10 Best Toys for Puppies

Best Toys for Puppies

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Best Toys for Puppies: A Summary of Playful Learning


Selecting the right toys for puppies is essential for their physical development, mental stimulation, and overall well-being. Puppies are naturally curious and full of energy, making their playtime a vital part of their growth. Let’s explore the world of puppy toys and discover the best options to keep your furry friend engaged and entertained in this summary.

10 Best Toys for Puppies

Choosing the finest toys for dogs involves more considerations than just cuteness. Yes, it does count! Durability, texture, and the toy’s intended use are all important.

The preferences of your new puppy are particularly crucial since dogs begin learning at a young age which kinds of toys and chews they will like throughout their lives. As a result, according to Fear Free creator and DVM Marty Becker, it’s critical to expose your dog to a range of toys from a young age.

Your puppy will gain confidence as she plays with the toys listed below, which will also stimulate her developing brain and satiate her instincts.

Best Heartbeat: Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy

Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy disposable warmer

Looking for the finest heartbeat toy for a dog to aid with separation anxiety or possibly to calm her down at night? “Snuggle Puppy is a great toy to provide calming comfort of a heartbeat, heat, and ability to stuff other scented items—including an item you may have worn—inside to offer a degree of comfort to the puppy as they learn to comfort themselves and self-soothe,” explains Becker.

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Best Teething: KONG Puppy Binkie

BUY NOW ON CHEWY ($11) KONG Puppy Binkie pink

The greatest teething toys for pups are made by KONG, and Becker regards several of their premium rubber toys as essentials. His favourites are the original KONG and the KONG Binkie, the latter of which, in his opinion, enables the pet parent to maintain control of the KONG while the puppy is being trained to extract the food or goodies crammed within.

Best Freezable: Nylabone Puppy Chew Freezer Mini

BUY NOW ON CHEWY ($9) Nylabone Puppy Chew Freezer Mini dog toy yellow

This toy has flavour and texture, as well as soft bristles to ease her gums, but you should make sure the tiny size is suitable for your puppy. Additionally, it can be frozen, which might help soothe a teething dog without forcing you to soak it in liquid and perhaps make a mess.

Best for Power Chewers: Benebone Bacon Flavor Tough Puppy Chew

BUY NOW ON CHEWY ($14) Benebone Bacon Flavor Tough Puppy Chews set

This gets a slot as one of the greatest dog chew toys for serious chewers since it is made in the USA with genuine bacon fused throughout. Compared to the adult Benebone toys, these chews are a little bit smaller and softer, but they are still fairly sturdy.

Best Plush: Leaps & Bounds Little Loves Lamb Plush Puppy Toy

BUY NOW AT PETCO ($7) Leaps & Bounds Little Loves Lamb Plush Puppy Toy

This lovely plush toy, which comes in two sizes, is reasonably priced. Although it can’t endure vigorous gnawing, it is made for plenty of puppy play and intense cuddles. Additionally, it contains a squeaker for a little extra thrill!

Best Tug: ZippyPaws Monkey RopeTugz

BUY NOW AT AMAZON ($16) ZippyPaws Monkey RopeTugz toy blue yellow

This tug toy is a fantastic (not to mention incredibly adorable!) alternative for interactive play with your new animal buddy. The oddball little monkey has a squeaker, making it a chew toy as well. However, the rope handles can withstand some roughhousing since they are constructed of the same sturdy 2/3-inch rope that rock climbers use.

Best Puzzle: Nina Ottosson Puppy Smart Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy

BUY NOW AT AMAZON ($16) Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Puppy Smart Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy blue

The greatest puzzle toys for puppies need not only the proper size but also the right degree of difficulty for their developing brains, which, incidentally, also serves to exhaust them. We all agree that a puppy that is exhausted is a nice dog. Your puppy will enjoy figuring out the straightforward one-step movements in this novice dog puzzle as she probes the bones for the goodies you’ve stashed within the sections. And after she’s mastered that, you may make this toy harder or switch to a more challenging alternative.

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Best Interactive: Outward Hound Hide a Toy Plush Puzzle Toy

BUY NOW AT CHEWY ($11) Outward Hound Hide a Toy Squirrel Plush Puzzle Toy

Did somebody utter the word “Squirrel”? This entertaining interactive toy, which comes in a range of sizes, has squeaking squirrels that “hide” in a plush tree trunk so you can play a challenging game of hide and seek with your astute canine.

Best Chew: Petstages Mini Orka Chew Pair Bone & Dumbbell Dog Toys

BUY NOW AT AMAZON ($7) Petstages Mini Orka Chew Pair Bone & Dumbbell Dog Toys blue set

These little chew toys bounce and float and are made of sturdy materials with different textures. According to the package, they even promote oral health by assisting in the removal of tartar. However, keep a tight check on the additional tassels since severe chewers could quickly consume that material.

Best with Replaceable Squeaker: KONG Teddy Bear Dog Toy

BUY NOW AT CHEWY ($8) KONG Teddy Bear Dog Toy

Despite being soft and cuddly, this teddy bear squeaky toy is constructed without filling to lessen the inevitable mess. And if you have a dog that likes to “kill” squeakers, you’re in luck since the squeaker is made to be simple to replace if it ruptures (or to take out if you want some peace and quiet during playing).

The Importance of Puppy Toys

Puppy toys are useful for many reasons, but one of the most important ones is to support puppies when they transition from having puppy teeth to having adult teeth, which occurs around the four-month mark. 

During the teething period, a puppy’s mouth might become very painful, sensitive, itchy, and unpleasant, according to Becker. When this happens, it’s possible that the puppy may chew on a variety of objects, including forbidden objects like the TV remote control, shoes, wires, and other “feel good” things that give a pleasurable diversion and provide comfort when their adult teeth emerge. 

Giving your dog easy access to chewables that are more appropriate can provide her with the relief and diversion she needs (while also saving your favourite shoes). Becker suggests rotating several toys to provide a sense of variety. Furthermore, he adds, “some toys can provide a chilling and soothing effect as they are frozen with water or even flavoured broth to encourage the puppy to teethe on acceptable items rather than off-limits household goods.”

No matter how many fantastic toys you provide, keep in mind that puppies lack opposable thumbs, so they are more inclined to investigate their environment with their mouths, according to Becker. Even when you provide them puppy-friendly objects to chew on, it’s still necessary to tidy up any stuff you’d like they not chew.

What To Look For

The greatest time to educate your dog there’s nothing to fear—in fact, Becker believes it may be fun—is when they’re puppies and you can expose them to new noises, shapes, and textures.

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The most popular materials are rubber and plush, but once you know how your puppy likes to chew or play, you may choose the ideal material for her. In general, remember these two guidelines while picking toys:

• A toy should allow you to push your fingernail into it. If not, it’s very difficult and can harm your dog’s teeth.

• Steer clear of toys with lengthy strings or pieces that could be consumed unintentionally.


While some dogs may gently mouth their toys, others will make it their life’s work to demonstrate that no toy is really unbreakable. If your dog belongs to the latter group, consider tougher rubber toys made to endure vigorous play. The kind of toy you need depends depend on how your dog chews.

Keep an eye out for missing pieces in your puppy’s toys, and replace any that are going apart, even if it’s their favourite.


A 7-month-old Bernese mountain dog is unlikely to be the right size for a toy that is ideal for a 4-month-old bichon frise. A smaller puppy may choke on a toy that is too little; a bigger puppy may not choke on a toy that is too big, but your dog may not find it very interesting if she can’t carry it about or get her mouth around it. 

The optimal size will also depend on how your pet likes to play with the toy. For example, it’s one thing if they merely like snuggling up with a stuffed animal, but if they want to take it about, it has to be tiny enough. It also has to be big enough if they prefer to shake it to prevent choking hazards.

It will be easier to keep your puppy amused and provide you both with chances for fun and bonding if you choose the correct toys for her.

Q&A on Choosing the Ideal Toys for Puppies



1. Why are toys important for puppies?

Toys play a crucial role in a puppy’s development. They provide an outlet for energy, aid in teething discomfort, promote mental stimulation, and foster the bond between the puppy and its owner.

2. What types of toys are suitable for teething puppies?

Teething puppies benefit from soft, chewable toys that soothe their gums. Look for toys made of safe materials that are designed to withstand the chewing phase.

3. How do interactive toys benefit puppies?

Interactive toys engage a puppy’s mind and keep them mentally active. Toys that dispense treats or require problem-solving help puppies learn and develop their cognitive skills.

4. Are there any safety considerations when selecting puppy toys?

Safety is paramount. Avoid small parts that could be swallowed, and opt for durable toys that won’t easily break. Always supervise playtime to prevent any accidents.

5. Can I use household items as puppy toys?

While some household items can be repurposed as toys, it’s essential to ensure they are safe and suitable for puppies. Always prioritize items designed specifically for puppies to prevent potential hazards.

Best Toys for Puppies: A Path to Playful Learning

Puppyhood is a time of exploration, growth, and boundless enthusiasm. The right toys can turn playtime into an educational and joyful experience, nurturing your puppy’s physical and mental development. From teething toys that soothe tender gums to interactive puzzles that stimulate their intelligence, a thoughtfully selected range of toys will help your puppy flourish into a happy, healthy, and well-rounded canine companion.



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