“Ar Fu, the 17-Year-Old Scottish Fold from Hong Kong, Rescued in Singapore”


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“Ar Fu, the 17-Year-Old Scottish Fold from Hong Kong, Rescued in Singapore”


From Abandoned in a Backpack to Foster Home: Ar Fu’s Remarkable Journey

On an unassuming day in Singapore, an abandoned Scottish Fold cat was discovered. This 17-year-old feline, known as Ar Fu, came from far away in Hong Kong and found himself deserted in a backpack under a block of flats, a place locally referred to as a void deck.

A Feline Found

It was the local cat rescuers who found Ar Fu, including volunteer Angeline Teo from Project LUNI, a Singaporean non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and rehoming stray cats. Inside the backpack left with Ar Fu were his medical card and vaccination records, which revealed his Hong Kong origins. The man who found him swiftly handed the cat and his backpack over to Project LUNI’s cat lounge in Little India, a hub for rescued cats seeking adoption.

The Challenges Ar Fu Faces

Ar Fu’s documentation showed he was born in Hong Kong in October 2006 and attended a clinic on Sha Tsiu Road. Sadly, after his abrupt abandonment, the veterinary check-up organized by Project LUNI volunteers unveiled a string of health issues. Ar Fu was diagnosed with heart failure, anemia, an ear infection, potential kidney problems, and arthritis due to his age.

Currently, Ar Fu’s medical routine involves taking medication thrice daily to manage his condition, with Project LUNI covering the costs. However, as Angeline Teo explains, “there is no cure for heart failure.” Despite this, the team remains hopeful and has started a fundraiser to alleviate the financial burden of his medical bills.

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"Ar Fu the 17-Year-Old Scottish Fold from Hong Kong Rescued in Singapore"

Ar Fu’s New Lease of Life

Now renamed Levi, Ar Fu is in the compassionate hands of a foster carer, receiving all the love and care he needs. Despite his health issues, which may necessitate frequent veterinary visits, the aim is to provide Levi with the best possible quality of life.

Given his medical conditions and advanced age, Levi has yet to be put up for adoption. However, Project LUNI ensures that prospective adopters will be carefully screened to guarantee Levi will receive the necessary care and attention throughout his golden years.

Project LUNI: Advocating for Responsible Pet Ownership

Project LUNI, which successfully rehomed 292 cats and sterilized 182 in 2022, underscores the importance of responsible pet ownership. Angeline Teo, who has fostered over 15 kittens in the past three years, reminds potential pet owners of the lifelong commitment a pet requires. Impulse adoption or purchase should be discouraged; instead, extensive research and careful thought should be given before welcoming a pet into one’s life.

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