What Kind of Dog Is on the Cesar Puppy Food Commercial? Everything You Need To Know – Fumi Pets

What Kind of Dog Is on the Cesar Puppy Food Commercial; Everything You Need To Know - Fumi Pets

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In searching for a dog to symbolise the business and promote its goods, Cesar’s marketing staff selected a West Highland white terrier as the best option. It’s not difficult to see why. The Westie, as he’s known among his pals, isn’t only cute; he’s also as sharp as a whip.


If you’re considering getting a Westie, you’ll be getting a tiny yet energetic friend. Westies reach adulthood weighing 15 to 21 pounds and measuring 10 to 11 inches tall at the shoulder. His coat is snow-white, as his name implies, but he’s black, “shoe-button” eyes contribute to his attractiveness as well.

West Highland White Terrier o Terrier Blanco. Cuidados especiales | West  highland white terrier, Scottish terrier puppy, Terrier puppy


This Scottish native terrier was originally bred to hunt rodents such as badgers and foxes. This breed of terrier has been documented since at least the 1600s. The Poltalloch terrier, as it was originally known, first appeared in dog exhibitions in the early twentieth century. The Roseneath terrier was originally registered with the American Kennel Club in 1908, but the name was changed to West Highland white terrier the following year.

West Highland white terrier | Traits & Facts | Britannica


Westies are excellent dogs for people or families since they are happy, sociable, and inquisitive. He’s flexible, so it doesn’t matter where you live—city, suburb, or out in the sticks—as long as you spend time with him. He’s an excellent little watchdog, although he has a tendency to bark excessively. Westies get along well with other dogs, while cats may take a little longer to warm up to. They should be able to coexist with patience and instruction. Don’t mistake him for a lap dog, despite his little size. He has to get some exercise on a regular basis, or else his Westie energy will be directed into less-than-desirable behaviour. Digging is second nature to a terrier. It’s a good idea to enrol your Westie in obedience lessons.

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West Highland White Terrier (Westie) Dog Breed Information and  Characteristics | Daily Paws


Bathing his Westie’s coat on a regular basis is only one part of maintenance. With a silky undercoat and a thick, tougher outer coat, he’s double-coated. Brush your Westie on a daily basis and take him to the groomer for a trim on a regular basis. If he’s a show dog, the groomer will need to hand-strip his coat.

West Highland Terrier Dog Breed Complete Guide - AZ Animals


Westies have a number of hereditary health problems. Allergies, particularly atopic dermatitis, are common in the breed, leading in hair loss and severe skin problems. If your Westie develops skin issues, you should seek treatment from a veterinary dermatologist rather than your regular veterinarian. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, often known as “Westie lung disease,” is a lung condition that causes significant breathing problems. Excess copper builds up in the liver due to a genetic level abnormality.


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