Top 5 Best Silent Dog Clippers for Grooming Anxious Dogs – Fumi Pets

Top 5 Best Silent Dog Clippers for Grooming Anxious Dogs - Fumi Pets

Manual dog clippers are popular because they are quiet, but they are also dreaded since they are not the safest choice and are slow. When trimming nervous dogs, silent dog clippers are preferred, although they vibrate and make more noise than manual dog hair clippers.

As soon as they have to sit down on their dog grooming table, many of our dogs get very agitated. They know what to expect, just like at the vet: sounds, vibrations, handling, and so forth. Grooming a nervous dog at home requires a different set of grooming tools than usual: you must provide the silent treatment. The whirling noise of the finest professional dog clippers may be frightening to nervous dogs.

We’ll look at the best of both worlds in this article:

Manual dog clippers are totally quiet, vibration-free, sluggish for bulk trimming, and have a danger of cutting the dog accidentally.

Silent dog clippers produce minimal vibrations and sounds, are quicker for trimming and eliminate the danger of unintentional cuts.

Both kinds of noiseless dog clippers are excellent at their jobs. Naturally, I would advise you to have both: manual hair clippers for finishing and head work, and quiet electric clippers for mass cutting.

Of course, to ensure a clean-cut, you must take care of the blade and choose a dog clipper blade that is appropriate for your dog’s coat.

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Clipper Noises and Vibrations Cause Anxiety

If you talk to any groomer for a minute, they will tell you that there is nothing worse than cutting and clipping the hair of an anxious dog. It’s a never-ending battle because, as a dog owner or groomer, you don’t want to exacerbate the dog’s fear, but you still have to groom it.

It’s simple to figure out what’s causing your dog’s hair clipper fear.

During their early months of existence, these fearful canines were not used to such high levels of vibration and noise. This lack of socialising and grooming experiences as children transfers into a full-fledged dread of the unknown as an adult. Especially when the unknown is loud, travels about their body, closes in on their ears and brain, and vibrates like an earthquake.

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Some dogs get even more agitated when a cable is moving about, therefore cordless dog clippers, such as the expensive Andis Super AGR+ Cordless Clippers, are preferred. So now you know what stresses dogs out while grooming: a combination of noise, vibration, and all of this happening so close to their body and head.

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Solutions to Reduce a Dog’s Grooming Anxiety

The answers are straightforward. Allow your dog to get used to the sounds and vibrations of dog clippers, even your present ones, over time. You should begin by acclimating them to them at a distance, then go closer and closer to their body, and finally to their head.

There are no totally quiet and vibration-free electric dog clippers on the market. However, some clippers are considerably quieter than others. 

Depending on how loud your present clippers are and how freaked out your dog is, we may be talking about many weeks or months of training. Because the outcome is dependent on your training abilities, patience, and dedication, you may speed up the process by investing in the finest quiet grooming clippers.

Quiet Dog Clippers are not completely silent, and they do vibrate, but they are much quieter than conventional grooming hair clippers.

Manual Hair Clippers are completely quiet, however, they take a long time to use, particularly on bigger breeds.

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Best Silent and Low-Noise Dog Clippers

We’ll start with the Scaredy Cut clippers, which are the finest manual dog hair clippers on the market. Other methods grind the hair away rather than cutting it severely, so they aren’t worth mentioning. After that, we use electric dog clippers that are very silent.

1. Silent Scaredy Cut (Manual Dog Clippers)

The Scaredy Cut Silent hair trimmers are ideal for toy breeds and are extremely simple to use: they are ordinary grooming scissors with add-on combs. They are, without a doubt, completely quiet and vibration-free. Bulk trimming a full dog, on the other hand, will take a long time (really.)

These manual dog hair clippers feature two replaceable gel inserts in each ring to provide a pleasant experience. A tension adjustment knob is also included. Scaredy Cut is being kind by providing seven attachment combs, allowing you to go for a range of lengths ranging from 1/2′′ to 1′′.

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You won’t have enough time to perform all of the bulk trimming or even bigger breeds with only scissors. They have a novel idea in that they are combed grooming scissors, so you will certainly adopt them after a few minutes of getting accustomed to them.

I wouldn’t suggest these as a substitute for one of the quiet pet clippers listed below – they’re simply not in the same league! These manual hair clippers are ideal for sensitive regions including paws, genitals, and head work since they are completely quiet. They are also excellent at completing chores!

This is why we’re inundated with pet trimmers that promise to provide quiet cuts but are really $30 Chinese imports available on major e-commerce sites. Keep a safe distance from them. Although it may be tempting to try your luck with such low-cost items, their construction will not endure and will be anything but silent.

There are several reputable brands available, and although they will cost you more, they will provide you with a quiet and smooth cut. Professional groomers often choose Wahl and Andis grooming clippers, although Oster may also be included in the list.

2. Oster Professional Turbo A5 2-Speed

The Oster Turbo A5 clippers have two speeds and can be extremely silent or highly strong in a split second with the flip of a switch. It’s fantastic to have the option, and it helps with thicker, coarser coats. Getting close to the face? Let’s utilise the 3,000 SPM low speed, which is considerably quieter. Is your coat matted? Switch to a high speed of 4,000 SPM to cut through cleanly.

Take a look at it as well! It’s a lovely product with a heavy-duty feel (and it is heavy-duty) – it’s manufactured in the United States and weighs 1.97 pounds (900 grammes). It’s not a stripped-down version; it contains everything a professional groomer needs, housed in a sturdy shell and powered by a powerful engine that can adjust to your requirements without sacrificing performance.

This is a corded trimmer, not a cordless trimmer. However, you’d have to be corded to continuously produce that many strokes per minute over the course of a whole session.

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3. Wahl Bravmini+ Cordless Pet Trimmer

The Wahl BravMini+ is small and designed to provide the groomer a lot of power with the least amount of noise and vibration. With 5,350 strokes per minute and a weight of just 4.5 oz, it’s a success (or 127 grams.) It is ideal for both bulk and precision work, such as work on the face and feet.

The BravMini+ are rechargeable silent clippers that take around 2 hours to charge and provide approximately 100 minutes of cordless use. You may use them corded for a full power sensation throughout your grooming session. Heat is also avoided due to a clever design that keeps the trimmers cooler for much longer.

These clippers are certainly worth a purchase at such a cheap price, and they will last you a long time, so the return on investment makes them a no-brainer.

4. Andis Professional Animal Clipper

These Andis silent dog clippers are heavy-duty and designed to endure; nevertheless, for a dog owner trimming his dogs once a year, they would be excessive. They have a break-resistant black casing and weigh over 2 pounds, which is on the heavier side of the range.

Don’t expect them to cut through a matted coarse coat since they’re silent clippers. With most dogs, they do, however, provide a lovely calm trimming experience. The product was created with heat dissipation in mind, so it will stay cool even after extended usage.

Because these Andis AGC silent clippers aren’t cordless, be aware of the 14-inch heavy-duty cable. Because they are among the most quiet pet clippers presently available, the price matches the excellent quality of the construction.

5. Sminiker Low Noise Cordless Dog Clippers

These Sminiker cordless dog clippers are not the greatest cordless dog clippers, but they are the cheapest. I wouldn’t suggest them if it weren’t for their cheap price, and I understand that we can’t all afford to spend more on quieter clippers. Many internet reviews seem to be given in exchange for a discount, so I wouldn’t depend on them to make a decision on them.


If you can afford it, the Scaredy Cut Silent are the finest manual dog clippers on the market right now. I would replace them with one of the above-mentioned electric quiet dog clippers, preferably the Oster Professional Turbo A5 2-Speed (which comes in nine colours!).

Remember that grooming nervous dogs takes time; but, if you start with low-noise dog clippers, you may complete the task in a matter of weeks or months.


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