Tragic Loss: Sydney-Based Animal Lover Cristina Corales Dies in Bee Attack in Peru

Sydney-Based Animal Lover Cristina Corales Dies in Bee

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Tragic Loss: Sydney-Based Animal Lover Cristina Corales Dies in Bee Attack in Peru


A Heartbreaking Incident Amid a Selfless Act

In a devastating incident, Cristina Corales, a Sydney-based woman, lost her life in a horrific bee attack while she was out walking her dog in Peru. Known for her deep love for animals, Corales has been a savior to approximately 1,800 dogs, dedicating her life to rescuing and providing care for them.

From Australia to South America: A Life Devoted to Animal Welfare

At 78, Corales had made the selfless decision to move from Australia to South America, specifically to aid in the rescue and rehoming of street dogs in Peru. For the past 13 years, she invested her energy and time entirely towards this cause.

Tragedy Strikes: An Unexpected Encounter with a Swarm of Bees

According to her family, Corales met a tragic end on June 9 when a blind dog she was walking unintentionally disturbed a bees’ nest. “She was stung hundreds of times and found unconscious,” shared her daughter Jessica Bailey.

Despite being rushed to the hospital, medical personnel couldn’t save her. Corales died in the early hours of Saturday morning, leaving her family and friends shocked and mourning her loss.

An Inspiring Legacy: The Peru Street Dogs Rescue Centre

Cristina Corales is credited with caring for over 1,800 dogs during her 13 years running the Peru Street Dogs rescue centre in Puerto Maldonado.

Sydney-Based Animal Lover Cristina Corales Dies in Bee

In addition, she also helped the community with a dog feeding and de-sexing program, assisting local families who couldn’t afford necessary veterinary care for their pets.

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Honoring the Light that was Cristina

Cristina’s dedication to animal welfare did not go unnoticed. Local vigils were held in her honor, as community members mourned the loss of a “beautiful” volunteer.

As described by not-for-profit Albergue Patitas de la Calle de Madre de Dios, “Cristina was a being of light who always radiated love towards everyone. Many knew her as ‘the foreigner who loved the puppies’, for us it was more than that.”

Picking Up the Pieces: A Fundraiser to Continue the Work

In light of this tragedy, a fundraiser has been launched to cover the sanctuary’s rent and food, and veterinary expenses as it searches for a carer to look after the dogs until they can be rehomed.

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