Man Facing Potential Animal Cruelty Charges After Disturbing Puppy Incident

Man Facing Potential Animal Cruelty Charges

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Man Facing Potential Animal Cruelty Charges After Disturbing Puppy Incident


James Hayles in Legal Trouble for Shocking Animal Cruelty Case

James Albert Hayles, a 44-year-old from DeSoto County, may soon find himself in deeper legal trouble as he stands accused of an appalling act of animal cruelty.

Hayles, who was recently apprehended for driving with a suspended license, is now under investigation for allegedly dragging a puppy behind his truck.

The Incident that Shook Port Charlotte

The case came to light when a DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded to a call about a suspicious vehicle in Little Willies RV Park. The vehicle reportedly matched the description of a truck captured on video towing a puppy along Durant Street in Port Charlotte.

The Animal Cruelty Case: Charges and Investigations

Charlotte County Animal Control has expressed its intent to charge Hayles with two counts of animal cruelty, pending approval from the State Attorney’s Office.

The proposed charges include one count for causing unnecessary suffering to Diesel, a six-month-old Catahoula mix puppy, and another for illegally disposing of the puppy, whose body remains missing.

Voices from the Community: Brian Jones and Jamie Boyle

Speaking to WINK News, Brian Jones from Charlotte Animal Control outlined the process of the ongoing investigation: “Once the case package gets submitted to the state attorney’s office… if we’ve gathered enough evidence to support the allegations… they would probably request a warrant for that person’s arrest.”

Community member Jamie Boyle, a witness to the alleged crime, expressed deep distress over the situation, calling it “horrific.”

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An Accident or Negligence?

While it is believed that the incident was not intentional, Animal Control views it as a severe act of negligence. As of now, Hayles has been released on bond for his previous charge related to the suspended license. This disturbing case underscores the importance of responsible pet ownership and the consequences of negligence.

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