9 Easy Ways to Get Pet Hair Out of Your Carpet

Get Pet Hair Out of Your Carpet

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9 Easy Ways to Get Pet Hair Out of Your Carpet


Dealing with pet hair embedded in your carpet can be a challenging task, especially for pet owners. Whether you have a cat or a dog, those pesky fur strands have a knack for sticking around.

In this article, we’ll explore some simple yet effective ways to tackle this common pet-related issue, leaving your carpet clean and hair-free.

As much as they adore the adorable tiny nudgings, cuddles, and warm kisses from their pets, pet owners should always be prepared to accept the inconveniences that come along with having a pet. But if only carpets didn’t have fur on them! Pet hair sheds, and it will definitely find its way into the carpets.

While you may take care in cleaning your house often, you must admit that it may be stressful to remove hair and filth from a carpet. Fortunately, there are several DIY solutions available to use on almost any disaster during the carpet cleaning binge to make things simpler.

The 9 Ways to Remove Pet Hair From Your Carpet

The nicest thing about cleaning a carpet covered in pet hair is that sometimes ordinary detergents and solvents will do the trick. You may have an easier time removing fur, whether short or long, out of your carpet with only a few materials and this list of tried-and-true pet hair removal methods.

1. Lint Rollers

The essential equipment for removing cat and dog hair from carpets is a lint roller. Lint rollers will do the job whether it’s a regular cleaning day or the dreaded shedding season.

This cheap instrument includes layers of sheets that peel off, revealing a fresh adhesive sheet with each usage.

Unwrap the sheet, throw it away, and use a fresh one when the lint roller is no longer sticky. Once filled, roll the sheet and take it off to get rid of the dirt.

2. Rubber Gloves

Do you want to clean your carpet without using chemicals? The pricey carpet cleaners now on the market may be avoided using rubber gloves. Additionally, a latex glove may be used to clean your carpet; it requires no extra cleaning equipment, just like regular rubber gloves from the cleaning aisle.

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The static electricity produced by rubber gloves makes it easier for carpet hair to adhere to the glove on the hand.

Here’s how to remove pet hair off carpet using rubber gloves:

Put on the rubber glove and get ready to massage your hands all over the rug as you become flirtatious with your carpet. The particles of hair and lint will be lifted and adhere to the glove due to the static energy produced by the friction between the hand and the carpet.

Put your hands in water before beginning to scrub the carpet, and then massage it well. The hair will be lifted from the carpet by the moist glove and made to adhere there. But be careful to massage just in one direction to assist gather a mass of hair in a typical location.

Rinse off the gloves by dipping the hand in a hot water basin, then collect the accumulated hair and dispose of it elsewhere. The gloves’ hair will come off and float away. Continue doing this until all of the hair has been removed from the carpet.

3. Fabric Softener

Yes, it isn’t always necessary to use costly cleaning agents. You just need water, standard fabric softener that you use for washing, a spray bottle, a vacuum, or a brush. The steps are listed below for your reference.

Make a water and liquid fabric softening solution. In a spray bottle, combine water and fabric softener.

Lightly mist the carpet with the solution. A little dab of the solution on the cloth will suffice; just be cautious not to spray too much.

Allow the solution to dry for a few minutes. If you’ve misted the area lightly, it shouldn’t take too long.

Pet hair that has a tendency to stick to surfaces may be easily vacuumed or brushed out of fabrics with the help of a fabric softener.

4. Carpet Rakes

By combing into the carpet, this broom-like instrument finds even the most submerged pet hair with ease. Additionally, it features a long handle that eliminates the necessity for bending over while cleaning.

With each stroke, the rake’s head’s small metal or plastic pins penetrate the carpet’s fibers deeply, drawing and trapping hair from the rug. How to use a carpet rake is as follows:

Make sure the handle is set and the head is clean.

Set the handle at an ergonomic operating height.

Short, gentle strokes are used to draw the cloth down as you push the head against the rug and rug. If the carpet has lengthy strands, you may pull upward with longer strokes.

Once you feel the fur is removed, clean a tiny area before moving on to the next location.

Once the head is covered with hair, remove the buildup from the rake and throw it away.

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5. Hair Brushes

When removing the elusive pet hair strands from carpet, a brushing comes in helpful. Make sure to brush using a brush that has hard metal bristles.

Use a variety of brushing stroke lengths and orientations to ensure that you are going deep into the carpet’s fibers. The pet hair lumps that develop should be hand-picked from the common gathering location that all the strokes should lead to.

The bristles on your brush will sometimes get clogged and stuck with fur. As a result, you may need to pause brushing sometimes to remove the hair strands. Till no more hair is stuck on the brush, brush again.

6. Rubber Squeegees

Yes, you’re correct. The same technique used to squeegee windows may be used on carpets. The rubber component of a squeegee attracts hair, therefore it works well in removing loads of tenacious pet hair from rugs.

Hair is pulled and adhered to the tool by a magnetic effect caused by friction between the rubber and the rug’s fabric. To prevent bending your back or knees when cleaning a carpet, use a long-handled brush squeegee. All that is left to do is lower the window method to your floor.

How to use a squeegee is as follows:

Apply a little pressure as you drag the squeegee along the carpet in your direction. Make sure you do it in segments. Even while it could involve work, the difficulty is worthwhile. The pet hair will be removed from the cloth by the rubber by pulling out balls of fur like tumbleweed.

The rubber will dislodge any entrenched hair, enabling you to remove any hair clumps that form after a few strokes. Continue until all of the pet hair is removed.

To remove clumps of sticky fur or hair from carpet, use a vacuum cleaner.

7. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a simple ingredient that you may find in your kitchen, unlike other improbable pet hair removal methods. A vacuum cleaner and a sachet of baking soda are all you need.

Start by lightly dusting your carpet with baking soda and letting it rest for a few minutes. Now thoroughly vacuum the rug to remove the hair strands. Baking soda not only deodorizes the carpet but also aids in removing pet hair from the rug’s fibers.

Alternately, try using baking soda and then a fantastic enzyme cleanser.

8. Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaners

Most pet owners are unaware that ordinary vacuum cleaners cannot remove pet hair. Unfortunately, the easiest way to ruin a decent vacuum brush is to suction pet hair with an ordinary vacuum cleaner. The fine furs might entangle themselves around the vacuum brush bristles and prevent the brush from rolling over the rug as it should, which is the reason.

The good news is that there are specialist vacuum cleaners for pet hair designed for this purpose. They can remove pet hair without clogging the system since they have the proper suction and filters.

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One of the top pet hair vacuum cleaners is the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Corded Handheld Vacuum. Here is the vacuuming technique you should use for the best results:

Being slow and sure is the greatest strategy for getting the cleaned carpet. Start at the far border of your carpet and move the vacuum forward in a straight line. Pull the machine in a straight path back towards you. The rug’s fibers will be lifted by the up-and-down action, exposing the hair strands below.

After using the up-and-down action, turn 90 degrees and run the machine side by side to thoroughly clean your carpet. Any leftover fur that you may have missed the first time will be suctioned with the additional effort.

The canister may get clogged with the fine hair strands. Cleaning the brushes will enable them to collect each and every hair on your carpet. Additionally, you’ll avoid repeatedly traveling over the same areas.

9. Professional Carpet Cleaners

You may get assistance from professional carpet cleaners if you believe that your DIY efforts have been ineffective. They have the right tools and environmentally friendly chemicals that completely eliminate any possible health risks.


Because dogs and carpets interact so often, cleaning the carpets is essential in addition to de-furring the rest of the home. But when it comes to getting pet hair out of carpets, the size and composition may make anybody feel like they’re on the ropes.

The game-changer, though, might be something as simple as the baking powder you already have in your cupboard, fabric softener, a squeegee, or even rubber hand gloves. If none of the instruments works well, you might hire expert carpet cleaners to finish the job.

The important line is that you can prevent hair from getting into your carpet and house by employing basic DIY methods and affordable materials.

Questions and Answers About Removing Pet Hair from Carpets:


Why does pet hair stick to carpets so stubbornly?

Pet hair tends to cling to carpets due to static electricity and the texture of the carpet fibers. It can be particularly challenging to remove because it weaves itself into the carpet’s fabric.


What is the most effective tool for removing pet hair from carpets?

A vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction and a specialized pet hair attachment or brush is the most effective tool for removing pet hair from carpets. These attachments are designed to loosen and lift pet hair from the carpet’s surface and deep within the fibers.


Can I use a lint roller to remove pet hair from carpets?

Yes, lint rollers are handy for quickly removing surface pet hair from carpets. However, they may not be as effective at getting hair deep within the carpet. Use them for a quick touch-up or for small areas.


Are there any homemade solutions for removing pet hair from carpets?

Yes, you can create a homemade solution using a mixture of water and liquid fabric softener. Lightly mist the solution onto the carpet and then use a rubber squeegee or a damp sponge to collect the hair. Rinse the carpet afterward to remove any residue.


How can I prevent pet hair from accumulating on my carpet?

Regular grooming of your pets can significantly reduce shedding and, consequently, the amount of hair deposited on your carpet. Additionally, using washable pet blankets or covers on furniture where your pets sit can help contain loose hair.




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