Do Huskies Get Along with Cats? – Tips and Everything You Need to Know – Fumi Pets

Do Huskies Get Along with Cats – Tips and Everything you need to know - Fumi Pets

Huskies are magnificent dogs that were bred to run through the icy tundras of the north. They have lovely furs, lovely blue eyes, and a lot of energy. They are adored by dog lovers all over the world. What about cat lovers, though? Will a Husky and a cat get along if you have one? I researched this question and am happy to report that I have some answers for dog and cat lovers.

So, do Huskies and cats get along? 

Huskies have strong survival and predator instincts, making them difficult to socialise with small animals, such as cats. While a Husky raised with other small dogs can get along fine, if you want your Husky to live with a cat, you’ll need to train them and keep an eye on them.

Don’t worry if this has made you reconsider your desire to get your little kitten a beautiful Husky companion. There are numerous methods for acclimating cats and Huskies to each other. If you want to learn more, keep reading to discover why Huskies and small animals can get along.

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How to Make Huskies Like Cats

Huskies are pack animals, and their personalities are often intelligent and stubborn. When they come into contact with cute little animals like cats, hamsters, squirrels, bunnies, and so on, they become more predatory. They get along with most other dog breeds, but what about cats?

At the very least, not naturally. To make a dent in the Husky’s “I’m-bigger-and-badder” mentality, it will take training and getting these two very different animals used to each other.

Here are seven suggestions for acquainting Huskies to living with cats: 

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1. Get them started when they’re young. “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” as the saying goes. For Huskies, it’s pretty accurate. While these dogs are usually well-trained, they will take some time to get used to cats and will only be successful if they are started young. If you have a cat and want to get a Siberian Husky, consider getting a puppy.

2. Gradually acclimate your Husky. Bringing home a baby Husky will be a lot of fun for everyone… except for the house’s small animals, such as your cat. Your brand-new Husky is probably sending out vibes like, “I’m going to eat you, little kitty,” which is why the cat is a little jittery. Begin by allowing the cat and Husky to cross paths for short periods of time. First, monitor for about five minutes, then supervise for another ten minutes or so, and so on. It’s critical to give them time to unwind in each other’s company.

3. Exercise your Husky beforehand. Huskies are known for their high levels of activity. This is due to their breeding for running and pulling sleds, as well as staying warm in snowy climates. Even if your new Husky isn’t trying to be rough, if it comes into contact with your cat, it could injure the little furball.

Before allowing the animals to have a run-in, take your Husky for a brisk walk, let him run outside, play fetch, or give him some other exercise.

4. Keep them apart as much as possible. It may sound simple, but some new Husky owners with cats believe that the more time the animals spend together, the more comfortable they will become. That isn’t entirely correct. Each animal should have their own sleeping area, eating area, and different places to use the doggy or cat bathroom. It’s for the best because cats have large bubbles and Huskies are dogs who are territorial.

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5. Keep the Husky well fed. I believe you understand why. If your adorable Siberian Husky gets really hungry one day, and your long-time feline friend is extra lethargic and chubby that day, that poor cat is bound to cross a line somewhere, and Mr. Husky will be chasing that cat for dinner. Maintain a healthy diet for both animals. They, too, get hungry.

6. Give both the cat and the dog your attention. Cats enjoy being noticed, even if they don’t always show it. Dogs, on the other hand, act as if they are. Huskies require a lot of attention and playtime. Plan on spending at least an hour a day with your Husky if you’re used to spending an hour or so with your kitten pal. If the cat starts to get more playtime, they’ll become jealous and territorial.

7. Continue to keep an eye on things. While these suggestions are excellent for allowing Huskies and cats to get along, exercise caution for the time being. Even after your Husky has matured and your cat has grown accustomed to the big, adorable blue-eyed dog that passes by every now and then, it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on them. It’s a little easier if the dog is an outside dog and the cat is a house cat, but supervision is always a good idea.

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Is it Possible for Huskies and Cats to Be Friends?

While you shouldn’t expect this to happen right away, Huskies and cats do sometimes get along. This is most likely due to a personality trait in both the dog and the cat that makes them more tolerant than other members of their breed, but it is certainly possible.

A group (or pack) of pet Huskies once rescued a cat and adopted it into their pack, treating it as one of their own, according to ABC News.

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It’s satisfying to see these adorable cases, but it’s not always the case. You can train your Husky to like (or at least tolerate) your pet cat with careful guidance and constant monitoring.

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Huskies and Other Small Animals

Huskies, for the most part, will take some time to adjust to any small pets. Cats, bunnies, hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, chinchillas, birds (if they’re out of their cage), and ferrets are all animals it will chase and try to eat/play with. Huskies aren’t fond of reptiles in general, but they don’t usually pursue them.

Most of these animals can be tolerated by Huskies if they are allowed to interact with them gradually. If you have a cute little bunny and want a Husky with a beautiful coat to take sweet Instagram pictures of them together (because who wouldn’t if they owned both? ), it will likely take some time to train the Husky to like the bunny. That’s how these dogs operate, and we must respect that.

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Related Questions:

Is it possible for Huskies to be allergic to cats? 

Pet-to-pet allergies can occur in extremely rare circumstances, but they must be diagnosed by a veterinarian. Sneezing, itching, swelling in certain parts of the face, hives, and even vomiting are all symptoms of Husky allergies. If you suspect your Husky is allergic to your cat, or vice versa, consult a veterinarian for a diagnosis and, in the meantime, keep both pets clean and separated.

Are Huskies and small dog breeds compatible?

Huskies, in general, get along well with other dogs, despite being very excitable and possibly playing rough. If you want to get a small dog or puppy and introduce it to an adult Husky, you’ll need to keep a close eye on them and take precautions with their food bowls, sleeping areas, and bathroom areas, similar to cats.


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