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It’s no secret that big, purebred dogs cost a lot of money, but what about large breeds that are still being created and haven’t yet received formal registration, like the Blue Bay Shepherd?

Blue European German Shepherds were crossed with fifth-generation wolf canines to create the Blue Bay Shepherd.

The newly developing breed has a rich, thick blue coat and a distinct lupine look, thanks to the combination of many different breeds, notably Alaskan Malamutes.

What are the prices of Blue Bay Shepherds? The price of a Blue Bay Shepherd puppy ranges from $2,000 to $3,500. The price reflects the decades of effort that went into developing this unique breed, as well as the expenses of caring for and sheltering the foundation stock, which included wolf dogs.

You’ll understand that the purchase price is modest when you consider the enormous work and ethical breeding methods needed to create the Blue Bay Shepherd and maintain the line pure.

Blue Bay Shepherd’s Price

The price of a Blue Bay Shepherd ranges from $2,000 to $3,500.

You’ll have to contact the breed’s founder directly to find out the precise pricing for males and females.

You may come across pups that are advertised as genuine Blue Bay Shepherds for a fraction of the price.

Be advised that only Southern Breeze Kennels in Palm Bay, Florida sells genuine American Blue Bay Shepherds.

Blue Bays were first bred at Southern Breeze Kennels, which continues to develop the breed.

All genuine Blue Bay Shepherds are given a unique identification number and a certificate signed by the founder.

Without this designation, any “Blue Bay” is not a Blue Bay Shepherd.

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Why Are They So Expensive?

It costs a lot of money to create a new breed. Multiple breeds must be properly cared for, which may rapidly add up in terms of medical and feed costs.

Furthermore, constructing and maintaining large outside cages for the wolf dogs employed in the beginning is not a cheap undertaking.

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The inventor of the breed has spent more than 20 years developing this fascinating new breed, and we all know how important time is.

It’s only right that she be paid for her tireless efforts with this puppy.

Another reason these dogs are expensive is to guarantee that the new owners will take good care of them.

The reasoning for this is that a person who can pay the purchase price would most likely be able to meet the dog’s long-term requirements.

To ensure your beloved pet receives the best care throughout its life, exploring Fetch by The Dodo pet insurance coverage can be a wise step. This coverage offers comprehensive protection for your pet, addressing a wide range of health needs and emergencies.

This isn’t intended to be discriminatory; rather, it’s designed to prioritize the dogs’ needs.

Will The Price Decrease Soon?

Because this is still a growing breed, the price of these lovely puppies is unlikely to fall for many years.

Although the breeder has a clear vision for the breed’s criteria, she is still adjusting some characteristics and qualities to achieve her objective.

Prices may begin to drop after a genuine standard has been created, a breed club has been founded, other committed breeders are engaged in promoting the breed, and the Blue Bay is well on its road to full AKC registration.

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Why Can’t I Find The Price Online?

All Blue Bay Shepherds are sold via a kennel that does not post pricing online. While this may be inconvenient, the reasons behind this are sound.

If the Blue Bay Shepherd’s look was extensively publicised, it wouldn’t be long before unscrupulous breeders tried to imitate it.

Breeding two breeds that appear somewhat close to a Blue Bay would most likely be utilised to mimic the Blue Bay’s “look.”

Of course, the resultant puppies would not be Blue Bay Shepherds, but that wouldn’t stop them from being advertised as such and sold at a bargain.

These low-cost, knockoff dogs would tarnish the genuine breed’s reputation and jeopardise the founder’s decades of hard work.

In comparison to other breeds, the Blue Bay Shepherd is more expensive.

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When you compare the pricing of other big dogs that look like wolves, you’ll find that a Blue Bay is very affordable, particularly when you consider the decades of effort that have gone into developing this breed.

Please bear in mind that the costs shown below are estimates and only apply to a pet-quality dog.

Breed Price
German Shepherd $500 – $2,000
Belgian Malinois $1,300 – $2,500
Alaskan Malamute $1,000 – $2,000
Wolf dog $1,000 – $3,000
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Are Blue Bay Shepherds Expensive To Keep?

The expense of keeping a Blue Bay Shepherd is comparable to that of any big dog in many respects.

Veterinary costs, toys, beds, collars and leashes, and other expenses will be about the same.

It should be emphasised that only the most robust toys will suffice for these powerful dogs.

Chewing on elk antlers, in particular, would be excellent for Blue Bay Shepherds.

They endure a long time, have no odour, are completely natural, and include important minerals including calcium, phosphorus, manganese, and zinc.

The best part is that they’ll fulfil your natural need to chew.

Toys made of thick, natural rubber, such as this hugely popular toy, might also be appropriate.

They’re virtually unbreakable, can be filled with goodies like kibble or peanut butter, and bounce wildly when tossed, which dogs love since it simulates the antics of pursuing prey.

These are big, energetic dogs that need a lot of exercise on a regular basis.

Installing a secure perimeter for your dog to safely frolic and play will be a fairly significant initial cost if you don’t already have a large, fenced-in yard.

Special Consideration For This Breed

Legal Issues

Any dog with a traceable wolf heritage is needed by law in certain jurisdictions to have a permit and/or licence, as well as specific enclosures in some cases.

The fees connected with them will differ from one state to the next.

In certain jurisdictions, these rules and restrictions also apply to canines that merely have a passing resemblance to wolves, regardless of whether the dog has any wolf DNA.

Despite the fact that the first Blue Bays had just one wolf hybrid parent and that parent’s wolf heritage was five or six generations back in the bloodline, regulations may restrict Blue Bay ownership owing to the canines’ lupine look.

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Other jurisdictions explicitly prohibit the ownership of wolf dog hybrids, while others make it entirely lawful for a private person to do so.

We have a number of articles on wolf dogs that will address any questions you may have about having one of these magnificent pets.

Depending on the language in your state’s regulations, a Blue Bay Shepherd may be considered a hybrid (though this is incorrect) or a domestic dog.

The disparities in legislation seem to have no rhyme or reason, and it seems unjust that a breed as kind and temperamentally stable as the Blue Bay Shepherd is often discriminated against, but the law is the law.

Before buying a Blue Bay Shepherd, it is strongly advised that you examine not just state regulations but also county, city, and municipal bylaws.

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Because domestic dogs make up so much of the Blue Bay Shepherd’s DNA, many of these majestic-looking canines will thrive on high-quality kibble like Blue Buffalo Wilderness.

However, certain Blue Bays, especially those with a high wolf content, may thrive on a raw diet.

If you take this route, your veterinarian may provide you with recommendations to ensure that your dog gets all of the nutrients he or she needs.

What is the best place to look for a Blue Bay Shepherd?

True Blue Bays are now exclusively available from Vicki Spencer, the breed’s originator.

The following websites may be used to contact her:

Can I Adopt A Blue Bay Shepherd?

It’s very unlikely that you’ll discover a Blue Bay Shepherd for adoption. This is due to two major factors.

First and foremost, since this is such a new breed, there aren’t many of them yet.

Because they are exclusively sold via the kennel of the breed’s originator, the number of pups available is still very restricted.

Second, due to the Blue Bay’s exceptional temperament and absence of negative problems, the overwhelming majority of owners are ecstatic with their dogs and would never contemplate surrendering them to a shelter or rescue organisation.

One possibility worth considering is contacting the breed’s originator and inquiring about any older dogs that may be retiring from her breeding programme and available for adoption, but keep in mind that this is a long shot.

Although this is terrible news if you were hoping to acquire an older dog, these facts speak well of the breed and indicate that it has a promising future.


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