11 Best Apartment Dogs: Perfect Companions for Cozy Living Spaces

11 Best Apartment Dogs For You

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11 Best Apartment Dogs: Perfect Companions for Cozy Living Spaces


Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the companionship of a dog. Some dog breeds are well-suited to apartment living, thanks to their size, temperament, and adaptability to smaller spaces.

In this guide to the best apartment dogs, we’ll explore breeds that thrive in apartment settings, their characteristics, exercise needs, and the considerations for making them happy and healthy in a confined environment.

Best Apartment Dogs

Sometimes it can feel difficult to find the perfect canine to live in your apartment with you while also being a good roommate. What breed of canine is best for your circumstance will depend on your apartment’s size, location, and even the age of your neighbors. But don’t give up! There are many excellent choices available to you with such a large selection of canine breeds—possibly even a few you hadn’t considered before. Even better, no matter your lifestyle, a canine that can fulfill all of your needs while still residing peacefully in your residence is likely to exist.

Larger canines require more exercise than small types do, so if they don’t have a yard to move around in, they will need to spend more time walking on a tether or in a dog park. There is nothing, however, stopping a large canine from being content in an apartment with a caring master if you exercise frequently or spend a lot of leisure time outside.

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Depending on the individual, “best apartment dogs” can imply a variety of things. Some people only want a canine that can live peacefully and contently in a tiny area. Others might find it to be a canine that they can exercise and play with on the weekends without feeling confined or miserable during the workweek. In light of this, the collection that follows has a little something for everyone!

Bichon Frise

The bichon frise, one of the world’s friendliest and cutest dog types, is a happy-go-lucky people-pleaser and unquestionably one of the finest city canines. They make great agility competition dogs, but they are also content to lounge peacefully on the sofa for extended periods of time. And since they weigh only about 15 pounds, your lower neighbors won’t be alarmed!


We recognize that compiling a list of the top residential canines may seem counter-intuitive coming from the quickest dog in the dog world. The truth about greyhounds, however, is that they have two speeds: racing and sleeping. So even though they will gladly emphasize your busy lifestyle during the day and night, living inside your metropolitan home should still be great!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

Owners of cavaliers will tell you that their amazing little animals make the ideal family pets. Additionally, Cavaliers make the ideal city companion. These little canines are silent, amiable, and tiny enough to easily fit into even the coziest apartments. They are also incredibly clever and fiercely devoted.


EngAm Bulldog

Due to their rugged look and large frame, these robust fireplugs may not be your first choice when it comes to the best apartment dogs, but bulldogs typically have a reputation for being incredibly laid-back, couch-friendly dogs who adapt well to apartment living. But there are some restrictions to bear in mind: Bulldogs can struggle in higher temps, and if they aren’t taught to stay quiet when vigilant, your neighbors will undoubtedly hear them.

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Boston Terrier 

Due to his perfect proportions of size and disposition, this elegant gentleman makes one of the finest city canines. Boston terriers are tiny enough to almost entirely meet their requirements for activity indoors without bothering your basement neighbors, and they are almost always sociable, affectionate dogs.

Italian Greyhound  

The Italian greyhound provides most of the characteristics that people adore about the greyhound breed—in a smaller, lighter, and even calmer package—while being about 20 percent the size of their racing relatives. The Italian greyhound, at about 10 pounds, is light enough and silent enough to not be an annoyance, even though they don’t typically have the same amount of energy as racing greyhounds.

Basset Hound  

Due to their need for activity, basset hounds—steadfast and devoted companions—make some of the finest city pets. Your basset hound should only need one decent stroll a day to stay healthy and satisfied; the rest of the time, he’ll be content to snooze on a dog bed or move around lightly on the living room floor. Their tendency to salivate as well as their BIG accents could be taken into account.


25 Most Common Chihuahua Mixes - Fumi Pets

The Chihuahua is without a doubt the finest apartment canine for squeezing into even the tiniest urban condo when it comes to dimensions! They almost never need any exercise that can’t be provided for right there on your sofa because of how tiny they are. Although these tiny canines are excellent for living in small apartments, they can be yippy if not taught to stop vigilant howling.

Coton de Tulear  

The coton is one of the finest city canines for seniors, people with movement problems, and people who work from home because it is fundamentally a company dog. These cheerful companion canines rarely bark, have very little hair to lose, and move well if you want to spend some time away from home.


All You Need To Know About Basenji Dogs

Are you looking for a calm roommate? There aren’t many condo dogs that are better than the silent variety! Contrary to common perception, basenjis don’t always keep to themselves. They vocalize through a peculiar noise that has been compared to a cross between a chortle and a trill instead of howling. They weigh less than 25 pounds, excrete very little, and have been characterized as having “catlike” dispositions. Basenjis are best suited for patient people who have access to a nearby canine park or jogging path, but be mindful that they can be a little challenging to teach and have a strong drive.

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French Bulldog 

French bulldogs, which appeared to be developed for flats, have long been a choice among city residents. These dogs are perfect for apartment living because they are tiny, don’t excrete much, and don’t typically yap a lot. Plus, they should get all the activity they need from a vigorous stroll. These little boys are more than happy to serve as lap dogs or take a nap in a toasty spot on the floor when they’re not peacefully playing on the living room carpeting.

Frequently Asked Questions 


What are the key characteristics of a dog that make it suitable for apartment living?

Dogs suitable for apartment living are typically smaller in size, have moderate energy levels, are adaptable to indoor environments, and have good manners, which reduce the likelihood of disruptive behaviors.

What are some examples of dog breeds that are considered the best for apartment living?

Breeds like the French Bulldog, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Boston Terrier, Shih Tzu, and Chihuahua are often considered among the best apartment dogs due to their small size and affable personalities.

How can apartment dwellers meet the exercise needs of their dogs effectively?

Apartment dogs still need exercise and mental stimulation. Regular walks, trips to the dog park, interactive toys, and playtime indoors can help meet their exercise requirements within a limited space.

Are there any challenges associated with having a dog in an apartment, and how can they be overcome?

Challenges may include limited space for your dog to roam and potential noise concerns. To overcome these challenges, ensure your dog gets enough exercise, training, and mental stimulation. Additionally, consider soundproofing measures to minimize noise disruptions to neighbors.

What considerations should apartment dwellers keep in mind when choosing a dog breed for their living space?

A5: When selecting a dog breed for apartment living, consider factors such as the dog’s size, activity level, and temperament. It’s also essential to check with your landlord or housing regulations to ensure they permit dogs, and be prepared to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your furry friend within the apartment.




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