Zebby, The Heroic ‘Hearing Cat’: A Heartwarming Tale of Loyalty and Devotion

The Heroic 'Hearing Cat'

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Zebby, The Heroic ‘Hearing Cat’: A Heartwarming Tale of Loyalty and Devotion


A UK-based pet gets honored as National Cat of the Year for his extraordinary services to his owner, turning into a hearing aid, a postman, and a guardian.

Zebby, the award-winning cat from the United Kingdom, is no ordinary pet. Recognized for his exceptional services to his owner, he has demonstrated extraordinary devotion and intelligence, earning him the title of National Cat of the Year.

Zebby: The National Cat of the Year

This incredible feline, Zebby, stood out among thousands to clinch the prestigious National Cat of the Year award, bestowed by Cats Protection, a renowned charity dedicated to rescuing and rehoming cats while educating people about them.

The ceremony took place at Wilton’s Music Hall in London, according to Cats Protection’s press release. Zebby had to secure a win in the Family Fur-ever category initially, celebrating cats that “make a family complete,” before a panel selected him as the overall National Cat of the Year.

Genevieve Moss and Zebby: A Unique Bond

Zebby’s owner, Genevieve Moss, a 66-year-old living alone, relies heavily on her feline friend. She admits that living solo can be quite isolating and struggles with hearing impairment further complicate her life.

The Heroic 'Hearing Cat'

However, with Zebby’s presence, Moss’s challenges have significantly lessened. The intelligent cat alerts her to various sounds in their home, fetches the mail, and even brings her slippers. “He has become my night watchman, my postman, and guardian,” Moss shared.

Zebby: The Protector and Companion

Zebby’s protective instinct sometimes inhibits Moss from leaving the house through the front door, leading her to resort to sneaking out from the back. Yet, on her return, Zebby welcomes her with affectionate cuddles.

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For Moss, Zebby is more than just a pet; he’s her “best friend” and her “savior.” Overflowing with pride for her feline companion, Moss expressed, “I am so proud of Zebby for showing the world how intuitive and caring cats can be, and what a positive effect they can have on people’s lives.”

A Tribute to Zebby’s Devotion

In recognition of Zebby’s win, Cats Protection awarded him a trophy and a pet store voucher. Ashley Fryer, the National Cat Awards organizer at Cats Protection, was moved by the story of Zebby’s unwavering devotion to his owner.

Zebby’s tale highlights the deep bond shared between humans and their feline companions. “He’s a shining example of the joy and comfort a cat can bring,” said Fryer.

With Zebby by her side, Moss now feels secure and can rest easily. “Without him, I’d feel very frightened,” she admitted. “I used to be scared to go to sleep … But now I can sleep knowing that Zebby’s going to be there.”

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