Alleged Pet Hoarder Arrested: Shocking Discovery of Cats Stuffed in Closet

Shocking Discovery of Cats Stuffed in Closet

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Alleged Pet Hoarder Arrested: Shocking Discovery of Cats Stuffed in Closet


Woman Violates Court Order and Faces Animal Neglect Charges

In a distressing incident that has shocked the community, a 23-year-old woman from Warrenton, Oregon, has been arrested on charges of animal neglect after allegedly hoarding and mistreating multiple cats. Nicole Banister now faces six counts of animal neglect, as it was discovered that she had violated a court order prohibiting her from owning pets. The disturbing find occurred when maintenance workers entered Banister’s apartment and heard the desperate meows of distressed felines.

Disturbing Conditions Uncovered

Court documents reveal the horrifying scene that unfolded on June 23, when a maintenance worker at Alder Manor Apartments entered Banister’s apartment to complete a work order. The worker was immediately greeted by the sound of meowing emanating from within. Concerned about the welfare of the animals, the Warrenton Police were alerted and launched an investigation.

Cats Found in Deplorable State

Upon arrival, the police made a shocking discovery: six cats crammed inside a bedroom closet, subjected to squalid and unsanitary conditions. Tragically, many of the cats were found covered in their own feces and exhibiting signs of dehydration. The extent of neglect and suffering these innocent animals endured is deeply disturbing.

Potential Involvement of Others

Investigators suspect that two individuals may have delivered the cats to Banister around June 15. The exact circumstances surrounding the acquisition of the animals are currently under investigation. Anyone with information regarding this matter is urged to contact Sergeant Jim Pierce at 503-861-2235 to assist in the ongoing inquiry.

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Repeat Offender and Violation of Court Order

This shocking incident follows a prior criminal case involving Banister, in which she faced 38 counts of second-degree animal neglect on April 21. The charges stemmed from allegations of failing to provide basic care for numerous cats and dogs. Banister previously pleaded no contest to two counts of animal neglect in November 2022 and received an 18-month probation sentence. One of the conditions of her probation explicitly stated that she was not allowed to own cats.

Consequences and Care for the Affected Cats

As a result of the discovery, the six cats have been transferred to Clatsop County Animal Control for necessary medical treatment and care. The authorities are determined to ensure the well-being and recovery of these animals who have endured such distressing circumstances.

The repeated violation of court orders and the horrifying conditions in which these cats were found highlight the urgent need for stricter penalties and improved enforcement in cases of animal neglect and abuse. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of responsible pet ownership and the crucial role that reporting animal cruelty plays in protecting vulnerable creatures.

Source: KATU News


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