Baby Slings for Dogs? What You Should Know – Fumi Pets

Baby Slings for Dogs; What You Should Know - Fumi Pets

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A sling is a handy method to keep your dog close to you while freeing up your hands to accomplish other things. We’ll walk you through the five best choices as well as some key characteristics to look for.

Why Should You Use A Carrier Sling?

By their very nature, little dogs are frequently restless. Keeping them as close to you as possible may assist to alleviate their anxiousness. This is when a carrier sling’s true beauty comes through. Your dog may remain cuddled up against your body in a sling, where he feels safe and comfortable.

A sling also enables your pet to visit numerous public areas where he would otherwise be denied entry. If your dog is safely tucked away in a sling rather than on all four feet, public transit, businesses, and even some grocery stores may look the other way and let you in.

Smaller dogs become tired faster than bigger ones. Bring your pet and his sling along instead of leaving him behind on lengthy excursions. Place him in the sling when he becomes exhausted and continue on your journey. Problem solved.

Your dog is in danger of getting trodden on crowded sidewalks or at outdoor events (no wonder small dogs are sometimes nervous). Well, there’s no possibility of that happening if he’s in a sling at your side.

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What Dogs Are Appropriate for Sling Use?

You’ll quickly notice that each sling has a clearly stated maximum weight capability. While most slings are intended for dogs weighing up to 12 pounds, certain versions can carry dogs weighing up to 15 – 20 pounds.

A carrier sling will work well if your dog is a toy or tiny breed. A backpack-style carrier may be a better choice for dogs that weigh more than 15 pounds.

Please keep in mind that just because a sling says it’s appropriate for dogs up to a particular weight doesn’t imply it’s safe for micro or teacup dogs that weigh less than five pounds.

As you go about your day, these ultra-small canines may be tossed about much too much within a sling. You may want to talk to a seamstress about having a pouch sling made just for your very little dog.

What Should You Look For?

Of course, you want your four-legged kid to feel safe and secure while riding in your sling, and there are features that will help you achieve that goal. Here are some things to keep an eye out for:

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Safety Features

A good sling should include a clip-on where you may connect your dog’s leash. This keeps your dog from bolting if he happens to jump out.

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Other slings may come with a short tether attached to the sling that hooks directly onto your dog’s collar or harness to keep your dog safe while in the sling.

Many slings include a zipper, snaps, or drawstring across the top that may be closed entirely, partly closed, or left open so your dog can see about. This is a fantastic feature since it keeps your pet secure within the sling while yet enabling him to have his head out while posing a much lower danger of strangling.

Strong, Yet Comfortable, Design

You’ll want a sling that’s made of high-quality, washable cloth. Cotton, fleece, Oxford cloth, nylon, canvas, leather, and polyester are all common materials. Models constructed of non-washable materials, such as leather, should include a removable lining for easy cleaning.

Thin, flimsy materials should be avoided.

Adjustable straps enable you to set the sling for a perfect fit. This feature implies that the sling may be adjusted to suit you, whether you are of average, tall, or short height. This prevents the sling from putting excessive pressure on your back or shoulders owing to an incorrect fit.

Proper Fit

A sling should be big enough for your dog to spin around in if he so desires. He should be able to lay down comfortably, and the edges of the sling should be slightly higher than his shoulders (while standing) to keep him from slipping out.

Before you buy, measure your dog’s shoulder height, weight, and length and compare them to the sling’s specs to guarantee a proper fit and enough space within.

Five Excellent Dog Slings

We’ve narrowed it down to the five most safe, sturdy, comfy, and attractive carrier slings available after carefully evaluating dozens of them. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at our five favourites’ amazing features and stylish designs for yourself.

#1 Alfie Pet’s One-Sided Mesh Sling

This elegant sling has two big and three smaller pockets, as well as a safety tether and a drawstring top closure, which are popular features among users. Three sides are composed of soft, machine-washable cotton, while the fourth is completely constructed of breathable, claw-proof mesh.


  • The breathable mesh on the rear side of the sling ensures that your dog has plenty of air circulation.
  • Can accommodate dogs weighing up to 20 pounds.
  • The width of your shoulder strap distributes weight over a larger area of your shoulder.
  • The shoulder strap is cushioned for comfort, quilted to keep the padding in place, and fully adjustable.
  • The internal safety tether is included.
  • Two big front pockets run the length of the bag, and three smaller side pockets are included.
  • For your pet’s protection, the mesh sides and top are claw resistant.
  • The top drawstring secures your dog in the sling while also allowing him to ride with his head out.
  • The flat, robust, solid bottom component provides a hard base for your dog and adds sling stability.
  • Bottom piece may be removed if desired.
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  • The strap is said to slide out of the intended position until a knot is tied at the end of the adjustment strap, according to certain customers who have experienced this problem.

#2 SlowTon Dog Sling With Bottom Support

This SlowTon Dog Sling was designed for style, comfort, and security, but it could easily pass for a trendy tote bag. This sling will keep your dog securely tucked within with safety features including an adjustable inner tether and a mesh drawstring top, while the cushioned support insert offers him a firm bottom on which to rest.


  • The well-padded shoulder strap is fully adjustable and may be worn on either shoulder.
  • Removable, cushioned, flat bottom board adds stability to the sling and improves internal room by preventing the sling from bunching up over the dog.
  • The kidney-shaped bottom board is ergonomically designed to lay pleasantly against your body.
  • It can hold dogs weighing up to 9 pounds.
  • Pink, grey, or black are all options.
  • One front pocket and one strap pocket, both with zipper closures, are included.
  • Cotton and mesh are used to create a breathable garment.
  • Once the bottom portion has been removed, it may be machine washed.
  • The top of the sling has an adjustable drawstring to keep your pet secure.  
  • The internal safety tether may also be adjusted for a more personalised fit.
  • Shoulder strap is 3.15 inches wide to minimize discomfort.
  • The bottom board allows your dog to stand up while in the sling.


  • The material is not water resistant.
  • Due to the absence of side ventilation, it may not be suitable for usage in very hot weather.

#3 Retro Carrier Sling

This adjustable dog sling comes with not one, but two safety mechanisms, as well as great features including an extra-wide ergonomic strap for comfort, waterproof fabrics, two compartments, and thick shoulder strap padding.

The incredible manufacturer’s warranty, which includes a lifetime free replacement and a 30-day money-back guarantee, is its biggest selling point.


  • Made of long-lasting, high-quality, waterproof fabrics that may be used all year.
  • Two pockets – one on the strap itself and a bigger one at the front — to store the leash, phone, and other things.
  • Internal safety tether that may be clipped to the dog’s harness or collar.
  • A mesh bag is lined with a drawstring top clasp to keep the dog safe within while allowing for head movement.
  • The length of the shoulder strap may be adjusted from 8.7 to 13.8 inches.
  • To get a personalised fit, just pull the buckle strap to reduce the length.
  • Gray and navy blue are also options.
  • It can carry dogs weighing up to 20 pounds.
  • The extra-wide ergonomically constructed strap distributes weight across a wider region of your shoulder, preventing pain.
  • A 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime free replacement warranty are provided by the manufacturer.


  • To maintain the waterproof characteristics, only hand washing and air drying are advised.
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#4 Yudodo Dog Sling With Breathable Mesh

This ingeniously constructed sling has a mesh top and front side to prevent your dog from overheating, and it comes in two sizes and five colours.

A bright strip, a zippered top, an internal safety tether, and a head opening with a tight drawstring closing are all safety elements of the Yudodo dog sling.


  • It comes in a grey base colour with accent colours of black, blue, green, orange, or pink.
  • With a large, reinforced buckle, the shoulder strap is fully adjustable.
  • The zipper has been updated to be more robust and incorporates a Velcro band to keep it from slipping open.
  • The small version is suitable for dogs weighing up to 5 pounds.
  • The large size can accommodate a dog weighing up to ten pounds.
  • Constructed of leather and mesh for long-lasting wear.
  • To offer plenty of air, the front and top of the bag are completely mesh.
  • The top flap of the zippered mesh includes one hole at the end with a drawstring closure for the dog’s head.
  • For nighttime visibility, a bright, reflective strip is included.
  • On the shoulder strap, there is one pocket.


  • Hand-washing with mild soap and air-drying are required.
  • To keep leather supple, apply conditioner on a regular basis.
  • Only worn over the left shoulder with the bag on the right hip. It is not possible to switch to the other side.

#5 Timetuu Reversible Dog Sling

The clever snap button clasp on top is our favourite feature of this sling. If you want, you may keep it completely open or shut it to just allow your dog’s head to peek through.

This reversible sling has a fully adjustable, extra-wide strap and is designed to be comfortable and secure.


  • To hold your dog in place, it has four snap buttons across the top.
  • With two metal rings, the extra-wide strap may be adjusted to suit any user size.
  • The outside of the reversible sling is black or grey with inside stripes, and the interior is ruby with inner orange and white dots.
  • With robust, double stitching, it’s made of long-lasting cotton and polyester.
  • There’s also a nylon zippered side pocket.
  • Pets weighing between 8 and 14 pounds may be accommodated in this carrier.
  • Included is a water-resistant drawstring travel pouch as well as a bookmark.
  • Interior safety tether is attached and may be clipped to the dog’s collar or harness.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • The product may be used all year.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee by the manufacturer.
  • Cats or bunnies may also be held in it.


  • The second layer of cloth may make it unsuitable for usage on very hot days.
  • Hair and fur cling to the fabric, according to users, and are difficult to remove.


Quality carrier slings enable you to carry your little dog securely, comfortably, and discreetly throughout the day. Slings should include at least one safety feature and are comfortable enough for your dog to ride in. It never hurts to add a bit of elegance.

One of the five excellent models on the list not only met but also surpassed our expectations. The fashionable Alfie Pet’s One-Sided Mesh Sling comes with extras like dual safety measures, five compartments, and a cushioned shoulder strap to make your time with your dog as pleasant as possible.


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