Where Can You Rent A Horse Trailer?

Where Can You Rent A Horse Trailer

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Where Can You Rent A Horse Trailer?


Horse enthusiasts and owners know that one of the essential aspects of caring for these majestic animals is ensuring their safe and comfortable transportation. Whether it’s for a local horse show, a trail riding adventure, or a long-distance journey, having access to a reliable horse trailer is crucial.

But what if you don’t own a horse trailer? The good news is that there are rental options available for those who need temporary access to these specialized trailers. In this guide, we’ll explore where you can rent a horse trailer and provide answers to some common questions about this convenient service.

Horse Trailer

Having a horse trailer may make moving your horses hassle-free if you are a horse owner. However, you might not have the available funds to make such a large buy. Your demands for carrying horses are met by renting a horse trailer. Although difficult to locate, trailer rentals offer a degree of convenience that horse owners crave.

Continue reading to learn all you need to know about hiring a horse trailer.

Why Do You Need to Rent a Trailer?

Horse trailers are not inexpensive. But because you don’t haul your horse very frequently, why spend your hard-earned money on one? Renting a horse trailer when you need one is a better option.

Naturally, the type of transportation you require depends on your lifestyle and the horse events you participate in. If you have friends who own one, you may occasionally use their trailer to transport your horse rather than renting one.

To Rent or Buy a Horse Trailer?

Horse trailers cost a lot of money. A two-horse trailer costs $60–100 per day to rent, while a three-horse trailer with living accommodations costs $150–180 per day.

The length, width, and a number of compartments of a trailer, as well as its brand, all have an impact on the rental cost. For weekly or monthly rentals, the cost will undoubtedly increase. You should not, however, just base your decision to rent or buy on the cost.

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If you will only be transporting your horse once or twice a year, renting is still a preferable choice. But purchasing your own trailer will ultimately be more cost-effective if you move things frequently, particularly if you have a racehorse.

Where Can You Rent a Trailer?

Before you discover a business trailer ready to rent out their trailers, you could have to go for kilometres. Instead, ask a private local horse trailer owner about renting one.

Private Owner Rental

For the majority of individuals, this is still the best choice. Meet private horse owners by going to equestrian competitions. For suggestions of individual horse trailer owners, you may also get in touch with nearby equestrian organizations.

You may connect with horse trailer rentals via social media. Many enthusiasts will point you in the direction of a private owner of a trailer. Posting your interest in renting a trailer on websites like Craigslist will provide you with a wider audience.

Commercial Horse Trailer Rentals

It is difficult to find dealers who rent out trailers, and even when you do, they rarely do so. They give examples such as trailer damages, the need for more staff to manage rentals, and hefty insurance costs.

Despite this, there are still trustworthy commercial providers from which you may rent trailers. If your car doesn’t have the required towing equipment, some even provide loaner hitches as an added benefit.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Trailer?

The following are a few elements that affect the cost of renting trailers:

  • The duration of the rental time; longer rentals will result in a reduction.
  • The trailer’s brand and type
  • Location for the renting of trailers; distant places are more expensive
  • The precise day of rental—busy weekends cost more than quiet weekdays

For a 2-horse trailer and a 3-horse gooseneck trailer, respectively, a business trailer rental provider costs between $60 and $75. You will have to pay more than $400 per week in rent and more than $1,300 per month. After taxes and levies are taken into account, these costs increase.

When negotiating with a private trailer owner, use these numbers as a starting point.

Some Companies Lease Trailers

In essence, renting a trailer is similar to a long-term rental. It’s a chance to own the trailer for a number of years without having to pay the entire trailer price.

You must return the trailer to the leasing company after the lease period is up. The majority of horse trailer manufacturers provide this service.

Why Lease a Horse Trailer?

Leasing approval typically takes less time than financing approval when purchasing a horse trailer. By leasing, you may get a trailer for a predetermined time period for less money than if you bought it outright.

Not to mention the tax benefits that leasing offers, you pay less for a lease payment each month than you would for a trailer loan payment.

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There are three possibilities following the expiration of a lease:

  • Turn in the trailer
  • Trade-in with another trailer model
  • Buy the trailer

Companies have different lease arrangements. After careful study, choose the leasing plan that offers you the greatest value.

Horse Trailer Rental Tips:

Here are some trailer rental hints to assist you if you decide that renting a trailer will meet your transporting demands.

1. Look for a Reputable Trailer Rental Company

You will avoid pain later on if you choose a reliable rental provider. Ask friends for suggestions, go online, visit the nearby stables, etc. Keep searching until you come across a trail rental business with satisfied clients.

2. Examine the state of the horse trailer

Make careful to thoroughly check the horse trailer you’ve chosen for rental before pulling it away. Make sure the rental agent is there so they can record any damage that is already present. By doing this, you can return the trailer without fear of being wrongfully accused of doing damage.

3. Select a trailer only if it will meet your needs.

It might be difficult to find a trailer to rent. But if Lady Luck gives you the choice to pick between many models, only select the one that will satisfy your hauling requirements. Do you require a 2-horse or 3-horse trailer with living quarters? Additionally, be sure it works with the car you’re towing.

4. Review the Contract

Don’t accept a bad offer, no matter how far you have to travel to get a rental trailer. Before you leave the rental yard, double-check that all the documentation is in order. Additionally, check with your insurance company to see if the trailer is covered by the towing vehicle’s insurance.

5. Verify the towing capacity of your vehicle

The combined weight of the trailer, horses, and passengers must be less than the towing capability of the vehicle. Risks like brake and tire failure will be imminent if the trailer is not being towed with the correct weight capacity.

6. Ensure the Trailer Is Insured

Since the trailer is protected by the towing vehicle’s insurance, separate trailer insurance is not necessary. However, certain pricey and substantial trailers could not be covered by the insurance.

You want to pick a trailer rental firm that provides adequate insurance. However, keep in mind that the horse is not responsible for any trailer damage. You are responsible for paying for such repairs.

7. Read the terms and conditions very carefully.

Read the agreements in their entirety after selecting the rental agency to work with. The contract must include the VIN and insurance details for the trailer (vehicle identification number). Remember to match the trailer’s registration number to your car’s license plate.

8. Have a plan for emergencies

Be sufficiently ready for everything that could occur when traveling. In case of an emergency when traveling, make sure you have the insurance company’s and the rental company’s phone numbers.

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Before leaving, let a buddy know where you’ll be so they can find you if something happens. Your automobile and the trailer must also have extra tires as a safety measure.

If you are lost or stuck far from home, it will also be a good idea to have extra food for you and the horse.

9. Check the Trailer Before Returning It

Before giving the trailer back to the rental provider, thoroughly wash it. It shows consideration and is complimentary of you. If not, the rental business could charge an extra price. Before returning the trailer, make sure the entire thing is undamaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Renting a Horse Trailer Expensive?

Renting a trailer is not necessarily less expensive than buying one, but it is also not free. Day rentals range in price from $80-$100 per day. The cost of the trailer depends on its brand, model, and storage space.

How Do I Choose a Trailer?

A decent trailer ought to have enough room for your needs. Additionally, it ought to work with the car you’re towing.

Can Horses Sleep in a Trailer?

No. Horses are unable to sleep in trailers. Only transport horses in attached trailers to maximize safety and minimize the risk of harm.

How Long Should You Trailer a Horse?

A horse should not be trailered for longer than 12 hours at a time. Every four hours, take a break to check on the horse and give it water.


Horse owners, especially those who transport their horses regularly, find trailers to be quite convenient. However, given the expense, not every horse owner may be able to afford to purchase a new trailer. Horse owners may still transport their animals for a fair price to trainers, trail riding destinations, or veterinarians thanks to alternatives for trailer rental.

More Questions & Answers


Where Can You Rent a Horse Trailer?

Where can I find horse trailers available for rent, and what are my rental options?

You can find horse trailers for rent through various sources, including local trailer rental companies, equestrian centers, online rental platforms, and sometimes even through fellow horse owners. Rental options may vary in terms of trailer type, size, and availability.


What Types of Horse Trailers Are Available for Rent?

Are there different types of horse trailers available for rent, and how do I choose the right one for my needs?

Yes, there are various types of horse trailers, such as bumper pull trailers, gooseneck trailers, and living quarter trailers, available for rent. The choice depends on your specific requirements, the number of horses you need to transport, and whether you need accommodations for overnight trips.


What Are the Costs Associated with Renting a Horse Trailer?

What should I expect in terms of costs when renting a horse trailer, and are there additional expenses to consider?

Rental costs for horse trailers can vary widely based on factors like the trailer type, duration of rental, and location. You should also inquire about any additional fees, such as insurance, mileage charges, and cleaning fees, to get a comprehensive understanding of the total cost.


Do I Need Special Licensing or Training to Rent a Horse Trailer?

Are there any special requirements, like licensing or training, that I need to meet before I can rent a horse trailer?

The requirements for renting a horse trailer may vary depending on your location and the rental provider. In many cases, you’ll need a valid driver’s license with the appropriate towing capacity, and it’s advisable to have experience in safely towing trailers. Some rental companies may offer brief training sessions or require proof of towing experience.


How Far in Advance Should I Reserve a Horse Trailer?

How early should I make a reservation for a horse trailer rental, especially during peak seasons or for specific events?

It’s advisable to reserve a horse trailer as early as possible, especially during busy seasons or for events like horse shows or competitions. Booking in advance ensures that you secure the trailer you need and can make any necessary arrangements for



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