How Much Does a Sun Conure Cost? (2023 Price Guide)

Sun Conure Cost

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How Much Does a Sun Conure Cost?


The cost of owning a Sun Conure, a vibrant and affectionate parrot species, encompasses various aspects. This guide explores the factors influencing the price of Sun Conures, helping prospective bird enthusiasts understand the expenses associated with these charming and colorful feathered companions.

Sun Conure Cost

The medium-sized, vividly colored sun conure, also known as the sun parakeet, will look stunning in any setting. The men and females have similar appearances and like living together. Keep reading as we examine the purchase price as well as one-time and ongoing costs you may anticipate to assist you to make an educated choice if you’d want to buy one of these birds but are uncertain about the cost of ownership.

Bringing Home a New Sun Conure: One-Time Costs

The cage will probably be your greatest outlay if this is your first bird. A water bottle, a food dish, and at least three perches are necessities for your bird’s cage. Although these materials might cost up to $150, you only need to purchase them once.


The sun conure, regrettably, is not like a stray cat that has a huge litter of free kittens that you may adopt. You must get one from a breeder or pet shop since this gorgeous bird is in great demand. Nevertheless, pet supplies are wonderful presents, so you’ll probably spend less on your bird around the holidays.



Sun conures may be noisy, need a lot of care, and can be destructive if their owners don’t know how to manage them. Unfortunately, many novice bird owners don’t give enough consideration to what it’s like to keep a sun conure and end up taking their bird to the shelter. Because the shelter is often eager to free up resources, it may provide you with significant discounts. Before you visit a breeder or pet shop, we advise visiting all of the nearby shelters to see if they have a sun conure.

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You should expect to pay between $200 and $800 for a sun conure if you purchase it from a pet shop or breeder rather than a local animal shelter, but you have the benefit of getting a younger bird and, in some circumstances, documentation of a health guarantee. They may settle into your house more easily than a person who has lived in another home or in a shelter because they are younger.

Initial Setup and Supplies


Since there aren’t many supplies you need after the habitat is set up, your initial setup and supply expenses will be comparable to your one-time fee. The only other items you need are food, millet treats, calcium cuttlebone treats, and a mineral block. Although bird supplies often come in large bundles that may last a long time, you will still need to replace the food and treats as necessary.

List of Sun Conure Care Supplies and Costs

ID Tag and Collar $10 – $15
X-Ray Cost $70 – $100
Ultrasound Cost $250 – $500
Microchip $45 – $150
Bed/Tank/Cage $70 – $130
Nail Clipper (optional) $5 – $15
Mirror $10 – $25
Cage Cover $15 – $25
Cage Liner $30 – $55
Food and Water Bowls $5 – $15

How Much Does a Sun Conure Cost Per Month?

$10–$35 per month

When all of your materials and supplies are bought, the only things you’ll need to buy for your sun conure on a monthly basis are treats to ensure that your pet is receiving enough calcium and food, which is available in huge, affordable bags.

Health Care

$5–$20 per month

Your sun conure won’t need much medical attention until it becomes unwell and simply needs annual checks to ensure everything is in working order. Otherwise, you should only see a veterinarian if your bird exhibits odd behavior or goes for extended periods of time without eating.


$5 –$15 per month

To ensure that your sun conure receives the finest nutrition possible, most experts advise feeding it a high-quality bird pellet combination. Along with a tiny amount of fruit, you will also add leafy vegetables like broccoli and kale. The pellet mix, which often comes in bulk bags that will last for a long, should make up roughly 70% of your bird’s diet.

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$5–$15 per month

Creating a conducive atmosphere that enables your sun conure to do the necessary tasks on their own is the main way to promote their grooming. This bird enjoys bathing, so if you provide a clean water supply, it will take a bath to wash off any dirt.

Different sized perches will assist your bird keep its nails trimmed and mirror its natural surroundings, while a soft wooden bird toy will help your bird have a healthy beak. 

Medications and Vet Visits

$5–$15 per month

As we already indicated, your sun conure will seldom need to see the vet and will only need to take a little amount of medicine. Only if your bird develops a parasite infection or begins plucking at its feathers, which is an indication of a medical issue, will you require treatment. A high-stress environment may impair your pet’s immune system, and certain birds can develop colds if they are in a draft.

Pet Insurance

$5–$25 per month

Unfortunately, finding insurance for birds is far more difficult than it is for cats or dogs. Having said that, you may be shocked to learn that reputable insurance providers like Nationwide provide bird insurance. If an accident or unanticipated sickness happens, insurance may be able to save your pet’s life. Unexpected medical costs may be greater than you can afford for many individuals, forcing you to euthanize the animal or worse. But with pet insurance, you can afford these costs and maintain your pet’s health.

Environment Maintenance

$5–$25 per month

After you’ve established your habitat, maintenance expenses will be relatively cheap; you’ll only need to pay a few dollars each month to repair worn-out perches or other broken objects. There will often be some forewarning, such as loud squawking, before your bird becomes disruptive and damages the items in its cage if it feels neglected.

Cage bottom liners $20/month
Deodorizing spray or granules $5/month
Wooden perches $5/month


$5–$30 per month

You won’t need to provide your solar conure with a lot of fun. There isn’t much else your pet needs, but being with you will make it the happy. While some owners prefer to include mirrors, wooden puzzles will help maintain your bird’s beak in shape, and some will provide your bird with a nutritious snack, you must keep an eye on your pet to ensure that they don’t put on weight, which might cause health issues later in life.

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Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Sun Conure

$30–$60 per month

As we have indicated, once you have the environment set up, maintaining the health of your bird won’t cost anything. To help keep your pet amused while you are at work, you will just need to buy food, treats, and the odd treat.

Additional Costs to Factor In

You will need to get a sun conure sitter if you like taking vacations. Even while you could discover hotels that welcome them and airlines that will transport them, we advise keeping these birds at home since they don’t travel well. If there is no one you can rely on to look after your pet while you’re away, you can generally board them at a nearby kennel for around $50 per day.

Owning a Sun Conure on a Budget

The greatest strategy to save expenses when getting a solar conure is to seek a secondhand cage that you can buy second-hand. It’s not difficult to locate someone offering a cage at a large discount since the majority of cages live far longer than the bird they contain. Many of these cages will also include additional starter materials that you require.

Saving Money on Sun Conure Care

Maintaining a nutritious diet for your bird without eating too many fatty foods that might make your pet gain weight is the greatest approach to reducing the cost of sun conure maintenance. Because these birds are sensitive to screaming and loud sounds, keep the atmosphere as stress-free as you can. If the situation persists for too long, it may lead your pet to develop an anxiety condition that might negatively impact its health. Additionally, your bird needs a lot of care and, if left alone, may get anxious and perhaps destructive, messing up its cage.


We really hope you have enjoyed and gained insight from our examination of the sun conure. These birds are amiable, like strutting their stuff, and have such vibrant colors that it’s difficult to look away from them. Once you have everything set up, your monthly expenditures will be relatively minimal, and you just need a few dollars each month to take proper care of your bird.

The initial cost of the pet and your one-time purchases may exceed $1,000. Please spread the word about our Sun Conure tutorial on Facebook and Twitter if we have persuaded you to give one of these birds a try in your house.

Questions & Answers:



What is the typical price range for a Sun Conure?

Sun Conures are commonly priced between $400 to $800, but factors such as age, color mutations, and breeder reputation can influence the cost.


What are the ongoing expenses of owning a Sun Conure?

Beyond the initial purchase, you should budget for ongoing expenses like high-quality bird food, toys, cage maintenance, and regular avian veterinary care.


Are there cost variations for different Sun Conure color mutations?

Yes, the price can vary based on the color mutations. Rarer mutations may be more expensive than the typical yellow and orange coloration.


What should I consider when buying a Sun Conure to ensure a healthy bird?

When purchasing a Sun Conure, look for reputable breeders or consider adopting from a rescue organization. Ensure the bird is in good health and has been well-socialized.


Are there any unexpected costs associated with Sun Conure ownership?

While many costs are predictable, be prepared for unforeseen expenses, such as emergency veterinary care, which can occur in the lifetime of your Sun Conure.




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