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The Black German Shepherd is a pure German Shepherd and does not qualify as a distinct breed, but it is distinguished by the fact that it is entirely black in colour, unlike other German Shepherds. The Black German Shepherd is very rare, and as a result, their prices are much higher. You should anticipate to pay between $700 and $2000 for a Black Shepherd puppy.

Read on to discover seven amazing facts you didn’t know about this black beauty.

1. The German Shepherd and the Black German Shepherd are both members of the same breed.

Some people believe that the Black German Shepherd is a distinct breed from the German Shepherd. This isn’t correct at all. Because of its complete blackness, it is referred to as the Black German Shepherd, although belonging to the same breed.

How not total black German Shepherd pups can born from two total black  parents ?!?! - BAIULAND Club Kennel

2. There are several physical distinctions between the Black German Shepherd and the regular type.

Their coat is a pure black colour, and they have a straighter back than the standard German Shepherd. They may also grow to be very big.  Additionally, their coat can be longer, with a flowing mane (around the back of the neck), skirting (on either side of the body between front and back legs), or feathering (on the front and back legs) (long hair on the ears, backs of legs and beneath the tail).

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3. Black German Shepherd puppies are born black

All German Shepherd pups are born in one of three colours: black, grey, or white, with the ability to change colour as they develop. When they are approximately eight weeks old, it is generally possible to identify their actual coat colour. German Shepherd pups who are born black will continue to be black throughout their lives as adults.

To make certain that your solid black German Shepherd puppy is really a solid black German Shepherd puppy, you will want to purchase her at this age rather than earlier in order to ensure that she is indeed a solid black colour.

Black German Shepherds: Puppies, Genetics & More (With Pictures)

4. A German Shepherd that is not black can produce Black German Shepherd puppies

Yes, you read it correctly. Even though a German Shepherd’s coat is black and brown, it may have the recessive solid black gene, which results in the production of Black German Shepherd pups. Solid black, on the other hand, can only occur in a litter if both parents have the recessive gene for it. So don’t be shocked if you go to see your puppy (but not before 8 weeks of age, remember) and the parents aren’t all black. It’s a possibility. The second method of producing solid black German Shepherd pups is via the mating of two solid blacks. It is only possible to get a solid black litter out of this mix.

5. The black colour has absolutely no adverse effect on the dog.

This is where the negative connotation comes in; because of the stunning black colour of this dog, some people may be afraid of it. Color does not have any effect on the disposition of this dog. Unlike the normal German Shepherd, the Black German Shepherd is not inclined to aggressiveness and is as loyal, alert, energetic, and clever as the standard type. She may be distant at first, but if you establish a connection with her, she will become your lifelong friend.

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Aside from being very trainable, black German Shepherds have also been employed as police and military dogs, handicap assistance dogs, and obedience dogs.

Their protective instincts may be as intense as those of any other German Shepherd. They are animal herding and protection dogs, these dogs will do the same for their human group as they have done in the past. If your family is ever in jeopardy, you may be certain that this dog will protect them at any costs.

However, in order for her to be a good companion dog, you want her to understand that not everyone is a danger. Make sure you socialise her from an early age so that she will get along with other people when she becomes an adult.

Black German Shepherd: The Definitive Owner's Guide - Perfect Dog Breeds

6. They may be very expensive.

German Shepherds with black coats are very unique, and as a result, they tend to be more expensive, particularly if they have a long, luxurious coat. While the price of a normal German Shepherd puppy varies between $300 and $900, as previously said, the price of a Black German Shepherd puppy may vary between $700 and $2,000, depending on the breed.

7. They are susceptible to health issues, just as other German Shepherds.

It is said that the German Shepherd breed is susceptible to a wide range of health problems. Hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia are the most serious health issues that this breed faces. A deformed ball and socket joint may result in arthritis or even lameness if the ball and socket joint is not properly supported. Maintaining a healthy weight in your dog may assist in alleviating this problem. Heart disease, spinal illness, eye disorders, digestive issues, allergies, and cancer are among the possible health issues.

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The Black Shepherd is a gorgeous type of the German Shepherd breed that is equally as loyal, active, and trainable as the standard breed of German Shepherd. A pure black colour, a straighter back, and sometimes longer hair than the normal variety are all characteristics of this breed at birth. Keep in mind that she may be a little more expensive, particularly if her coat has a longer, more sumptuous appearance to it.

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In common with all German Shepherds, Black Shepherds are predisposed to a variety of health issues. You should make certain that you get your puppy from a reputable breeder who can guarantee that your dog is healthy and will survive for an extended period of time.


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