22 White Cat Breeds For You (With Pictures)

22 White Cat Breeds For You

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22 White Cat Breeds For You (With Pictures)


White cat breeds have a unique and captivating allure. These felines stand out for their pristine white fur and often possess distinct characteristics. Let’s explore these enchanting breeds through five key questions and answers.

White Cat Breeds

Have you been daydreaming of bringing home a stunning white cat? The good news is that there are many white cat breeds; they’re simply less prevalent than some of the other colors. Snow-white cats are stunningly eye-catching. Of course, this elevates your white cat to a particular status!

The gene that codes for white fur is relatively uncommon, which is why you don’t see many white kittens. White kittens are the consequence of intricate genetic combinations!

Every other possible coat color that the cat may have inherited is hidden by one of the genes that codes for white hair. Others produce white “spots” that may either completely or partially obscure the cat’s other coat hues.

It’s a good idea to let any breeders you’ve been speaking to know that you prefer white kittens if you’re set on getting one. The white kittens might be reserved without being noticed, as with any unusual hue.

It’s also important to remember that white cats, especially those with blue eyes and white coats, are often born deaf. It is impossible to predict if a kitten will be afflicted until they are a bit older since this genetic issue is inherited. Naturally, with a few changes to keep them safe, deaf cats may have long, healthy lives.

Are you prepared to meet 22 distinct varieties of white cats now? Move along!

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The 22 White Cat Breeds

1. Persian Cat

The traditional white cat breed is the silky, plush Persian. These kind and friendly cats enjoy a peaceful, stable environment where they can count on receiving plenty of care from their owners. For their lengthy coats to remain smooth and tangle-free, they need frequent brushing.

2. Siamese Cat

Siamese cats may have an eye-catching pure white coat color, however most of us tend to associate them with colorful points on their legs, tail, and faces. Every Siamese kitten is white at birth, so it could be a nervous wait to see whether they change! Siamese cats are talkative and like being petted.

3. Cornish Rex

Meet a breed that has a distinct personality and look! Their whiskers are somewhat wrinkled, and their short coat has a characteristic wave! These gregarious cats are smart and like bragging to those who will give them attention.

4. Scottish Fold

Due to a hereditary abnormality, Scottish Fold cats’ ears’ cartilage does not develop properly. Its name comes from the fact that their ears bend over. These serene cats are excellent family pets and are content to spend the day at home alone.

5. American Curl

The American Curl is another type with recognizable ears and is a very recent breed. They are intelligent and devoted to others, yet they don’t speak much or vie for attention. An American Curl is more likely to be silently observing you as they wait for your attention.

6. Devon Rex

The coat of the Devon Rex is short and somewhat wavy. They are a breed that is impossible to confuse with any other due to their prominent cheekbones and huge eyes! These cats like spending time with their owners, and because of their lively disposition, they make wonderful pets for households with small children.

7. Siberian Cat

The Siberian cat is large and powerful, and its impressively three-layered thick coat is thick! These curious kitties have plenty of chances to explore and play. This breed like going on walks and having experiences with its owners!

8. Norwegian Forest Cat

One of the bigger cat breeds, Norwegian Forest Cats may weigh up to 16 pounds. They have thick coats to help keep them warm during the harsh winters of Northern Europe. This breed, sometimes referred to as “wegies,” is independent yet adores attention when you’re home.

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9. American Shorthair

The purebred form of domestic shorthair is known as the American Shorthair. Although this flexible and sociable breed enjoys spending time with their family, they are also independent and content to spend time alone.

10. Sphynx

Despite the fact that the hairless Sphynx can’t really be characterized as having long white fur, its lovely skin is actually coated in a tiny layer of fuzzy hair. These lively cats are full of personality and love to be around their owners!

11. British Shorthair

The British Shorthair seems harsh due to their large heads and bulky bodies, but in reality, they are kind and make excellent family pets. They’re intelligent, so you can teach them a few tricks with no problem.

12. British Longhair

These cats’ lengthy hair requires frequent brushing to prevent tangling. While British Longhairs may have a bit of an independent streak, they also appreciate being with their owners and won’t want to be left at home by themselves all the time.

13. Himalayan Cat

The Himalayan cat is really gorgeous, particularly when wearing white fur! They often have blue eyes, which provide a magnificent contrast with their all-white coats. This loving breed is adaptive to change and has a soothing effect on everyone they come in contact with!

14. Japanese Bobtail

With a silky coat and adorable small bobbed tail, the Japanese Bobtail is a unique breed. In their native Japan, these little sculptures are prized as good luck charms; they have even reached the United States as “waving cat” figurines.

15. Turkish Angora

Turkish Angoras are a naturally occurring, old breed with plenty of vigor and personality. These cats come in a variety of hues, including white, and have thick coats that need a lot of maintenance to maintain in excellent shape.

16. Maine Coon

Large cats known as Maine Coons may have white coats, however this color is uncommon in this species. Their thick, lengthy coats need a lot of maintenance. The Maine Coon is an excellent household cat because of its outgoing personality and love of attention.

17. Oriental Shorthair

The Oriental is a breed that has a distinctive appearance because of its sleek bodies, big ears, and angular skulls. They form particularly close bonds with their owners, therefore it’s preferable if they don’t spend a lot of time alone at home. This breed enjoys talking and is talkative!

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18. Turkish Van

Turkish Van cats typically have a mainly white coat, although their tail and head may have colored patches. These energetic cats spend a lot of time outdoors and may not appreciate living inside. These felines truly like swimming and the water, unlike other cat breeds!

19. Russian White

While they may also be found in different colors, this breed has been selectively selected to have a stunning, snow-white coat, as the name indicates! Their sleek, delicate bodies are beautiful. Russian Whites adore their family, but they don’t seem to get along well with outsiders.

20. Ragdoll

Ragdolls may also be available in white, despite the fact that you would often associate them with their iconic pointed coat. While they need regular grooming, these sweet cats are generally a low-maintenance breed. They also have a friendly disposition.

21. Snow Bengal

They won’t be completely white; instead, they’ll have a base coat that is light white or cream with somewhat darker patterning. Bengals are a high-maintenance breed that needs a lot of care. Your cat may get troublesome if they don’t receive enough interaction.

22. Balinese

A Siamese breed with long hair is called a Balinese. Although all Balinese kittens are born cream or white, some of them will remain completely white and never acquire the traditional pointed coat pattern. The friendly, talkative, and devoted Balinese cat.


We really hope you enjoyed learning more about these 22 magnificent cat breeds, all of which have the potential for a lovely pure white coat.

Frequently Asked Questions 



What Are White Cat Breeds?

White cat breeds are feline varieties characterized by their predominantly white fur. Their pure, snow-white coats make them visually striking and sought after among cat enthusiasts.


What Are Some Common White Cat Breeds?

Prominent white cat breeds include the Turkish Van, British Shorthair, Siamese, and the majestic Maine Coon. Each breed offers its own set of qualities and unique personalities.


Are All-White Cats Deaf?

Not all white cats are deaf, but a significant number of them might have congenital deafness, particularly those with blue eyes. The genetics responsible for white fur and blue eyes are linked to deafness in some cases.


How Do You Care for White Cats?

White cats, like their colorful counterparts, require proper care, including regular grooming to maintain their pristine appearance. Additionally, they should be protected from excessive sun exposure due to their susceptibility to sunburn.


What Makes White Cat Breeds Special?

White cat breeds are special due to their captivating beauty and unique genetics. Their striking appearance and distinct personalities make them cherished companions in the world of feline enthusiasts.

In essence, white cat breeds offer a blend of beauty and individuality, making them a fascinating choice for cat lovers seeking a pet with a touch of elegance and charm.



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