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As a pet parent, you would understand how critical it is for your furry children to consume adequate amounts of water. As a result, they remain hydrated, are less likely to contract urinary infection or kidney disease, and are generally healthier overall. A pet water fountain is a great option for cats who aren’t interested in drinking from a regular dish. Beyond providing your feline with a continuous source of flowing water, a drinking fountain should be easy to access, hygienic, and low-maintenance in order to be effective.

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Here is a list of the best eight cat water fountains in the market right now.

1. PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Multi-Pet Stainless Steel Dog and Cat Fountain

When it comes to cat drinking fountains, the PetSafe Drinkwell 360 stands head and shoulders above the rest of the field. A total of 128 ounces of water can be stored in this stylish product. A single cat, multiple cats, or even a dog will fit comfortably in this enclosure. You can provide your pet with continuous access to filtered water through the five spouts on the top of the container, which flows down the sides. By twisting the top of the bottle, you can easily adjust the flow.

Bacterial growth is inhibited by the high-quality stainless steel construction and the constant flow of water. If the electricity goes out, your cat will be able to drink from the open bowl because it is powered by a standard plug and outlet. The majority of the parts are dishwasher safe, so you can easily clean it if it starts to smell a little stale.

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2. Beacon Pet Cat Water Fountain

 Pet Fountain Cat Water Dispenser

If you’re on a tight budget, the Beacon Pet Cat Water Fountain is a great option. A sturdy, BPA-free material is used to construct this circular product, which is constructed of stainless steel. A total of three flow types are available: waterfall, bubble, and gentle fountain. It features an 81-ounce water capacity and three flow modes to choose from.

This feline drinking fountain also includes an LED indicator light, which is blue when the fountain is full of water and red when the fountain is empty. Cats are drawn to the hues, which increases their desire to drink. It’s very silent, thanks to a rotating filtration system that eliminates hair, food particles, and debris from the water supply.

3. PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Ceramic Fountain for Pets

Drinkwell Pagoda Pet Fountain

If you really want to spoil your cat, the PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda is a great option to consider. Water flows continuously from this beautiful square fountain, which has a capacity of 70 ounces and offers your cat clean, fresh water. This product, which is made of stylish glazed, high-density porcelain, is non-porous and naturally antibacterial in nature. It’s also simple to clean and can be washed in the dishwasher on the top rack.

The Drinkwell Pagoda is equipped with an activated carbon filter as well as a foam layer. This aids in ensuring that tap water tastes and smells nice while also eliminating hair and other impurities from the water. Additionally, the entire architecture of this water source is visually attractive.

4. Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Raindrop Fountain

Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain

If stainless steel is more your style, the Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain is a good choice. This gleaming stainless steel bowl is available in two sizes: 60 ounces and 96 ounces. In addition to using a changeable charcoal filter, it also provides a constant stream of fresh, aesthetically pleasing water for maximum hydration. The Raindrop Fountain has a natural resistance to germs and mould development, which makes it ideal for bathrooms. It’s also simple to clean and can be put in the dishwasher.

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5. Catit Flower Plastic Water Fountain

Catit Flower Water Fountain

The Catit Flower Plastic Cat Fountain, which has a small and adjustable design, is one of our favourites. There are three different flow modes. You may experiment with different streams, such as a faucet-like stream, bubbling, and a soothing stream, to see which your cat likes. In order to alter the flow of water to enable more or less streaming water, you must change the configuration of the floral fountain components.

The water in this pet drinking fountain is filtered via a triple-action filter that removes calcium, magnesium, dirt, and smells from it. Furthermore, since water does not collect at the bottom of the bowl, debris, dust, and hair do not accumulate in the water.

6. Veken Automatic Pet Fountain

 Veken Pet Fountain

In the event that you have more than one cat, the Veken Pet Fountain is the most suitable option. In addition to the water container, it comes with a sturdy silicone mat that helps to keep a high-traffic area dry and clean when there are a lot of pets. Water pours out of a flower-shaped spout at the top of the unit, similar to the Catit, in three different modes: waterfall, bubble, and gentle fountain.

A triple-filtration system with one cotton filter, one activated carbon filter, and one ion-exchange layer is included with the Veken Pet Fountain, and three replacement filters are included with your purchase. Cat drinking fountains are very quiet, and this one has a pump that will endure for a long time and use very little energy.

7. HoneyGuaridan Pet Fountain

HoneyGuaridan Smart Cat Water Fountain

The majority of cat water fountains are driven by electricity, but if you’re looking for a battery-operated alternative, the HoneyGuaridan Pet Fountain is a good choice. Due to the fact that it is powered by an 18650 battery (which is not included), this transparent thermoplastic device is flexible, portable, and useful even when the power is out. Because it comes with a dual-power adapter, you can also use it with a normal wall outlet.

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This drinking fountain is equipped with an integrated pump as well as a circulating filtration system that efficiently removes pet hair, grime, dust, and food particles from the water it circulates. In addition, you’ll get a replacement carbon filter, which will keep the water smelling and tasting great for longer.

8. Cepheus 360 Ceramic Pet Fountain

Cepheus 360 Ceramic Pet Fountain, Advanced Porcelain Cat Water Fountain

Another noteworthy choice is the Cepheus 360 Pet Fountain, which is available in two sizes. Its round, riveted ceramic shape is evocative of a creme brulee ramekin, and it comes in a variety of colours. A total of three free-falling streams will tempt your cat to drink from this cat fountain, which holds up to 70 ounces of water.

Ceramic is a naturally robust and scratch-resistant material that is also environmentally beneficial. It may be cleaned with a damp towel, or it can be dismantled for a more thorough cleaning. This drinking fountain is also very quiet, thanks to the fact that it operates on low voltage.

What to Look for in a Cat Water Fountain

Ease of use

Setup, filling, and cleaning certain water dispensers are less difficult to do than others. Consider whether or whether the dispenser makes use of filters, how often they must be changed, and what measures must be taken to keep it clean. While some may be dishwasher-safe, others may need to be washed manually.


If you want to put your dispenser in an area where others can hear it, sound may be an important consideration. Some individuals like the sound of trickling water, while others, especially those with sensitive hearing, may prefer a model that is more silent. Aside from the sound of the water, pay attention to the sound of the fountain’s motor, which may be very loud in certain cases.


When choosing a water fountain, the number of cats you have and the size of those cats are important considerations. Some are adjustable, have several levels to accommodate cats of different sizes, or have a larger water volume to accommodate many cats at once.


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