found the stench to be extremely offensive.

In addition to timber, fox and coyote-proof reinforced galvanized mesh was used to provide your rabbits plenty of air and to make them visible from the outside so you may enjoy watching them. But it won’t be their only opportunity for ventilation. The badly fitted panels have gaps between them that let the elements in. The pre-drilled holes often did not line up correctly, which is mostly to blame. The end product was a substantial building that wasn’t as strong as we had hoped and didn’t completely shield our bunnies from the elements.


  • The reinforced galvanized mesh is fox and coyote-proof
  • Metal pullout tray makes cleanup easy and quick


  • Not as sturdy as expected
  • Pre-drilled holes didn’t line up properly
  • Gaps between panels let in the wind
  • Has strong odor like cedar

Buyer’s Guide

We’re going to provide you a few useful hints that should help you decide which hutch would be ideal for your rabbit if you’re still confused. We’ve tested a lot of these hutches, so we think we know what to look for when choosing one, and we’re going to share our opinions with you.

How to Choose a Rabbit Hutch

Ease of Access

It’s critical that you have easy access to your bunnies’ surroundings inside. You’ll want to be able to get your rabbit in and out quickly, and it will need to be cleaned often. We advise putting accessibility first because of this.

Although most of the hutches we’ve seen are rather modest, most of them have many access points. Look for a hutch with a roof that can be completely opened for internal access.

Slide-Out Dropping Pans

Regular cleaning is essential, as we’ve previously discussed, but there is a method to make that process go even more quickly. You will save a ton of time and work if you use a slide-out pan to quickly remove all of the used bedding and pet waste. Additionally, who wants to pick all that up by hand anyway?

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That your bunnies need to breathe is not surprising. Choose a hutch that has lots of ventilation and circulation while also giving your rabbits room to hide from the wind. Many of these hutches have wire netting that keeps your rabbits secure from predators while yet allowing a lot of air to move through. Just be sure you get one with wire that is strong enough to give you piece of mind!

Protection from Predators

There are several predators that will consider your rabbits as a delectable meal that is neatly waiting for them inside of a little lunchbox, including foxes, coyotes, bobcats, and mountain lions. Wherever you reside, you may not have to deal with all of these predators, but you definitely could. A large enough bird may even eat a small rabbit for dinner!

It’s crucial that your hutch provide sufficient defense to keep away any local predators. Hutches constructed of sturdy, solid wood will last as long as they are ventilated with very strong wire. But not all wood is the same, so be sure the item you choose is made of strong wood and not anything too weak and delicate.

Protection from the Elements

The other side of the equation is predators. You’ll also need to shield your animals from the elements, which is a more persistent problem. Your rabbit might be in risk from the rain, heat, snow, cold, wind, etc. All of these should be adequately protected by a good hutch. This entails space to get fresh air and escape the heat when the sun is out, as well as space to escape the wind, cold, and rain.

Space for Your Rabbits

Make sure the hutch you choose has enough space for your rabbits. Unless your rabbit is exceptionally large, you can probably get away with a smaller hutch if you only have one. You will want a lot more room if you plan to house two or more rabbits. Choose an enclosure that is spacious enough to keep your rabbits happy.


There are various rabbit hutches available, but for your bunnies to be really protected, it must be both predator- and weather-proof. We ultimately whittled the options down to our favorite three after having our rabbits test out several hutches, however we shared five reviews with you to see how some top candidates compared.

The Trixie Natura 1-Story Rabbit Hutch was by far our favorite model. Anti-corrosion wood was used to build this sturdy and secure building so that your dogs will be protected for a very long time. Additionally, assembly is simple.

We suggest the Tangkula Rabbit Hutch as having the greatest value. Its raised design keeps your bunnies dry and protected, and maintenance is simple thanks to several entrances and a detachable bottom tray.

We advise looking at the PawHut Solid Wood Rabbit Hutch if you want the most opulent housing for your bunnies. Your rabbits will have two storeys of secure dwelling area thanks to the structure’s sturdy fir and metal wire design. For your convenience, the inside is completely accessible via several entry, and a detachable tray makes it simple to maintain the area tidy.

Q&A About Predator-Proof Rabbit Hutches


1. What Is a Predator-Proof Rabbit Hutch?

A predator-proof rabbit hutch is a specially designed enclosure or shelter for pet rabbits that offers maximum protection against potential threats from predators such as foxes, raccoons, and birds of prey. These hutches are constructed with sturdy materials and innovative designs to keep your rabbits safe.


2. Why Is Predator-Proofing Necessary for Rabbit Hutches?

Rabbits are natural prey animals, and they can fall victim to various predators. Predator-proofing is crucial to safeguard your rabbits from harm, injury, or even fatal attacks. It provides peace of mind to rabbit owners, knowing that their pets are secure.


3. What Features Should I Look for in a Predator-Proof Rabbit Hutch?

An ideal predator-proof rabbit hutch should have several key features, including secure locks, sturdy construction, durable wire mesh, and elevated flooring. It should also provide adequate ventilation, insulation, and protection from the elements.


4. Can I Build a Predator-Proof Hutch Myself?

Yes, it is possible to build a predator-proof rabbit hutch yourself if you have the necessary DIY skills and materials. However, many pre-made hutch options are available on the market, offering convenience and a higher level of predator-proofing expertise.


5. How Can I Predator-Proof an Existing Rabbit Hutch?

If you already have a rabbit hutch and want to enhance its predator-proofing, you can reinforce it by adding additional locks, predator-resistant mesh, and secure roofing. Ensure that there are no gaps or openings that predators can exploit.




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