Brave Stray Cat Steps Into Crate, Securing Kittens’ Future

Brave Stray Cat Steps Into Crate Securing Kittens' Future

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Stray Cat Courageously Enters Crate for Safety, Ensuring a Brighter Future for Her Kittens


A selfless feline steps into an indoor life, ensuring her kitten’s access to care that she herself couldn’t offer.

On the bustling streets of Montreal, an unexpected chapter unfolded in the life of a young, pregnant cat. Found with a belly fit to burst, this brave mother-to-be chose safety and hope for her future kittens when she made the bold move to walk into a crate.

Stray to Safe Haven

An animal rescuer, serving the Montreal-based organization, Chatons Orphelins Montreal, was assisting community cats that had discovered sanctuary in a local resident’s backyard. Among them was this determined cat, later named Bellatrix, who astoundingly entered a crate set out by the rescuer, seemingly ready for an escape from her harsh street life.

Brave Stray Cat Steps Into Crate Securing Kittens' Future

“She was just a young cat with a belly bursting at the seams. She looked like she was about to give birth at any time,” shares Celine from Chatons Orphelins Montreal.

Welcome Home, Bellatrix

No time was wasted in accommodating Bellatrix to her new indoor life. Settling her into a cozy nursery at a foster home, her days quickly turned from scavenging scraps to relishing plentiful meals and snuggling into soft blankets.

Brave Stray Cat Steps Into Crate Securing Kittens' Future

A bit shy initially, Bellatrix soon warmed up to her new environment, soaking up all the affection and care she could get. Within a few days, Bellatrix welcomed three healthy, gray kittens into the world.

The Struggle for Survival

While Bellatrix showered her new family with all the love she could offer, things took a worrying turn when the kittens started losing weight. It was evident that Bellatrix, despite her best efforts, was unable to produce enough milk for her babies.

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Brave Stray Cat Steps Into Crate Securing Kittens' Future

“She was a wonderful mom, cleaning her babies, purring nonstop, but there was no milk, and she needed help,” said Celine.

Quick to act, volunteers began round-the-clock bottle feeding for the trio, stepping in to provide what Bellatrix could not. Bellatrix stayed involved, cleaning and caring for her kittens after their bottle meals, ensuring they received the best care possible.

Brave Stray Cat Steps Into Crate Securing Kittens' Future

Bouncing Back and Thriving

After a few days of supplemented feeding, Bellatrix’s milk production started to increase. This, coupled with the bottle feeding, resulted in the kittens gaining weight and strength. They quickly moved around their nest, showcasing their newfound energy.

“For the first two weeks of their lives, their mom didn’t have enough milk to feed them, but thanks to their foster family, they were able to thrive,” said Celine.

A Future of Freedom and Frolic

As the kittens, named Lunard, Patmol, and Cornedrue, grew, each developed their distinct personalities. From the curious Lunard, and the playful Patmol, to the laid-back Cornedrue, the house was filled with joyous mayhem.

Brave Stray Cat Steps Into Crate Securing Kittens' Future

Bellatrix, officially retired from motherhood, relishes her time doing what she loves – playing like a kitten and snuggling with her foster family. Secure in the knowledge of her kittens’ well-being, she will never again have to worry about food, shelter, or the hardships of life on the streets.

This story, a testament to the indomitable spirit of a mother’s love, and the generosity of a community, is a beacon of hope for many other stray cats waiting to be rescued.

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