10 Types of Pitbull Bloodlines (With Pictures)

Types of Pitbull Bloodlines

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10 Types of Pitbull Bloodlines (With Pictures)


Pitbulls are a popular and diverse breed, known for their loyalty, strength, and affectionate nature. Within the world of Pitbulls, various bloodlines exist, each with its own unique characteristics and traits.

These bloodlines have been developed over time through selective breeding for specific purposes, such as hunting, protection, or companionship. Some well-known Pitbull bloodlines include the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Each bloodline has its distinct physical traits, temperament, and history, making it important for prospective Pitbull owners to research and choose the bloodline that aligns with their lifestyle and preferences.

Types of Pitbull Bloodlines

Contrary to popular belief, the name “pitbull” refers to a variety of dog breeds, including the American Pitbull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, and American Bully.

Pitbull enthusiasts have always encountered opposition when it comes to breeding the canines. Because of overbreeding and a murky history with dogfighting, the word “Pitbull” has come to carry a lot of baggage. Despite these failures, breeders have developed several distinct Pitbull lineages. The following list of 10 lineages may be present in Pitbulls.

The 10 Popular Pitbull Bloodlines

1. Colby Pitbull

One of the oldest and most well-known Pitbull lineages in America is Colby. These were the product of John Colby, an American breeder in 1889. The Colby bloodline has a particular pedigree of Irish and English dogs to achieve the bloodline’s typical appearance.

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Colby Pitbulls are already over a century old and have wide heads, short tails, and incredibly powerful frames. Moreover, Colby Pitbulls have a very lustrous coats. Nevertheless, since they shed constantly, frequent grooming will be required to keep your Colby Pitbull looking fantastic.

They are excellent family dogs and are well known for having a consistent disposition.

2. Old Family Red Nose Pitbull

The Irish “Old Family” Pitbull lineage, which dates back more than 150 years in Ireland, is where the Old Family Red Nose bloodline comes from. The bloodline’s lengthy history of inbreeding is where the moniker originates.

The Old Family Red Nose is a friendly dog with a red coat and nose that is well-liked by fanciers. Compared to other Pitbull bloodlines, The Old Family Red Nose is thicker and stockier, and they have a strong jaw.

They will also have nails that are copper or reddish-brown in color in addition to having a red nose.

3. Razor’s Edge Pit Bull

One of the greatest Pitbull companion breeds comes from the Razor’s Edge pedigree. Despite its rather ominous moniker, the Razor’s Edge lineage has a peaceful and composed disposition.

Sharp Edge Pitbulls are members of the American Bully breed and, although having a slender physique overall, have a blocky snout, a thick chest, and massive bones. Despite having a rough coat, they need to seem sleek and polished.

4. Gator Mouth Pitbulls

Breed enthusiasts believe that the Gator Mouth Pitbulls, also known as Gator Pitbulls, are extinct. The breed was originally developed for combat and is a direct descendant of Both Gator and Alligator.

The lineage is regarded as extinct since dogfighting is no longer permitted. Go for a trustworthy kennel with moral breeding and selling methods if you’re searching for a Gator Pitbull.

Be sure the kennel can provide them with a Certificate of Lineage. Be very suspicious of backyard breeders that claim to be selling pups of the bloodline.

5. Ruffian Pitbull Bloodline

Champion, The Ruffian, is the parent of the Ruffian lineage. Clayton Harriman and William Whitaker, who toiled assiduously to develop the champions of this breed, are the founders of the Ruffian bloodline.

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The short tail and small, pointed ears are characteristics of the Ruffian lineage. They make outstanding show dogs because of their strong frame and beautiful coat. Together with the X-Pert lineage, their bloodline was bred.

6. X-Pert

Pitbulls with the X-Pert lineage are descended from American Staffordshire Terriers. When Pitbulls could be purchased for $5, Clifford and Alberta Ormsby established the lineage.

The streets were teeming with Pitbulls that had not been raised according to any kind of breeding or care regulations at the time. Ormbsy’s Madge, the first dog of the X-Pert bloodline, was acquired by the Ormsbys from a Texas breeder. She was mated to Bennett’s Mack, who had ancestry in the Smiths and Tudors lineages.

The lineage of the X-Pert is nimble and lithe, with a bouncy pace and a strong leap.

7. Jeep

James Crenshaw’s Pitbull, sometimes known as “Crenshaw’s Jeep,” is the origin of the Jeep name. Crenshaw’s Jeep, who was born in 1976, sired several future champion dogs and was unofficially called the king of fighters.

Deep-set eyes that are smaller than those of the typical Pitbull are indicative of the Jeep lineage. They have a large ribcage and are muscular, like Jeep in his fighting days. A distinguishing characteristic of the lineage, the deep ribcage complements the broad, muscular forearms.

The long tail of the Jeep bloodline is another distinguishing characteristic, one that is less typical among bullies. The Jeep lineage of Pitbulls doesn’t have a lustrous coat, in contrast to certain other Pitbull bloodlines. Yet they do have a glossy shine to their coats.

8. Gottiline

Juan Gotty, the father of Gottiline Pitbulls, sired his first litter at around 7 months old, and was given that name. Juan Gotty is regarded as the most famous American Bully of all time, and Gotty produced over a thousand puppies before he passed away because his offspring were so well-liked.

Gottiline Pitbulls are quite noticeable since they are so large. They have strong, chiseled bodies and command with their big, square heads. The Gottiline Pitbull has a distinct neck that melds into his chest perfectly.

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9. Carver

Several more lineages have ancestry in the Carver line, which is a very prominent bloodline among Bully breeds. Since their lineage has been utilized to generate so many other bloodlines, it is difficult to locate a dog with just Carver blood.

When it comes to bully breeds, the Carver lineage excels in every area. Although some Carver dogs have a reputation for being friendly, some have a fighting background. Because of their flexibility, almost all Pitbull bloodlines can be traced back to the Carver lineage.

10. Budweiser Crusher

The Budweiser Crusher lineage is descended from Mickel’s Budweiser Crusher. In North Carolina, the state where Budweiser Crusher was born, the lineage is very well-liked.

Despite having a fairly ridiculous moniker, Budweiser Crusher was a champion show dog that had it all. While he wasn’t busy winning dog competitions, he was renowned for being a fantastic family and hunting dog.

His bloodline’s canines are renowned for their amiable dispositions and make wonderful family pets.


These are only a few of the many Pitbull lineages that exist. While there are many Pitbull bloodlines, few of them are as unique as some of the ones we’ve highlighted. Every breed of dog you choose may be found with a Pitbull lineage that was specifically bred for that breed!


Question & Answers:



What are the main types of Pitbull bloodlines?

The main types of Pitbull bloodlines include the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), American Staffordshire Terrier (AmStaff), Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Staffy), and several others, each with its unique lineage and traits.


What are the characteristics of the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) bloodline?

APBTs are known for their muscular build, agility, and high energy levels. They are often seen as versatile working dogs and are prized for their loyalty and intelligence.


What distinguishes the American Staffordshire Terrier (AmStaff) bloodline from others?

AmStaffs share many traits with APBTs but are typically larger and more stocky. They are known for their friendly and affectionate nature, making them excellent family pets.


Are all Pitbull bloodlines suitable for families?

Not all Pitbull bloodlines are equally suited for families. While some, like the AmStaff, are known for their family-friendly temperament, others may have more specific working or hunting traits. Researching the specific bloodline and meeting individual dogs is essential when considering a Pitbull as a family pet.


What should prospective Pitbull owners consider when choosing a bloodline?

Prospective owners should consider their lifestyle, living situation, and the intended role of the dog when choosing a Pitbull bloodline. It’s also crucial to work with reputable breeders who prioritize the health and well-being of their dogs and provide socialization and training from a young age.




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