10 Best Guinea Pig Toys 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Best Guinea Pig Toys

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Enriching Your Guinea Pig’s Life: A Guide to 10 Best Guinea Pig Toys


Guinea pigs, those adorable and inquisitive small rodents, are not only wonderful companions but also creatures that thrive on mental and physical stimulation. To keep your guinea pig happy and healthy, providing them with appropriate toys is essential.

In this article, we will delve into the world of guinea pig toys, exploring their importance in your pet’s life and offering insights into selecting the best options for your furry friend’s enrichment.

Guinea Pig Toys

Guinea pigs are intelligent and inquisitive animals, so they require enough mental and physical stimulation to remain happy. Your pig is prone to grow stressed out because of boredom if not given enough stimulus.

Physical activity is essential if you don’t want your munchkin to get overweight and become ill as a result.

Thankfully, it’s simple to provide that stimulation—all you need are a few guinea pig toys. However, some toys are better than others in entertaining your little pet.

It might take some time to choose the right toy for your pig, therefore we have already done the research for you. The top guinea pig toys currently available are reviewed in the sections that follow.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

BEST OVERALLWinner Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler for Small Animals Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler For Small Animals   Fun  Boosts mental acuity  Chewable natural material Check Price
BEST VALUESecond place Living World Hagen Pet Tunnel Living World Hagen Pet Tunnel   Gives them a place to hide or sleep  Allows for modifications  Foldable for storage Check Price
PREMIUM CHOICEThird place Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy   Made from natural material  Chewable  Small and compact Check Price
  Niteangel Nature’s Hideaway Grass Hut Play Chew Toys Niteangel Nature’s Hideaway Grass Hut Play Chew Toys   Provides diversity  Made from natural ingredients  Safe to play with Check Price
  Kaytee Perfect Chews Kaytee Perfect Chews   Serves a guinea pig’s chewing needs  Natural and safe materials  Can be hung anywhere Check Price

The 10 Best Guinea Pig Toys — Reviews 2022

Don’t go shopping haphazardly when seeking a guinea pig toy. The finest alternatives to think about are some of the following.

1. Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler for Small Animals — Best Overall

Kaytee Nut Knot Nibble

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The Nut Knot Nibbler by Kaytee is a clever toy that not only entertains your pet but also develops their problem-solving abilities.

It’s a chew toy made of premium, untreated wood. This makes sure that when using it, your pet’s health is not jeopardized.

The guinea pig is encouraged to play with the toy because it contains almond nuts. Because the wood is chewable, your furry friend can have fun while also keeping their ever-expanding incisors in check.

It is small enough for a guinea pig to pick up and throw about because it is only 4 inches long and 0.6 ounces in weight. It is also the perfect toy for younger guinea pigs due to its modest size.

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This is the activity you need to keep your guinea pig occupied while honing their problem-solving abilities. It will need tenacity and cunning to attempt to obtain the almond nut concealed inside the toy. This will occupy your pet for several hours.

However, if the piggy is unable to reach the nut, it is conceivable that they will grow bored with the toy.

This item, which is also a pleasant toy, has the power to improve guinea pigs’ cognitive performance, thus it is our top option.


  • Fun
  • Boosts mental acuity
  • Chewable natural material


  • Some pigs lose interest due to failure

2. Living World Hagen Pet Tunnel — Best Value

Living World Hagen Pet Tunnel

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Guinea pigs live in tunnels they dig in their natural environment, where they spend the majority of their time. Guinea pigs are inherently shy since they are prey animals, so having a place to hide is very important to them. The more it resembles a burrow, the more it will give them the impression that they have a place to hide in case trouble arises.

That is why the Hagen Pet Tunnel from Living World is so appealing. It has a smart tunnel layout that appeals to your pig’s natural need to explore, play, and rest in caves.

Its dimensions of 35.4 inches in length and 5.9 inches in diameter provide more than enough room for your pet to relax in luxury. Additionally, you may fold it while not in use thanks to its design.

It is also quite adaptable since you can link it to a tent or other tunnels to give your pig even more pleasure. To entice your guinea pig to play, put food within the tunnel.

Additionally, it is among the most cost-effective guinea pig toys available. The fact that this toy might not fit all cages is the sole reason it did not get first prize.


  • Engages guinea pigs’ exploration instinct
  • Gives them a place to hide or sleep
  • Allows for modifications
  • Foldable for storage


  • Might be too large for some cages

3. Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy, Fun Pet Balls — Premium Choice

Niteangel Small Animal Trio

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Your animal friend is sure to love these pet balls from Niteangel right away.

Guinea pigs adore these handcrafted balls created from materials like seagrass, rattan, and hyacinth. You’ll like that they don’t include any inorganic substances like metal, plastic, or plastic. Your pet may play with them safely as a result.

These balls are fantastic for nibbling on, giving your pet another item to use to keep their teeth clean. Additionally, because they are so little, the animal can pick them up, roll them about, and do anything it likes with them.

To occupy your pet as they try to get to the ball, you may put a reward inside of it. The best aspect is that you don’t have to watch your piglet play with these balls, which is a bonus.

The only drawback you could encounter with this toy is how quickly guinea pigs consume it. A ball may be destroyed by a pig in a couple of hours. You might have to change them regularly as a result.


  • Made from natural material
  • Chewable
  • Small and compact


  • Need constant replacing

4. Niteangel Nature’s Hideaway Grass Hut Play Chew Toys

Niteangel Nature's Hideaway Grass Hut

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The Niteangel Nature’s Hideaway Grass Hut is a collection of several toys arranged to provide your pet with the best possible playing time.

To begin with, it includes a hand-woven grass hat that the guinea may use as a place to hide, sleep, or play. The hut measures 11 inches in length, 9 inches in circumference, and 6 inches in height. It has openings that your naughty pet may use to peep out.

Apple sticks, bamboo sticks, loofah, pinecones, a rattan ball, a seagrass ball, and water hyacinth are among the additional toys included in the collection. This implies that there won’t be a lack of toys for your guinea pig to play with. All of the toys are safe for your pet to play with because they are made of natural materials. A handful of these toys can also be used by your guinea to brush its teeth.

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  • Provides diversity
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Safe to play with


  • Hut’s doorway can be small for larger pigs

5. Kaytee Perfect Chews

Kaytee Perfect Chews

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The only goal of the Perfect Chews by Kaytee toy is to satisfy the chewing requirements of your guinea pig.

It is light enough for the animal to move about while chewing because it only weighs 1.6 ounces. It comes with vivid colors to grab the piggy’s curiosity.

Wool balls, orange slices, woodblocks, and a wooden block are all assembled into Perfect Chews and stitched on a metal hook. Apart from the metal hook, every other aspect of the toy is safe for your furball to chew.

This toy allows guinea pigs to have fun as they chew, which helps to spice up the chewing experience. Be cautious since your pet could work on it for hours!

To encourage your guinea to work to reach the toy, you can hang it from the cage’s roof.


  • Serves a guinea pig’s chewing needs
  • Natural and safe materials
  • Can be hung anywhere


  • Does not serve any other purpose

6. Living World Teach N Treat Toy

Living World Teach N Treat Toy

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The Teach N Treat toy from Living World is a fun interactive plaything that you can use to encourage your animal’s learning potential.

The toy includes little pots for placing goodies inside as well as plugs to close the pots when the treat has been placed inside. The idea is to let your pig see you put the goodies down and cover them before letting them try to figure out a way to get to them.

The guinea pigs should have no trouble inserting their little lips inside the pots and securely obtaining the reward because they are just approximately 1/2 inch deep.

With the Teach N Treat toy, your pet must be vigilant and observant in order to earn treats. This toy also comes in three other, varying-difficulty configurations. This enables you to constantly enhance your animal’s ability for learning.

Your pet’s capability to learn new skills will increase significantly with an improved learning capacity, which will be really rewarding for both of you.


  • Boosts learning capacity
  • Fun
  • Teaches your pet effort


  • Takes time to learn how to use

7. JanYoo Guinea Pig Toys

JanYoo Guinea Pig Toys

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This JanYoo toy set includes seven various kinds of wooden toys that your guinea pig may play with while brushing its teeth.

Since all of the toys are manufactured of natural wood, they are free of any chemicals that might hurt your pet’s furry friend. Furthermore, some of them have wheels so your guinea pig may exercise rolling them around.

A rope-bound squared molar block, a bell roller, apple tree branches, a smaller bell roller, watermelon balls, and even a dumbbell are included in the package of toys.

These toys are fantastic since they withstand constant chewing and yet last a long time. Sadly, some guinea pigs don’t appear to enjoy them.


  • Made from natural wood
  • Provide great exercise
  • Perfect for chewing


  • Some guineas might not like them

8. Niteangel Wooden Cage Bridge

Niteangel 100 Natural Coconut Hideaway

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Another brilliant creation by Niteangel that lets you indulge your pig’s spirit of adventure is the Wooden Care Bridge.

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Because it is constructed of natural wood, even if your pet decides to nibble on it, they will be safe. Your guinea pig will be able to visit places that are out of their grasp thanks to this bridge.

They may so make use of it both inside and outside the cage. The animal can simply climb it thanks to the little bars. You should be able to think of entertaining ways for your animal to use this bridge with a little imagination.

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  • Made from natural wood
  • Strong build
  • Can be used both in and out of the cage


  • Your piggy might decide to chew it

9. Wheeky Pets Treat Ball for Guinea Pigs

Wheeky Treat Ball Toy

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Your pet will have hours and hours of fun with this goodie ball from Wheeky. It serves as both an exercise ball and a habitat for foraging, guaranteeing that your pet is kept amused for a long time.

The pig may just roll it around to get some exercise. Additionally, it includes adjustable apertures that you can stuff with food so your pet may graze on them.

This ball enables your guinea pig to receive their recommended daily allowance of both mental and physical stimulation. It also enables wonderful opportunities for pet-owner bonding.


  • Provides both mental and physical stimulation
  • Comes with attractive colors
  • Has adjustable openings for filling treats


  • Requires supervision to use

10. Prevue Pet Products Multi-Color Small Pet Playpen

Prevue Pet Products Multi-Color

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With the help of this playpen from Prevue Pet Products, you can strengthen your relationship with your pet. It has a surface area of more than 4 square feet, so you may reach it and enjoy yourself with your pig. It also has a cover so you can take it outside without worrying that your pet will get out. The cage is constructed of guinea pig-safe powder-coated mesh.

That much space gives your pig the freedom to roam till they are satisfied and also serves as a holding area for when you need to clean the cage.


  • Large space
  • Allows for interactive sessions
  • Great for bonding


  • The animal might jump out if the cover is not in place

Buyer’s Guide

The following are the most crucial aspects to consider while shopping for a toy for your pet guinea pig.


How safe a toy is for a guinea pig depends on the material it is made of. The health of your pet might be seriously harmed by toys made of plastic or metal, so avoid them at all costs.

Always choose toys that a guinea can eat without damaging their health, such as those made of wood or other natural materials.


Even if some toys are made of wood, they might still contain poisons that are harmful to your cat. Paint, insecticides, and preservatives are examples of these poisons. As a result, be careful to choose a toy that is free of harmful materials. Verify if the maker expressly mentions that natural colouring is used.

Smooth Edges

During play, your pet might get hurt by sharp edges. Avoid such toys since they can result in significant damage, particularly to the eyes. If you must buy a toy with pointed edges, attempt to round them off before giving it to your pet.


Providing your guinea pig with enough mental and physical stimulation is a key aspect of caring for them. Your pet may become stressed out if they are bored. On the other side, a lack of physical activity might result in you becoming an obese pig who is more susceptible to chronic illnesses.

Given that they come in a wide variety of sizes and forms, choose the ideal toy for your furry friend might be difficult. As a result, instead of searching for the perfect toy, think about buying a variety of toys for them.

You may start with Kaytee’s Nut Knot Nibbler since it not only makes your pet happy but also significantly improves their cognitive abilities. Utilizing this item will greatly improve the caliber of your interactions with your pet. 

Few toys can make a guinea pig as happy as the Hagen Pet Tunnel can, making it another essential item. Considering how reasonably priced it is, it also offers outstanding value.

Before buying a toy, be sure it is safe for your pet to use.

Questions & Answers


Why Do Guinea Pigs Need Toys?

Guinea pigs are highly intelligent and active animals that require mental and physical stimulation to prevent boredom and stress. Toys play a crucial role in keeping your guinea pig engaged, preventing behavioral issues, and promoting overall well-being.


What Types of Toys Are Suitable for Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pig toys come in various forms, including chew toys, tunnels, balls, puzzle feeders, and interactive playthings. Select toys that encourage your guinea pig to explore, forage, and engage in natural behaviors like chewing and digging.


Are Homemade Toys Safe for Guinea Pigs?

Homemade toys can be safe and cost-effective options for guinea pigs. However, it’s essential to ensure that the materials used are non-toxic and free from chemicals. Avoid small objects that could be ingested or pose a choking hazard.


How Often Should I Rotate Guinea Pig Toys?

To prevent boredom, it’s a good practice to rotate your guinea pig’s toys regularly. Introduce new toys or rearrange the existing ones every few days to keep your pet’s interest piqued.


Can Toys Help Improve My Guinea Pig’s Health?

Yes, appropriate toys can contribute to your guinea pig’s physical and mental health. Chewing toys can help keep their teeth in check, while interactive toys and tunnels promote exercise and mental stimulation. Providing a variety of toys can lead to a happier and healthier guinea pig.



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