Dogs Don’t Judge? Meet Mia, the Springer Spaniel with a Disapproving Stare

the Springer Spaniel with a Disapproving Stare

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Dogs Don’t Judge? Meet Mia, the Springer Spaniel with a Disapproving Stare

In the heartwarming world of pet ownership, our furry companions are often considered non-judgmental, offering unconditional love. However, every dog owner knows that even our four-legged friends have their moments of subtle disapproval.

In this delightful tale, we introduce you to Mia, a discerning springer spaniel, who, despite her owner’s health-related sleep-in, couldn’t help but give an unmistakable look of disapproval. Join us as we delve into this amusing story that challenges the belief that “dogs don’t judge.”

The Unusual Morning Routine

Dogs thrive on consistency and routine, and any deviation from their normal schedule can result in some amusing reactions. For one springer spaniel owner, a disrupted morning routine led to an unexpected encounter with Mia’s judgmental gaze. It all began when the owner, not feeling her best, overslept, unaware that she had contracted COVID.

As she groggily glanced at the clock, it read 11:11 a.m., a far cry from the usual time she and her faithful companion were accustomed to. While some dogs might demand breakfast or insist on a morning walk, Mia had a different approach to this unforeseen disruption.

Mia’s Look of Disapproval

Rather than vocalizing her discontent, Mia chose a more expressive form of communication. She locked eyes with her owner, her gaze filled with unmistakable disapproval. The owner recounted the moment Mia turned her judgmental stare upon her, making it clear that a routine is a routine, regardless of extenuating circumstances.

Mia’s judgmental expression became the highlight of a TikTok video that resonated with viewers who had experienced similar scrutiny from their own pets. One viewer shared their relatable story, saying, “Slept in until 1 p.m. once, woke up from the dramatic sighs that he was doing next to my ear.” Another humorously added, “Their judgmental stare is horrible, isn’t it? I have two that give me the look if I have a lay in on the weekend.”

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A Swift Forgiveness

While dogs may have a knack for judging their owners in moments of schedule disruption, they are equally adept at forgiveness. Mia’s owner revealed that her springer spaniel’s disapproval was short-lived, and Mia quickly forgave her for the late start to their day. After all, dogs, with their boundless love and forgiving hearts, are always ready to move past such minor transgressions.

The Importance of Routine

Mia’s disapproving look serves as a gentle reminder of the significance of routine in a dog’s life. Dogs of all ages, from playful puppies to wise seniors, benefit from a consistent schedule. Puppies rely on routines for their development, including sleep, meals, and potty training. Adult dogs thrive when provided with a structured day that includes exercise, mental enrichment, and training. For senior dogs, routines offer comfort and help alleviate anxiety.

However, it’s essential to strike a balance between a structured routine and flexibility, ensuring that your dog feels secure without becoming overly anxious due to rigidity.


Mia, the springer spaniel, may have given her owner a disapproving look, but it’s a testament to the charming quirks that make our furry friends so endearing. Despite moments of judgment, our dogs remain loyal and forgiving companions, emphasizing the extraordinary bond between humans and their beloved pets.

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