A Heartwarming Tale: Naco, the Teddy Bear in a Grizzly Bear’s Body

the Teddy Bear in a Grizzly Bear's Body

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A Heartwarming Tale: Naco, the Teddy Bear in a Grizzly Bear’s Body


Six years have passed, and Naco, a lovable shepherd and American pit bull terrier mix, still waits for his forever home at the Animal Defense League of Texas. Naco’s journey began in September 2018 when he was abandoned outside the shelter’s doors in San Antonio. Despite his initial skittishness, the shelter welcomed him with open arms, only to discover that Naco tested positive for heartworm disease.

Naco: A Gentle Giant

Described as a “big teddy bear in a grizzly bear’s body,” Naco is far from intimidating. Unlike a bear, Naco is full of love and seeks only companionship. The shelter staff believes that Naco would thrive in a home where he is the sole focus, as he enjoys lounging, playing fetch, sunbathing, and even watching TV. The only thing Naco seems to dislike is water.

A Diamond in the Ruff

Despite his charming nature, Naco remains one of the shelter’s “Diamonds in the Ruff,” a classification for dogs who have been in the shelter for four months or longer. While potential adopters have shown interest, Naco is still patiently waiting for his perfect match.

The Pet Adoption Crisis in America

Naco’s story sheds light on a larger issue: pet adoption crisis in America. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 6.3 million pets enter U.S. shelters each year, with approximately 920,000 surrendered animals being euthanized. Shelters like the Animal Defense League of Texas are working tirelessly to promote adoption campaigns, spaying and neutering programs, and behavior rehabilitation to reduce these numbers.

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Naco’s story serves as a reminder of the countless animals waiting for their forever homes in shelters across America. While he may be one dog among many, Naco’s big heart and gentle nature make him truly one of a kind.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions


Why has Naco been in the shelter for six years?

Naco is a special dog who requires a specific home environment. The shelter believes he would do best as the only dog in a household, which may have limited his adoption opportunities.

Can Naco be adopted by someone living outside Texas?

Yes, the Animal Defense League of Texas accepts applications from out-of-state adopters, but they require a physical visit to the shelter before adoption.

Is Naco good with children?

Naco’s behavior around children is unknown, so it’s best to introduce him to children in a controlled environment to gauge his reaction.

Does Naco have any medical conditions other than heartworm disease?

Apart from being treated for heartworm disease, Naco is in good health. However, a thorough veterinary check-up is recommended upon adoption.

Can I sponsor Naco if I can’t adopt him?

Yes, the Animal Defense League of Texas accepts sponsorships for long-term residents like Naco. You can contact the shelter directly for more information.

Source: Newsweek



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