You adore your cat and consider her a member of the family, so it’s only natural that you want to feed her the foods you enjoy. While cats can eat a variety of human foods, consider them as treats rather than a complete diet to keep them healthy.

Baby Food

Your cat can eat almost any type of baby food as long as it doesn’t contain anything toxic, but the meats will most likely be her favourite. Plain meat, meat mixed with vegetables, and toddler meat sticks that resemble miniature hot dogs are all favourites of cats. If your cat is sick, baby foods are especially useful because you may be able to entice her with them when she won’t eat anything else. Check the label to make sure the food doesn’t contain onion powder or minced onions, as these can be harmful to your cat.

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All types of lean meats, including chicken, boneless fish, liver, and beef, are safe for your cat to eat. While some people recommend feeding your cat raw or partially cooked meat, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals recommends that all meat and meat products be cooked. It’s also a good idea to cut up the meat into small pieces so that your cat doesn’t choke.


Cats can join you in the garden or share the produce you bring home from the weekly farmer’s market. While not all cats will eat raw vegetables, some will, and the majority will eat them when combined with other foods, particularly meat. Green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, and carrots are good to feed her. Bananas, apples, and baked potatoes are also good for your cat.

People Foods Your Cat Can Eat: Pictures

Other Yummies

If your cat would eat it, little portions of cooked spaghetti, bread, and unsalted pretzels may be introduced to her diet. Some cats like to eat these items alone, while others prefer them blended with meat or meat juice to add taste. These bland foods can help bulk up your cat’s other people-food treats, but don’t overdo it to the point where she isn’t getting a balanced diet.

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10 People Foods That Are Safe for Cats - Lotto the Cat

Toxic Foods

Some foods, no matter how tasty they may seem to you, should never be given to a cat. They’ll make your cat sick at the very least, and certain foods may even kill her. Chocolate, wine, avocados, onions, and raisins are among them. If you bake, don’t give your cat the dough because the yeast can cause her intestines to rupture. Give her nothing you’re not sure about, and if she eats anything she shouldn’t, get her to the vet right away.

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