Best Dog Training Leashes

Best Dog Training Leashes

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Best Dog Training Leashes


Selecting the right dog training leash is a vital aspect of effective training and control. There’s a variety of leash types available, each catering to different training goals and dog behaviors.

From standard nylon leashes to retractable options, training leashes play a crucial role in teaching commands, improving leash manners, and ensuring the safety of both the dog and the handler.

Understanding your dog’s needs, training objectives, and comfort level is essential in choosing the best leash for successful training outcomes.

Dog Leashes

One of those activities that ought to be simple is walking a dog. After all, youngsters and teenagers are often given this task. Leash training, however, needs careful consideration, perseverance, and an understanding of how difficult it may be for your puppy.

“The owner’s main role during leash training is encouragement, support, and guidance, never negative discipline,” asserts Mary Altomare, chief veterinarian at the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter in East Hanover, New Jersey. “Leash training with a disciplined mindset can start off on a negative tone and have a detrimental effect on training.”

Altomare advises wearing the leash indoors while playing with your dog to help her develop a pleasant attachment with it. Then, while holding a reward in your hand, direct the dog to walk beside you as opposed to in front of you. The aim is for the dog to walk beside its person rather than leading or trailing behind, according to Altomare. 

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Reward with a goodie once a job is finished to foster a positive relationship. 

According to Glenna Cupp, certified fear-free professional trainer, counselor, and proprietor of Wild Thing Dog Training in New Jersey, “start somewhere distraction-free, such as inside your home.” “Then, go to your yard, and finally, on walks in the “real world.” Getting started in a simple place helps in laying the foundation.

How to Choose a Dog Training Leash

The best dog training leash is essential for comfort and safety, even if smart training methods should be your first concern for getting your dog used to walks. 

It’s crucial, according to Altomare, to get a quality collar and leash that are suitable for the size and breed of your pet. The ideal collar will enable two fingers to slip snugly between the collar and the pet’s neck, preventing the animal from being able to escape the collar. It should be constructed of a soft but robust material.

“The leash should be significant in thickness and durability, connect firmly to the collar, and have a lead that is no longer than a few feet. Any longer than a few feet and the owner loses true control of the animal, which may be a serious safety concern. By “lead,” I mean the length of the leash.

Long leashes are useful for practicing “sniffaris” and recall skills in wide spaces. In this approach, you may perform recall training with confidence that your dog won’t smell a rabbit and run off.

Therefore, avoid using retractable leashes as well as other cutting-edge features (such as hands-free leash designs). Always feel free to ask your veterinarian for a specific advise. If you’re prepared to begin your search for the finest dog training leash, consider the choices Altomare and Cupp suggest.

Stunt Puppy Dry Leashstunt puppy dry leash


This 3/4-inch broad dog training leash is lightweight but durable and is simple, traditional, and uncomplicated. “This one is waterproof, has a nice short lead, and wins for durability,” claims Altomare. “It’s a huge plus that you can hose it off at the end of a walk.” It is constructed of BioThane, a polymer that is almost unbreakable and odor-proof. Additionally, it’s especially useful for directing leisurely walkers who periodically urinate on their leashes, according to one review. 

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Max and Neo Dog Gear Double Handle Leashmax and neo double reflective dog leash


“These are great in that they have an extra handle about a foot from the end of the leash,” Altomare says. “In the event the pup is needed immediately at your side, it is there for full control (think crossing a busy street). As an added bonus, these leashes come with a reflector-type material that shines when it starts to get dark out.” Bonus: For every dog training leash sold, the brand donates one to a rescue. 

Kurgo Tru-Fit Harnesskurgo true fit dog harness


It is incredibly robust while yet being comfortable for the pet, has front and rear leash connection points, and is simple to put on and take off, according to Altomare. I think it also has a guarantee, which is unbeatable. This dog training harness has five adjustable points for a personalized fit, similar to those used by rock climbers. It was designed to keep your dog safe when driving or strolling as well. Although users have mentioned using it to guide their dog in and out of the vehicle, the provided clip (with 10″ tether) connects to seatbelts.

Kurgo RSG Stub Polyester Reflective Leashkurgo dog leash


Try pairing this leash with the Kurgo Tru-Fit harness that was previously described. This straightforward, tough 4-1/2″ leash has reflective material to make you visible in dim light.

Puppia RiteFit with Adjustable Neckpuppia dog harness


“This is my favorite harness for small dogs,” explains Altomare. “With the adjustable neck, this harness offers a perfect fit and is comfortable for the small guys. It is constructed of a highly robust mesh material. A major bonus is how simple it is to clean. With more than 3,200 five-star ratings, dog owners agree. 

Puppia Authentic Two Tone Leadpuppia dog leash


Simple yet dependable, this leash is composed of double nylon rope that won’t pill and is ideal for training dogs. It goes wonderfully with the aforementioned Puppia harness.

Ruffwear Knot-a-Longruffwear knot a long dog leash


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With choices for varied leash thicknesses for smaller or bigger dogs, this shorter leash aids in keeping your dog near to you. The rope used in this leash is also robust, flexible, and highly visible, and it has a locking carabiner for even greater security. The accessory hook next to the cozy handle is ideal for securing Cupp’s essential training supplies: snacks. In order to practice and reinforce simple obedience behaviors like “sit” or “leave it” while you’re out walking, she advises always packing goodies. 

2 Hounds Design Double Clip Leash and Harness2 hounds dog harness leash


Cupp suggests using the Freedom Harness from 2 Hounds Design in combination with this dog training leash; the two items are easily available at Chewy. The front clip, according to 2 Hounds Design, serves as a second control point that makes it easier to gently refocus your dog’s attention when distractions occur. Every stroll is pleasurable because to the leash’s action loop, which stops it from twisting, tugging, or straining. 

PetSafe Cotton Dog Training Leadpetsafe cotton dog training lead


“Your standard leash length (roughly 6 feet) is fine if your dog walks nicely on leash,” adds Cupp. “Long lines are great for’sniffaris’ and recall training where you aren’t likely to encounter other people or dogs.” There are three lengths available for this one: 15, 20, and 30 feet.

Q&A: Best Dog Training Leashes


1. What types of training leashes are available?

There are several types of training leashes, including standard nylon or leather leashes, retractable leashes, long lines, slip leads, and martingale-style leashes. Each serves a specific purpose in training and control.

2. What is a retractable leash, and when should it be used?

A retractable leash allows variable leash length and is useful for controlled freedom during training walks. However, it might not be ideal for leash training, as it can encourage pulling and lacks consistent control.

3. How do long lines contribute to training?

Long lines are extended leashes that offer more freedom while maintaining control. They are great for recall training and practicing commands at a distance.

4. Are slip leads suitable for training?

Slip leads can be effective for certain types of training, like teaching loose-leash walking. However, they should be used with care to avoid discomfort or injury to the dog.

5. What factors should be considered when choosing a training leash?

Consider your dog’s size, behavior, and training needs. Opt for a comfortable handle, sturdy material, and appropriate length. Choose a leash that aligns with your training goals, whether it’s basic obedience, loose-leash walking, or specific commands.

Selecting the right training leash enhances your ability to communicate with your dog, reinforces positive behavior, and ensures a safe and enjoyable training experience. Always prioritize your dog’s comfort and safety when making your choice.



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