5 Best Aquarium Backgrounds 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

5 Best Aquarium Backgrounds 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

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5 Best Aquarium Backgrounds: Elevate Your Underwater World


Creating a captivating and visually appealing aquarium is not just about the fish and decorations within it; the background plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall aesthetics of your underwater world. Aquarium backgrounds are more than just decorative elements; they can transform your tank into a mesmerizing aquatic landscape.

In this article, we’ll dive into the world of aquarium backgrounds, exploring the options available and guiding you in selecting the best one to elevate your aquatic environment.

Aquarium Backgrounds

Think about being in a battle with someone who does everything precisely as you do. No hesitation or pauses, simply a flawless reflection of each action you do. Wouldn’t you start to become a bit frightened?

For a fish trapped in an unlined tank, what seems like a corny kung fu movie is really terrifying in real life. A fish always imagines that it is in competition with a terrifyingly skilled foe whenever it sees its own mirror. Fish have stress and poor quality of life as a result of constantly viewing their reflections.

Purchase an excellent aquarium background as a solution. This keeps your fish content and peaceful while also making your aquarium seem nicer from the opposite side of the room. The ability to conceal unsightly tubes and hoses is another bonus.

It makes sense to purchase an aquarium background, but it might be difficult to locate the correct one. Many flimsy, phony items may be found online that aim to con you into spending your money. But don’t worry; our assessments of the top five aquarium backgrounds available right now will point you in the correct direction.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

  Image Product Details  
BEST OVERALLWinner Sporn Static Cling Coral Aquarium Background Sporn Static Cling Coral Aquarium Background   Applies without adhesive  Easy to set up  Relaxes fish Check Price
BEST VALUESecond place GloFish Aquarium Background GloFish Aquarium Background   Two backgrounds for the price of one  Looks great in blue light  Easy to cut down Check Price
PREMIUM CHOICEThird place GloFish Color Changing Background GloFish Color Changing Background   Easy to double on larger tanks  Beautiful cycling light show  Comforts fish Check Price
  Vepotek Aquarium Background Vepotek Aquarium Background   Three enticing pictures  Oversized backgrounds are simple to cut down  Smaller backgrounds can be tessellated Check Price
  Marina Precut Backgrounds Marina Precut Backgrounds   Many options for images and sizes  Pretty, naturalistic backgrounds  Solid colors available Check Price

The 5 Best Aquarium Backgrounds – Reviews 2022

1. Sporn Static Cling Coral Aquarium Background – Best Overall

Sporn Static Cling Coral Aquarium Background

Check Price on Amazon

Anyone looking to give their aquarium a more natural appearance should choose the Sporn Static Cling Coral Aquarium Background. It is big enough to cover three sides of the majority of home aquariums and is inexpensive enough that you may purchase two if one is insufficient. It is 18 inches tall by 36 inches wide.

The fact that this aquarium background is simple to install without glue is one of our favorite features. We were able to get it to roll on straight and wrinkle-free with a little perseverance. Although the image is ordinary, it closely resembles actual coral so that it blends in with practically any existing decorating. We also really enjoy the three-dimensional depth it has.

The manner that this background conceals the wiring and equipment in your tank is another significant benefit. But the aspect that may be most crucial is how it calms your fish. Nothing is more important than the pet’s approval of a product for pets.

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It only comes in one size, which is the only drawback we could find. Although it’s convenient that this background can be easily cut and is inexpensive to layer, it does add a few extra barriers between purchasing the item and embellishing your tank.


  • Applies without adhesive
  • Easy to set up
  • Relaxes fish
  • Gives your aquarium a third dimension
  • Affordable


  • Only comes in one size

2. GloFish Aquarium Background – Best Value

GloFish Aquarium Background

Check Price on Amazon

There aren’t many aquarium backgrounds that cost much. However, if you’re searching for the greatest aquarium background you can buy, GloFish’s background is the solution to your problems. It is smaller than our top option (12 by 18 inches), but you get two backgrounds for the price of one.

Both sides include lovely, authentic photographs. The product website also offers a spelunking scenario, but that doesn’t seem to be accessible. One shows drifting jellyfish, the other a softly undulating sea anemone. When exposed to blue light, which you should be cycling on and off in the tank if your fish are nocturnal, these images are extremely stunning.

It fits 10-gallon aquariums perfectly. Sadly, GloFish is not ideal for bigger tanks, however black posterboard may be used to somewhat widen the background. For tanks that hold less than 10 gallons, trimming it down is also simple.

This background doesn’t adhere to itself. Tape is required to secure it to your tank. Don’t expect it to glow in the dark, despite how nicely its blue glow mimics moonlight; you need a light source to make it function.


  • Two backgrounds for the price of one
  • Looks great in blue light
  • Easy to cut down
  • Cheap


  • Fairly small
  • Not self-adhesive

3. GloFish Color Changing Background – Premium Choice

GloFish Color Changing Background

Check Price on Amazon

GloFish’s color-changing background beats out the competition by a wide margin for fish enthusiasts with bigger aquariums and/or who are ready to shell out a little more money. This background, which is appropriate for aquariums up to 25 gallons, is attractive enough on its own, but when used with a cycle light, it completely changes the appearance of your aquarium.

Your fish will enjoy the resultant light display as much as you will. They will experience a day-night cycle similar to what they would experience in nature, and you will see an alluring neon display with sometimes concealed visuals in the background. Always, fewer possibilities for your aquatic pets to view their own reflections will make them feel less stressed.

It’s simple to double up with this background, which is an additional lovely touch. Even if it is more costly, a second sheet will give you enough background to cover a 55-gallon tank. Expect a slight color shift in all tank sizes; your tank won’t suddenly turn into a disco ball.

Owners aiming for a realistic tank style shouldn’t use this background since the coral, seahorses, and rock arches are a little too stylised for that. Without additional light goods, it also won’t do too much.


  • Large
  • Easy to double on larger tanks
  • Beautiful cycling light show with hidden objects
  • Comforts fish


  • Expensive
  • Art style isn’t naturalistic
  • Does little without a cycling light

4. Vepotek Aquarium Background

Vepotek Aquarium Background

Check Latest Price

The two-sided aquarium background by Vepotek is a fantastic option for anybody wishing to improve their tank décor. You may purchase it with one of two images: one shows vibrant plants and coral, while the other shows the stony reef’s foundation. Reversing either choice reveals an open-water image with light penetrating the deep ocean.

When we bought the backgrounds, they came in rolled-up poster shape and were undamaged. Tank lights make all three shots appear fantastic. They are simple to tesselate for a continuous image if one is too tiny for your tank.

Additionally, you have the option to bundle your purchase with some of Vepotek’s “Vibrant Sea” adhesive, which is designed to swiftly and simply adhere the background to the tank while also improving its color scheme. A squeegee applicator is included.

Although Vibrant Sea undoubtedly enhances the vibrancy of your colors, it is also greasy and untidy, and you cannot install this background without it since it does not adhere to its own. Tape also works if you don’t want the effort. If you decide to use Vibrant Sea, be sure to put down some newspaper and use it carefully.

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  • Three enticing pictures
  • Oversized backgrounds are simple to cut down
  • Smaller backgrounds can be tessellated
  • Vibrant Sea adhesive enhances coloration


  • Can’t be installed without adhesive
  • Included adhesive is slippery and messy

5. Marina Precut Backgrounds

Marina Precut Backgrounds

Check Latest Price

Precut Marina aquarium backgrounds are a very affordable option for people looking to brighten up their aquariums. Each of the five double-sided designs is available to you and doesn’t cost more than $15.

The backgrounds range from calm, non-aquatic rock patterns to rugged coral reefs, freshwater riverbeds, and one option with just solid colors on both sides. You may either make an easy background for additional lights and decorations or match your fish to their natural environment.

Depending on the image you choose, several sizes are available, but the most are available in at least two of the three options: 12 by 24, 18 by 36, or 24 by 48 inches. They may always be trimmed to accommodate aquariums of different sizes. If you’re unsure, we advise purchasing the bigger one since it’s simpler to reduce than to increase.

Even while we appreciate the variety, these backgrounds have a few drawbacks. They are way too simple to fold and don’t adhere, needing aquarium glue instead. Similar to #4, aquarium adhesive is messy and difficult to apply, which is made more challenging by how one error may obviously ruin beautiful images.


  • Many options for images and sizes
  • Affordable
  • Pretty, naturalistic backgrounds
  • Solid colors available


  • Need adhesive to attach
  • Very easy to crease
  • One crease can ruin the image’s dimension

Buyer’s Guide

Being an aquarium owner requires you to walk a tightrope. Your fish tank has to function as a lovely piece of furniture as well as the last resting place for many fearful aquatic animals. How can you ensure that your aquarium unifies the space and gives your fish the greatest possible life?

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll first show you how to choose an aquarium background before providing a list of all the other supplies you’ll need to construct a usable, fish-friendly aquarium.

How to Buy an Aquarium Background

They aren’t too complex as goods. Your fish will always be happy if you only follow these simple instructions.

• Take a tank measurement. Almost without saying, this. Choose how many of your tank’s walls you wish to cover first. Then, measure the height of the tank and the overall length of the base you’ll be wallpapering using a tape measure. You may then choose the size of the aquarium background that you need. Knowing how many gallons your tank can store is also useful since some merchants offer their background sizes in gallons.

• Select a style. The background of your aquarium should blend in with the aesthetic created by the other plants and decorations. While some backgrounds include genuine ocean vistas created from actual photographs, others have more stylized and cartoonish plants and animals. Some backgrounds use plain colors or an empty ocean. Consider purchasing a background that is made to look well under such settings, like our #2 selection from GloFish, if your aquarium includes nocturnal species and you’ll be utilizing an oscillating blue light (see below).

• Choose a product. The next step is to search the aquarium backgrounds being offered online after you’ve decided on the size and appearance you desire. Make careful to read all of the reviews, both favorable and unfavorable. An aquarium background typically costs between $8 and $20. Extending this range in either direction requires extreme caution. We suggest purchasing a background that will be folded up in a poster tube. To learn how simple it is to crease or rip the background, read the reviews. A frail one is not what you desire. If you locate one that you truly like but it’s the incorrect size, go for the bigger size. It is always possible to put two aquarium backgrounds close to one another, but it is simpler to reduce one.

• Work out a way to attach it. Some aquarium backgrounds, like our top selection from Sporn, stick to your fish tank like clinging plastic wrap naturally. Others need tape or, sometimes, specialist glue. It’s not strictly a deal-breaker to need a glue like Vibrant Sea, but it does add some more labor because it’s often marketed separately from the background. Be careful not to purchase something that you won’t be able to attach.

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What Else You Need In An Aquarium

So now that you have a background, your fish aren’t engaging in uncomfortable battles with one another. But for fish to be content in their environment, it takes more than just water and a pretty image. Before you purchase any live fish for your new tank, be sure you have all of these crucial components.

Freshwater and saltwater aquariums are the two basic types. While saltwater aquariums are for species that live in the ocean, freshwater aquariums house fish from lakes and rivers. Even if certain concerns for each one overlap, each demands a separate approach.

For All Aquariums

• An elegant term for the layer of gravel at the aquarium’s bottom. Substrate gives your tank’s bottom a more natural appearance, prevents it from reflecting light, and gives real aquatic plants a place to thrive if you want them to. It’s also a fantastic spot to grow the beneficial bacteria your tank needs to digest all the fish waste.

• The majority of the fish you’ll want in your tank are used to swimming in well-lit environments. Get a light that alternates between being bright and being dim during the day since they are also used to a day-night cycle. Though CFLs and LEDs both seem natural, LEDs have a longer lifespan.

• An air pump Fish must filter out oxygen from the water since they do not breathe water. The addition of an air pump helps maintain movement in your tank, which helps the water stay oxygenated and maintain a consistent temperature.

• Debris, dangerous substances, and biological poisons should be removed from the water via filters. Regularly inspect your filter and replace it in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

• A thermometer and a heater. Your tank’s water won’t always be at the same temperature as the space it is in. Remember the fish’s ideal temperature range when you purchase it, particularly if it’s a tropical fish, and check the thermometer every day to make sure it’s comfortable. Don’t keep fish that demand vastly different temperatures in the same aquarium.

• pH testing strips Over time, the pH of aquariums tends to decrease (become more acidic). Saltwater fish require a pH that is somewhat more basic, about 8, whereas most freshwater fish prefer a neutral pH of 7. 0. Change the water often to keep it in balance, but if you see that it’s still going low, you may tilt the scales using a water and baking soda mix.

For Freshwater Aquarium

• Water purifier. In order to reduce the dangerous ammonia in their excrement, freshwater fish need a robust bacterial community. Water conditioners encourage the development of beneficial microorganisms that stop the formation of toxic ammonia.

For Saltwater Aquarium

• Protein skimmer. Another method for reducing waste substances in an aquarium is to use protein skimmers. While they don’t operate well in freshwater, they may maintain your tank clean in saltwater while beneficial bacteria organically proliferate.

• Make use of commercial sea salt purchased from a pet supply shop. Avoid using table salt.


In order to create these evaluations, we put each background to the test in a real aquarium. We took note of how well each background looked, how well it mixed in with other decorations, how simple it was to apply, and how long it lasted. Every category was won by the Sporn Static Cling backgrounds. These large, hassle-free, affordable aquarium backgrounds will dramatically increase the visual value of your fish tank.

GloFish’s changeable background is a terrific two-for-one offer if you’re trying to save money. Your fish will feel completely at home and look fantastic when exposed to a cycling blue light thanks to the lifelike artwork on these backgrounds.

We set out to assist you in separating the good options from the bad ones while looking for an aquarium background. We hope your trust in your search has increased. If you purchased any of these backgrounds and would want to share your experiences with us, please do so in the comments below. If this post was helpful to you, please spread the word to your fish-loving friends as well.

Questions & Answers: Best Aquarium Backgrounds


Why do I need an aquarium background?

Aquarium backgrounds serve several purposes. They provide a visually pleasing backdrop that enhances the aesthetics of your tank. They also help reduce stress in fish by blocking external disturbances, such as movement outside the tank, making your aquatic pets feel more secure.


What types of aquarium backgrounds are available?

There are various types of aquarium backgrounds to choose from, including printed backgrounds with underwater scenes, solid-colored backgrounds, 3D backgrounds that create a realistic three-dimensional effect, and DIY options where you can create a custom background.


How do I choose the right background for my aquarium?

When selecting an aquarium background, consider the size and dimensions of your tank, the theme or style you want to achieve, and the preferences of your fish. Research the available options and choose one that complements your overall design.


Are there benefits to using 3D aquarium backgrounds?

Yes, 3D backgrounds can add depth and realism to your aquarium. They create a textured, natural-looking environment that enhances the visual appeal of your tank. Some fish may also interact with or explore these backgrounds, providing additional stimulation.


How do I install and maintain an aquarium background?

Installing an aquarium background is usually a straightforward process. Most backgrounds can be attached to the outside of the tank using adhesive or double-sided tape. It’s essential to clean the tank glass thoroughly before installation to ensure a secure attachment. Maintenance typically involves occasional cleaning to remove algae or debris and may require reattachment if it starts to peel or detach.



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