A Guide to Pet Safety During Fourth of July Fireworks

A Guide to Pet Safety During Fourth of July Fireworks

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A Guide to Pet Safety During Fourth of July Fireworks


Pets and Fireworks: A Furry Dilemma

As the Fourth of July nears, it’s not just humans who anticipate the spectacle of fireworks. Pets, too, are acutely aware of the events unfolding, often finding the loud sounds disconcerting. Lee County Sheriff’s Office has generously provided some advice on ensuring our pets remain safe and calm during these celebrations.

Creating a Safe Haven

When the fireworks begin, it’s best to keep pets indoors. Lee County deputies suggest creating a comfortable and quiet space for your pets to retreat to, which can significantly reduce their anxiety.

Shawn Humphreys, from Paw and Order Dog Training, encourages pet owners to create an environment in which their pets feel secure. “You don’t want to force them to do anything, you want them to coexist, you want them to be comfortable with their environment,” Humphreys emphasized.

A Guide to Pet Safety During Fourth of July Fireworks

Keeping your pets engaged with play or their favorite toys can also be an effective strategy in distracting them from the noise outside.

Preventing Unplanned Escapes

Under duress, pets might attempt to escape the noise by running away. In preparation for this, ensure your pet’s ID tags and microchips are updated with your current contact information. “You have to have a microchip, you got to have a collar on them. That is current information: your telephone number, your cell phone number,” said Humphreys.

Useful Tools and Training Techniques

A few simple strategies can go a long way in preparing your pets for the Fourth of July fireworks. Consider playing fireworks sounds a few days in advance to acclimate your pets to the noise. This form of desensitization can be highly effective.

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Turning on the television or radio can also help drown out the sound of fireworks, further easing your pet’s stress. If your pet suffers from extreme anxiety, it may be beneficial to consult with a veterinarian for possible medication options.

By taking these steps, we can ensure that the Fourth of July is a day of celebration for the whole family—pets included!

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