Penn State Professor Themis Matsoukas Faces Accusations of Bestiality

Themis Matsoukas Faces Accusations of Bestiality

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Penn State Professor Themis Matsoukas Faces Accusations of Bestiality


In a shocking revelation, Themis Matsoukas, a longstanding and recognized professor at Penn State University, is facing serious allegations of engaging in sexual acts with his pet dog. The disturbing incidents, purportedly carried out as a form of stress relief, were reportedly captured on a state forest trail camera.

Caught on Camera

64-year-old Matsoukas was charged on Tuesday, following the surfacing of images allegedly showing him engaged in illicit acts with his collie in Pennsylvania’s Rothrock State Forest. Reportedly, the professor was found with his lower body exposed, barring socks and shoes, near the restrooms in the state forest.

Matsoukas, who is currently on leave from the university, was reportedly identified through a North Face backpack he was carrying during the incidents, which are said to have occurred in both April and May, as noted in a criminal complaint cited by the Centre Daily Times.

Themis Matsoukas Faces Accusations of Bestiality

The footage, reported by Fox 43, suggests that the professor attempted to record his despicable actions using an electronic tablet.

An Unsettling Investigation

When Matsoukas was flagged as a potential suspect, rangers from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources conducted a search of his home earlier this month. This reportedly triggered panic in the accused professor.

According to charging documents, upon being confronted by investigators, Matsoukas repeatedly uttered, “I’m done, I’m dead,” implying his awareness of the seriousness of his actions. He even pleaded with the rangers to end his life and confessed to his deeds by stating, “I do it to blow off steam.”

Evidence and Charges

The rangers reportedly discovered the backpack and ski mask visible in the April footage during their search. Additionally, they identified a collie in Matsoukas’s home that matched the dog visible in the video.

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Themis Matsoukas, a professor of chemical engineering since 1991, has earned at least three teaching awards during his tenure at Penn State, as reported by the Centre Daily Times. The university has responded to the allegations by relieving Matsoukas of his responsibilities and placing him on leave.

His attorney, Matthew McClenahen, refrained from commenting on the case, stating, “it would be inappropriate to make any comment at this time.”

Matsoukas is currently charged with open lewdness, indecent exposure, sexual intercourse with an animal, misdemeanors, and summary charges of cruelty to animals and disorderly conduct. It is alleged by authorities that he has been involved in such heinous acts in the forest since 2014.

Source: New York Post


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