Unveiling the Most Popular Dog Halloween Costumes in Every US State

Most Popular Dog Halloween Costumes in Every US State

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Unveiling the Most Popular Dog Halloween Costumes in Every US State


Halloween is around the corner, and pet owners are gearing up to dress their furry companions in adorable and safe costumes. Whether homemade or store-bought, pet costumes come in various designs, reflecting the creativity of their owners. Discover which dog Halloween costumes reign supreme in each U.S. state, according to data gathered by the National Retail Federation (NRF).

Pumpkin Reigns Supreme Nationwide

Pumpkin-themed costumes emerge as the most popular choice for pets across the United States, with approximately 11 percent of pets participating in Halloween donning these whimsical outfits. But the pumpkin craze extends beyond the national level, with several states embracing this festive choice. Alaska, California, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin all favor pumpkin costumes for their four-legged friends.

Hot Dogs and More

In some states, pumpkins share the limelight with other popular costume options. Devil costumes vie for attention alongside pumpkins in Georgia, while ghosts are a top choice in Nevada and West Virginia. Surprisingly, hot dog costumes, second only to pumpkins in national popularity, enjoy the spotlight alongside ghost costumes in Arizona and Indiana. These sausage-inspired outfits also top the list in Kentucky, Maine, and Oklahoma.

Beyond Pumpkins: Bats and Bumblebees

NRF data reveals that after pumpkins and hot dogs, bats and bumblebees are the third and fourth most beloved costume choices for pets on a national scale. However, these whimsical outfits have unique regional popularity. In Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, and Pennsylvania, bat costumes take the lead. Bats share their popularity status with superheroes in Michigan, ghosts in Ohio, and bumblebees in South Carolina. Meanwhile, bumblebee costumes find favor in Oregon and Utah, and they share the spotlight with dinosaurs in Missouri.

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Lions, Vampires, and Dinosaurs

Some states favor more unique costume choices. Residents in Connecticut and Washington opt for lion costumes as their top pick. Wyoming goes all in for vampire-themed outfits. Spiders creep to the forefront in North Carolina and share the stage with dinosaurs in Kansas. Illinois residents prefer dinosaurs, with Chucky costumes coming in a close second. Mississippi proves that dinosaurs reign supreme as the top costume choice.

Ghosts and Devils

Ghosts take center stage in Florida, while Alabama shares the same sentiment alongside devil costumes. Despite clear preferences in many states, some locations present “insufficient data” for a conclusive choice. These states include Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

As we approach this year’s spooky season, the NRF predicts record Halloween spending, estimated to reach $12.2 billion. Of this impressive sum, approximately $700 million is expected to be spent on pet costumes.

Source: Newsweek



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