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The Sapphire Gem, also known as the Sapphire Blue Plymouth Rock or Blue Plymouth Rock, is a popular novelty and speciality bird. Searching the internet for information on this unusual kind will very certainly bring you to a dead end or to the websites of local jewellers. Although there is contradicting information about this chicken type, everyone seems to agree that it is a new favourite.

Although there is contradicting information about this chicken type, everyone seems to agree that it is a new favourite.

The Sapphire Gem is not a real chicken breed, and the American Poultry Association does not recognise it. Most hatcheries that offer this little gem are vague in their descriptions, which is understandable given that it’s a new chicken species. In truth, this chick may only be obtained from a small number of hatcheries, one of which looks to be named Sapphire Gem.

The Sapphire Gem is a mix of heritage and hybrid chickens that was produced in the Czech Republic, from what we know about it. This prized bird is considered to be a hybrid between a Blue and a Barred Plymouth Rock.

Many chicken enthusiasts are happy at the advent of another amusing fowl to add some spice to their flock as the popularity and enthusiasm over the Easter Egger has started to wane.


The Sapphire Gem is a sex-linked chicken variety, which implies that their gender can be established by studying the colours of their feathers immediately after hatching. Cross-breeding chickens are responsible for this characteristic.

Another thing to keep in mind regarding the bedazzling beauties is that they do not produce real offspring. If you’re not familiar with chicken lingo, this implies that you won’t certainly get another Sapphire Gem if you breed two Sapphire Gems.

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The Sapphire Gem will attract your attention with its lavender and blue feathering if you like unique colours in your flock. The roosters are usually blue with a white dot on their heads, while the hens are primarily blue with a gold or grey necklace-like ring around their necks. Some people seem to like these colours, while others seem to despise them. As a result, it’s reasonable to conclude that opinions on looks are divided.

Due to its genetics, the Sapphire Gem has an upright look comparable to that of a Plymouth Rock, and she has a single comb atop her alert tiny head.

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The Sapphire Gem is a chicken of medium size. She won’t be intimidated by your Easter Eggers or frightened by the Brahma. They are a middle-of-the-flock size chicken that can hold their own in a mixed flock.


The Sapphire Gem lays large, brown eggs, and it’s a popular myth that she lays blue eggs since she’s commonly mistaken with the Sapphire chicken (a small white bird that lays bright blue eggs).

This tiny engine-that-could produces all year and has been reported to lay up to 290 eggs in a single year! As you can see, her primary function is production, and she is not often used as a meat chicken.


The Sapphire Gem chicken thrives in all climates, with stories of it surviving hard winters gracefully and producing more eggs. To prevent their combs from coming off at the end of the season, the Sapphire Gem, like other single-combed breeds, should be protected from frostbite during the winter months.

Free Ranging

If you want to let your hens run free, Sapphire Gems are excellent free-range choices. They are great foragers and have no problems scavenging the yard for the most delectable delicacies. While they are a peaceful chicken, they are also attentive and wary of predators, making them even better off if they have free reign of the yard.

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Fans of the chicken will eagerly tell anybody who would listen how quiet and gentle it is. The Sapphire Gem has been seen napping peacefully in the arms and hands of its loving owners. They are reported to like cuddling and are one of the loveliest chicken breeds for children.

While this chicken is the new ‘big thing’, nothing is known about her origins or where she may be found. You can guarantee that her popularity will only rise in the future, maybe even faster than that of the Easter Egger!

Coop Setup

You must provide 4 square feet of coop area for each Sapphire Gem in your flock.

The typical 8 inches of roosting area per chicken will enough for these ladies. It will provide them with ample room to sprawl out in the summer and cuddle up in the winter.


The Sapphire Gem chicken is a new breed that is steadily gaining prominence among chicken lovers, they are good pets and quite gentle. If you’re considering bolstering your flock with these rarities, you should do so without delay! 


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