7 Best Cat Collars for Cats That Hate Collars in 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

Cat Collars for Cats That Hate Collars

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Introducing 7 Best Cat Collars for Cats That Hate Collars


If you’ve ever struggled to put a collar on your feline friend only to see them wriggle out of it, you’re not alone. Many cats have an innate aversion to collars, making it a challenge for their owners to keep identification or safety tags on them. However, there’s hope for cat owners and their collar-averse companions.

In this informative article, we explore cat collars designed specifically for cats that hate collars. We’ll delve into the reasons why some cats despise wearing them and provide insights into choosing the right collar for your feline. Additionally, we answer common questions about these unique collars to help you and your cat find a harmonious collar-wearing solution.

Cat Collars for Cats That Hate Collars

Cats are notoriously finicky, even when it comes to collars. Sometimes kids may flat-out refuse to wear one. Sometimes they may just require a little time to adjust. Making the appropriate collar choice has an impact. Your cat could like wearing one collar but detest another.

In the event that a cat becomes lost, a collar may make it much easier for them to find their owners. Some cats won’t keep them on long enough to be effective, which is a concern.

Although it may seem laborious to go through trial and error to discover a collar that works for your cat, it is possible. We reviewed seven excellent collars for cats that detest collars in order to help you choose the finest one. These reviews can help you choose the product that your cat could really accept.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

BEST OVERALLWinner Frisco Spring Leaves Cat Collar Frisco Spring Leaves Cat Collar   Breakaway safety feature  Comfortable to wear  Easily Seen
BEST VALUESecond place Safe Cat Snag-Proof Collar Safe Cat Snag-Proof Collar   Small size  Affordable  Several color options
PREMIUM CHOICEThird place Blueberry Pet Personalized Cat Collar Blueberry Pet Personalized Cat Collar   Removable bowtie and fish charm  No need for ID tags  Thread color options
  Red Dingo Breakaway Kitten Collar Red Dingo Breakaway Kitten Collar   Breakaway  Cute design
  Country Brook Design Breakaway Cat Collar Country Brook Design Breakaway Cat Collar   Easy-to-spot design  Lightweight material  Breakaway clasp

The 7 Best Cat Collars for Cats That Hate Collars in 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

1. Frisco Spring Leaves Cat Collar — Best Overall

Frisco Spring Leaves Cat Collar

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Collar Width:  ⅜ inch
Collar Type:  Breakaway
Material:  Polyester, plastic

The Frisco Spring Leaves Cat Collar is our top pick for a cat collar for cats that detest wearing collars. The plastic closure’s edges are softened to prevent sticking into your cat’s neck and irritating them. As your cat develops, you may modify this collar to fit them both. The neck size range for this is 8 to 12 inches.

This collar has an optional bell, so you can take it off if your cat finds the sound annoying. The size is just right so that it can be seen readily without confining your cat. In the event that this collar catches or snags on anything, the breakaway mechanism allows it to be swiftly removed.

This collar is bright enough to be visible on cats of any color so it won’t be masked by your cat’s hair.

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  • Breakaway safety feature
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easily seen


  • Only fits cats over 8 pounds

2. Safe Cat Snag-Proof Breakaway Collar — Best Value

Safe Cat Snag-Proof Breakaway Collar

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Collar Width:  ⅜ inch
Collar Type:  Breakaway
Material:  Nylon

The Safe Cat Snag-Proof Breakaway Collar is our finest cat collar for the money for cats who detest wearing collars. Although it is a little collar, it will show others that your cat has a home. There is no separate ring for a tag, however an identifying tag may be fastened to the bell clasp with little effort. This collar probably won’t accommodate several tags. However, the breakaway function will keep your cat secure both inside and outside.

There are several collars available; choose the one that best matches your cat’s fashion. Cats who detest wearing collars will like the slim design. It’s possible that they won’t even realize it’s there. By cutting it off, the bell may be taken off.

This collar won’t be ripped or damaged thanks to its snag-proof construction. It is also resistant to being readily torn by your cat’s claws. Since the fabric is so smooth, the collar sometimes has a tendency to slide and relax, becoming too large. Over time, it has been known to just slide off cats.


  • Small size
  • Affordable
  • Several color options


  • May loosen over time
  • No place for a tag
  • Bell is difficult to remove

3. Blueberry Pet Personalized Cat Collar — Premium Choice

Blueberry Pet Personalized Cat Collar

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Collar Width:  ⅜ inch
Collar Type:  Breakaway
Material:  Polyester

The replaceable bowtie and fish charm are included with the Blueberry Pet Customized Cat Collar. These are entertaining possibilities, but they may not be accepted if your cat detests wearing collars. Because the collar allows for customisation, this item earns our top ranking.

Cats often loathe collars more than they really want anything hanging from them. With your cat’s details stitched on the fabric, this collar fixes that issue. Even the color of the thread may be selected! If your cat becomes lost, people won’t have to strain to see a little tag if you have the name and phone number of your cat prominently displayed. For safety, this collar incorporates a breakaway construction.


  • Removable bowtie and fish charm
  • No need for ID tags
  • Thread color options
  • Easily visible information


  • No bell

4.Red Dingo Breakaway Kitten Collar — Best for Kittens

Red Dingo Nylon Breakaway Kitten Collar

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Collar Width:  ⅓ inch
Collar Type:  Breakaway
Material:  Nylon

Our top recommendation for kitten collars is the Red Dingo Breakaway Kitten Collar. It is appropriate for kittens up to 3 pounds and is 6 to 10 inches long. The breakaway feature will protect inquisitive, intrepid kitties.

This collar is made further cuter by the inclusion of a fish-shaped closing clip. It includes a removable bell and is available in pink or blue. A ring for fastening an identity tag is also included.

As a safety measure, the collar is readily detachable, although there have been stories of kittens just pawing at the collar to loosen the clasp.


  • Breakaway
  • Cute design


  • May be removed easily
  • Latch doesn’t stay secure

5. Country Brook Design Breakaway Cat Collar

Country Brook Design Breakaway Cat Collar

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Collar Width:  ½ inch
Collar Type:  Breakaway
Material:  Polyester

The Country Brook Design Breakaway Cat Collar’s vibrant, attention-grabbing colors make it difficult to notice on any cat, regardless of coat color. Lightweight polyester webbing won’t bother or scrape your cat’s neck since it is smooth and comfy. That’s good news for cats that don’t enjoy wearing collars.

There is a breakaway clasp on this collar. Additionally, the bell is said to be loud. Some cat owners said that the jingling of their cats running around the house kept them awake at night. However, the bell may be taken off and the ring can be worn with an identifying tag in its place. It might also get looser over time as the cat moves while wearing it since this material is smooth and slick. If this occurs, it will need to be modified periodically.

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  • Easy-to-spot design
  • Lightweight material
  • Breakaway clasp


  • May loosen over time
  • Needs to be adjusted frequently

6. GoTags Nylon Personalized Cat Collar

GoTags Nylon Personalized Cat Collar

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Collar Width:  ½ inch
Collar Type:  Breakaway
Material:  Nylon

You may choose the ideal style for your cat from among five distinct colors and 14 thread color possibilities with the GoTags Personalized Cat Collar. There are no tags required for this collar, and the dangling bell may be taken off if your cat doesn’t like it.

Your cat may easily wear the smooth, non-snagging nylon material since it is nice and comfy. In any reclining posture, they may wear this collar without being troubled by it. Additionally, this breakaway collar is machine-washable, which is useful if your cat enjoys getting messy and spends a lot of time outside. The collar adjustable from 8 to 12 inches and can contain up to 21 characters.

If the collar’s character limit is reached, the writing may encroach on the buckle and become difficult to read. If the collar is set to the 8-inch size, it may be necessary to take it off the cat in order to read the information completely.


  • Different color options
  • No tags necessary
  • Bell can be removed


  • Text may be hard to read
  • Some collars may need to be removed to read them

7. Zee.Dog Gotham Polyester Cat Collar

Zee.Dog Gotham Polyester Cat Collar

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Collar Width:  ⅖ inch
Collar Type:  Breakaway
Material:  Polyester

On light-colored cats, this Zee.Dog Gotham Polyester Cat Collar in solid black looks shockingly bold and is sized to fit any cat. Utilizing a moist towel to clean the polyester is simple. It sports a rubber cat logo and is weatherproof. It is simple to include a tag for identification.

Your cat won’t feel constrained by the short and thin collar as they move, which reduces the likelihood that they’ll remember it’s there and become unhappy by it. But since it’s a breakaway collar, they may be able to free themselves from it by pawing at it.

This material may be harmed by cat claws if your cat is a frequent scratcher. An excessive amount of scraping may tear it off. Although the size of the collar should make it less obvious, if your cat detests collars, they can still attempt to take it off. Not as robust as some other collars, unfortunately.


  • Cool design
  • One size fits all
  • Weather-resistant material


  • Easily damaged by heavy scratching

Buyer’s Guide

Trying to keep a collar on a cat may be frustrating for cat owners; either the collar keeps falling off or sliding off, or the cat is so uncomfortable while wearing the collar that they are unable to unwind. If a cat has a microchip, you may be perplexed as to why they even need a collar. A veterinarian’s clinic or animal shelter may scan the microchip to provide the owner’s details. This necessitates that the animal be examined for a chip when someone brings it in. The issue is that when some people observe cats wandering about outdoors, they often assume that they are either outside cats or that they must reside nearby and be familiar with the area in order to go home. They are misidentified as wild or stray cats.

People will be aware that the cat is owned and has a place to live if it wears a collar. As opposed to trying to gather the cat and bring it to a shelter to be scanned, it is far simpler for someone to read the information on your cat’s tag or collar and phone you.

Both the collar and the microchip are crucial because even if the collar comes off, the microchip will always be there. The collar is simply the simplest, quickest method for reuniting missing cats with their owners.

Indoor Cats

Cats that live exclusively inside should wear collars to ensure their owners’ safety in the event of an escape and loss. You may attach identification and medical tags to the collar to let others know who your cat is and that they are current on their vaccines.

A collar may give your cat some personality if you’re certain that she won’t ever leave the house. You may mix and match the designs and patterns that look wonderful on your cat since there are so many options available.

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In order to assist you locate your cat within the home, many collars also have bells on them. This is particularly helpful if you have cats that prefer to hide.

How to Choose a Collar If Your Cat Hates Collars

Picky cats are common. We are aware of this, however collars are sometimes required. Make sure the collar is light and fits your cat properly for the greatest results in getting them to wear one. Some cats dislike feeling constrained. They may feel unpleasant if the collar is overly tight or hefty. Even worse, you could believe that your cat detests collars when in reality they only prefer a different style.

For cats to become acclimated to wearing anything, lightweight cloth that is not too tight around their necks is typically preferable. Two fingers should fit easily in the space between the collar and the cat’s neck.

The Bell

Bells on collars have many functions. For instance, they are used on indoor/outdoor cats who like roaming outdoors to alert animals to their presence. The cats’ ability to capture and often bring home prey creatures is restricted by the bells while they are out on their travels.

The bell does, however, sometimes enrage the cat. You may take away the bell for them if they are constantly attempting to grab it or shaking their heads to get rid of it. Some cats find it difficult to sleep soundly while the bell is ringing. When this happens, first check to see whether the issue is with the bell rather than the collar itself.


Brightly colored collars may be noticed by others readily, particularly if your cat has a dark coat. This is a question of taste. This will serve as a clear indication that your cat is housed. Because they can be spotted in the dark, reflective collars are another excellent option.

Skin Sensitivity

Some materials may create a response in your cat if they have sensitive skin. Your cat can be allergic to the collar if they are clawing at it and you see hair loss or inflamed skin around the neck. In this situation, hypoallergenic collars could be the best option.


Adorable collars include those with cloth bowties or hanging pendants. Your fancy cat could detest it even if they would look gorgeous in one of them. Your cat won’t be pleased if the ornamental collar is invading their personal space, preventing them from getting comfy, or obstructing their eyesight.

If your cat isn’t accustomed to wearing a collar, start off small. If your cat tolerates the lesser collars, you may gradually upgrade. Revert to the previous collar’s size if you discover that your cat is uncomfortable.


Cats may wear safe choices like breakaway collars. Cats are naturally inquisitive animals that like playing, jumping, and climbing. A collar might easily get tangled up on household furniture or objects during all of this activity. The collar may get entangled in shrubs or tree branches if the cat is outdoors.

If there is any resistance, the collars are intended to break apart. In particular, if you’re not home to supervise your cat, this will keep them secure. The collar could be on the floor when you get home, but your cat won’t be hurt.

Naturally, this also implies that your cat could be able to get a paw between the collar and their neck and snap it off on their own. But this is a little amount to pay for the security of your cat.

Kitten Collars

It will be much simpler to train your kitten to wear a collar as an adult if you start doing it while they are still very little. But when your cat grows, collars do not enlarge.

Keep this in mind, and while your cat is still developing, always make sure the collar fits properly. The collar can rapidly become too tight. Until your cat achieves their maximum development, it will need to be either altered or replaced entirely.

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Our top recommendation for cats that detest collars is the Frisco Spring Leaves Cat Collar. Although cozy and modest, it is nonetheless clearly visible. The Safe Cat Snag-Proof Breakaway Collar offers the finest value. It comes in a variety of colors, but there isn’t a practical spot to put an identifying tag. With a detachable bowtie and fish charm, the Blueberry Pet Personalized Cat Collar won’t irritate your cat. There is no need for a tag since the identification is embroidered directly into the fabric.

We sincerely hope that our reviews have assisted you in locating the ideal collar for your picky cat.

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Questions and Answers:



Why do some cats hate wearing collars?

Cats can be sensitive to foreign objects around their necks. Collars may trigger discomfort, anxiety, or a feeling of restriction, leading to aversion.


What makes cat collars for collar-hating cats different?

These collars are designed with lightweight, comfortable materials and secure closures to minimize irritation and ensure that cats can’t easily remove them.


Are there special considerations when choosing a collar for a collar-hating cat?

Yes, opt for breakaway or stretch collars that release if the cat gets caught. Gradual acclimation to wearing a collar is also essential.


What are the benefits of using a cat collar for a cat that hates collars?

Collars allow for identification, which is crucial if your cat gets lost. They can also hold safety tags and prevent birds or small wildlife from becoming a cat’s prey.


Can I train my cat to accept wearing a collar?

With patience and positive reinforcement, many cats can be trained to tolerate collars. Gradual introduction and rewarding good behavior can make the process smoother.

So, if your feline friend despises collars, don’t worry – there’s a solution that can keep your cat safe and comfortable while they roam and explore.




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