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The Best Heat Lamps For Dogs In 2021 - Fumi Pets

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Heat lamps for dogs are basic necessities that dog owners must consider for the protection and security of their beloved pets. Heating lights are a cost-effective alternative to more permanent and long-term options such as dog house heaters or insulated winter kennels.

Small animals, especially dogs, may have a difficult time in the winter. Warmth lights for kennels and coops are required throughout the year to keep tiny animals warm. It is necessary for their health and happiness. This is particularly true for puppies and other cold-blooded animals that need a secondary source of heat in their cages. To control their body temperatures, they need heat lamps.

Certain safety precautions should be addressed while using heating lights for pets. To begin with, the lightbulbs should never be placed too near to the animal. This eliminates the possibility of a fire or excessive heat. In addition, if the excessive heat causes your furry friend to get anxious, the light should be turned off. However, before doing so, make sure the temperature is bearable.

What are heat lamps for dogs?

Infrared bulbs are encased in a lamp shell to create heat lamps. They’re designed to keep a puppy or dog warm. A heating light bulb for dogs should ideally be placed within a dog home or kennel; it regulates the temperature of the space, keeping the dog warm, safe, and comfortable.

During the winter, dog kennel heating lights are very helpful. These lamps are particularly useful for dogs and pups that have a strong sensitivity to cold or who are recuperating from an illness and need additional warmth.

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Choosing a Kennel Heat Lamp

A dog home heat lamp should be purchased with caution, and the following elements and considerations should be considered:

Amount of Heat Emitted

When selecting a lamp, the quantity of heat radiated is an important aspect to consider. In a well-insulated dog kennel, a typical 150-watt light may increase the temperature to between 5° and 30° Fahrenheit. The optimum figure will be determined by your dog house’s installation and other factors. A 100-watt bulb can heat an area of 4 to 5 cubic feet.

It’s advisable to look for companies that make lights in a variety of sizes. The amount of heat emitted should be as great as feasible. It is critical, however, to verify that the bulb does not produce any light.

Presence of Safety Features

Your dog should never be harmed by a dog house light. Make sure the heat lamp you purchase has safety features like a grid and an auto cutoff. If you’re searching for an outdoor heat light, be sure it can withstand the elements on windy or wet days.

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Your dog will not come into touch with the light because of the grid function. The heat light will switch off when the optimum temperature is achieved, thanks to an auto-shutoff function.

If you’re using wired heating lamps, make sure they’re mounted high enough that they can’t be rolled on, accessed, or touched by your pet. In addition, your dog home should be close to a power source, with any cables tucked away. Test the heat lamp for a few nights before letting your dog sleep in his/her kennel with it on as a precaution.

Cordless Vs. Corded

Pet heating lights may be cordless or have a cable connected. Although cordless heat lamps are safer, corded heat lamps are more popular since they are simpler to instal. You must keep these cables away from your dog in order to ensure that they are safe for them.

In an ideal world, you’d place the light high up so that any wires are far away from your furry friend. All cables should be covered and protected. This will keep your dog from chewing them and will also protect them from the elements outdoors.

Anti-Chew Cord

No matter how hard you try to keep the cables away from your dog, they will sometimes break free or move from their original position. This may encourage your dog to chew and play with the cable. Some kinds of corded heating lamps for dogs include an anti-chew cable, which removes any potential electrical risks from chewing. Even with these anti-chew cables, you should keep your cords covered at all times, particularly if your dog is a voracious chewer.

You must examine both the actual heat-emitting bulb and the bulb housing independently when selecting a heat lamp for your dog. Most items come with both of these, however, they may also be purchased individually. When both components are worn out, they must be replaced.

The Top 5 Best Dog Heat Lamps

Here are some of the finest dog house heat lights to consider purchasing.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

1. Ceramic Heat Emitter

This ceramic heat emitter from Zoo Med is one of the most effective heating lights available. This heat emitter, which comes in 60W, 100W, and 150W versions, will keep your dog warm all day and last up to 5 years. It’s an excellent source of heat, particularly for terrariums with high humidity levels. It is also UL/cUL categorised when used with other Zoo Med medicines. The device comes with an LF-10 wire cage clamp and should only be used with a porcelain socket.

This heat emitter functions similarly to a bulb, with the difference that it does not produce light, which consumers generally prefer. It is simple to set up and install; just screw it in and turn it on. This heater emits infrared rays with a short wavelength that keep your pet warm and comfortable.

This emitter is totally safe and has no health risks when all safety requirements are followed. While the price is a little more, the investment is justified owing to the product’s extended lifespan. Keep in mind that this heat emitter is only for indoor usage, and it may cause the air to dry up, so keep an eye on the humidity levels.

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2. Zilla Premium Reflector Domes

Zilla’s premium reflector domes are some of the most distinctive and innovatively built dog kennel heat lights on the market. This dome is unique in that it has a ceramic fixture that can accommodate both incandescent heat bulbs and heat emitters up to 150 watts. Another wonderful feature is the reflecting surface, which helps to direct as much heat and light as possible towards your pet.

The on/off switch is conveniently located next to the fixture, and the kit includes a clip for quick light change. It’s ideal for synchronising with lighting timers to mimic your pet’s natural cycle. Because the power cable is approximately 6-foot long, you can keep it out of reach of your furry friend. The dome, on the other hand, is held firmly in place by the spring clip.

It’s simple to fit with a variety of lights, and the powder-coated black on the exterior and reflective white on the interior adds to the product’s already long life. The item comes with a one-year guarantee, and user evaluations indicate that it is well-liked.

3. Zacro Heat Lamp With Thermometer

As far as dog kennel light heaters go, this one is a beast. This lamp is a one-of-a-kind item that provides 24-hour heat for canines, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and hamsters of all sorts. The thermometer is unquestionably the most eye-catching feature of this light. Thermodynamic efficiency is up to 99 percent. This heat lamp does not produce any light, making it safe for your pet and ensuring that they do not wake up when sleeping.

This heat lamp’s ceramic is sturdy and capable of radiating a significant quantity of heat. Another popular characteristic is the flat-faced form, which is much more efficient than the conical shape. The latter design generates an excessive amount of heat, while the former is more durable.

Customers adore this product because of its strength and durability. It’s worth noting that this light should only be used with the ceramic E27 socket. When used with a plastic E27 socket, the lamp holder is more likely to melt, posing an electrical danger.

4. Premier Heat Lamp for Dogs

This Premier Prima heat lamp, also known as the Prima heat lamp, is a fantastic all-around device that delivers a lot of heat while being very safe. The Prima’s greatest feature is undoubtedly its hanging mechanism. It’s important to know that this product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor dogs. The device comes with a vented chimney design that helps to improve heat displacement. This product is durable since the plastic is reinforced with glass, giving it an increased resilience to extreme temperatures and grumpy animals.

The grid attachment is a well-thought-out extra feature that protects the bulb from your pet. The anti-chew spring wire cable serves a similar function. With a 9-inch diameter, 15-inch length, and 16-inch chord, some people think the lamp is a bit too large. It is, however, equally beneficial not just for pups, but also for ill and cold poultry and ducks. Use a conventional or infrared heat bulb that is less than 250 watts for safety.

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5. Chicken Coop Heater

This one is excellent for tiny animal homes and, in particular, chicken coops. This item is efficient in quickly heating up the dog house or kennel, and it only uses 200 watts of power, saving you money. However, there are no bulbs or lights to change, thus the device is very safe.

This heater is more simple to mount and instal than you may think. The big on/off switch on this ELT approved zero-clearance device may be operated with your finger due to a handy in-cord switch. Customers like the built-in thermostat and reduced noise emissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the dangers of hypothermia and frostbites, dog owners are particularly worried about their pets’ well-being during the winter months. We discovered that owners had a lot of questions and concerns regarding heating lamps, so we’ve compiled a list of all of them below.

What is the safest heat temperature for a Dog House?

The safe temperature for most dogs is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Dog house heat lamps come in a variety of sizes, each with its own power and potential. Even in the coldest weather, a typical 250-watt heat lamp can produce 95°F of heat, which is plenty to keep your furry friends warm and safe.

However, the temperature must be monitored and adjusted on a regular basis to ensure that it does not get too hot for your dog. The best option is a heated light with a thermostat. It’s important to keep an eye on the temperature and establish a comfortable benchmark for your dog while utilising your dog home heat lamp for the first few days.

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How Do I install heat lamps in Dog Houses?

Because most heat lamps are electric and corded, you’ll need a power source near to the dog home or kennel to instal one. For UL/cUL certification, you’ll also need a clamp light and a porcelain incandescent socket. The clamp should include an on/off switch as well as a cable that connects to the power outlet.

The remainder of the installation is straightforward, and most items will provide an installation guide and instructions that must be carefully followed. The heat lamps’ structural architecture may differ depending on the manufacturer, but the fundamental installation procedure stays the same.

Are Kennel Heat Lamps Safe?

Yes, dog kennel heating lights are safe for your pet. However, you must still adhere to some fundamental safety precautions. All heat lamps (particularly those with electric cables) must be placed at a specific height to keep them out of your furry friend’s reach. It’s preferable if the cord is anti-chew since this eliminates any potential health risks.

Can I use a heat lamp for Dogs outdoor?

Yes, an outside heat light may be used to keep pets warm outdoors. These lights will keep your pet warm just as effectively. The majority of outdoor heat lamps are cordless, and their heat dissipation is efficient, making them a desirable buy. Safety measures should be observed at all times. Another option is to purchase a heated outside kennel.

Are there heat lamps for puppies?

There are heat lights for pups, of course. The ceramic heat emitter and Deluxe heat lamps are heat lamp types designed specifically for puppies and small animals. Dog house heat lamps for puppies provide the necessary heat but do not produce any light, which may harm or damage your puppy’s eyes. So that there are no electrical dangers, the installation should be done with extra caution.


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