The exotic look of a black panther roaming the wild is evoked by a black cat with gleaming golden eyes. You have many choices if you’re attracted to the panther’s magnificent, striking features and wish to recreate his wild air in a house-sized cat.

More Than One Breed

Glistening black hair and dazzling gold eyes may be seen in more than one type of cat. If you’re looking for a panther-like cat, try the bombay, a domestic shorthaired cat with full black fur and gold or copper eyes that was developed to look like a tiny black panther. Other breeds, such as the American shorthair, which can be a smokey black but must have brilliant gold eyes, or the British shorthair, which can also be black but must have gold or copper eyes, allow for a variety of coat colours, including black, but may require a specific eye colour, such as the American shorthair, which can be a smokey black but must have brilliant gold eyes. The Devon rex, a feline breed with black hair but gold or blue eyes, is another feline breed.

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Almost Any Mixed Breed

Although there is a good variety of pure-bred black cats with gold eyes, you may also get a cat with black hair and yellow-gold eyes that are of mixed ancestry. Even if you want a medium or long-haired cat, a mixed breed with the desired fur and eye colour should be easy to come by. Adopting a non-pure-bred cat has the added benefit of reducing the danger of hereditary diseases.

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Breeds That Are Never Black With Gold Eyes

While there are many cats who are or can be black with gold eyes, there are a few breeds that, if they are true pure breeds, will never exhibit that coat and eye colour combination. Some of the most apparent breeds are those with non-black coats, such as Siamese or Bengals, which are usually bi-coloured, or Russian blues, whose coat colour is part of their name. Persians are another cat breed distinguished by their eye colour. Although Persian cats may be black, genuine Persian cats have blue or copper coloured eyes.

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Black Kittens’ Eye Color May Change

If you’re looking for a black kitten, you’re unlikely to come across one with gold eyes. All kittens are born with grey-blue eyes that develop to a different hue as they grow older. The colour shift occurs between the ages of three and eight weeks, and it may occur many times until settling on the hue that will last for the remainder of the cat’s life, which occurs around the age of three months. Your kitten’s eyes may become nearly any hue at this period, including green, orange, and amber, or contain specks of more than one colour, such as brown and yellow.

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