Do Finger Monkeys Make Good Pets? What You Need to Know!

Do Finger Monkeys Make Good Pets

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Do Finger Monkeys Make Good Pets? Finger Monkeys as Pets: A Closer Look


Finger monkeys, scientifically known as pygmy marmosets, are undeniably adorable and captivating creatures. Their tiny size and charming features often make them a subject of fascination for potential pet owners. But, before you consider bringing a finger monkey into your home, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons to determine if they make good pets.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of finger monkeys as potential companions, shedding light on their suitability as pets, their care requirements, and the ethical considerations surrounding their ownership.

The Fascination with Finger Monkeys

Finger monkeys, native to South America, are the world’s smallest monkeys. Their miniature size, cute appearance, and inquisitive nature make them highly sought after as pets. However, there are several crucial factors to consider when contemplating the idea of bringing a finger monkey into your life.

As exotic pets, finger monkeys are becoming more and more popular. Despite how lovely these little furballs are, we do not suggest keeping them as pets. Since they are still wild and have not yet been tamed, finger monkeys do not make suitable pets.

Read on to find out more about finger monkeys and see why we do not suggest keeping one as a pet. In this article, the debate regarding having one of these fragile monkeys is explained, along with who these animals are most suitable for. They are only appropriate for professional groups, spoiler alert.

What Is a Finger Monkey?

Finger Monkeys are actual monkeys, in spite of their little and cute size. They are really regarded as the smallest species of monkey. They are also among the tiniest primates in the world. These monkeys may also be referred to as Pocket Monkeys, Little Lions, or Thumb Monkeys.

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Despite having several aliases, pygmy marmoset is the scientific term for finger monkeys. The Finger Monkey is one species of marmoset that lives in the trees of the South American jungle. The Finger Monkey is the tiniest Marmoset, only reaching a total length of 4.6 to 6.2 inches, tail included.

Their Life in The Wild

Finger monkeys have very sociable lifestyles in the wild. One male, one female, and all of their progeny reside in tiny groups with them. Between 2 and 10 monkeys may make form a group of finger monkeys. Although finger monkeys are mostly monogamous, there may sometimes be a second guy present to aid with baby care.

Normally, female finger monkeys give birth twice a year, nearly often to twins. One or three monkeys may sometimes give birth, although this is less frequent. For the first two weeks of the baby’s existence, the males exclusively care for it, unlike many other animals.

In the wild, finger monkeys may expect to live for a total of 12 to 16 years; however, in captivity, they can expect to live for 15 to 22 years. Nevertheless, the majority of studies show that just 25% of baby finger monkeys reach adulthood.

The Controversy Behind Owning Finger Monkeys

Let’s now discuss explicitly owning Finger Monkeys and the debate around it.

Reasons People Like Finger Monkeys

Finger monkey ownership is rising because these animals are little and adorable, as you would anticipate. Let’s face it: looking at these monkeys is just impossible to resist. Who wouldn’t desire a joyous bundle the size of a finger?

Due to their little size, finger monkeys are also more cost-effective to maintain. The cost of keeping a pet finger monkey is said to be among the lowest among bigger monkeys and primates. Even while they still need thousands of dollars to obtain them, their food budget needs are significantly less.

The Downsides of Finger Monkey Ownership

To put it plainly, finger monkeys are not tamed. They thus do not adapt to life in captivity as well as dogs, cats, and certain birds do. Finger monkeys kept as pets may become downhearted, bored, or overly nervous. Given that finger monkeys are already known to be violent, this discovery is quite concerning. Male Finger Monkeys are very violent and prone to feces-throwing in the wild.

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Even if a finger monkey couldn’t murder you like a gorilla, they may nonetheless be quite aggressive and destructive when kept in captivity. They could damage your residence, hurt you, or hurt other occupants.

Not to add that you need to purchase at least two Finger Monkeys for the animals to be content. Unfortunately, most individuals can only afford to purchase one monkey since they do not have the money to buy two. The monkey’s feelings of boredom, sadness, and rage only intensify as a result. Two monkeys are causing havoc at once.

The final drawback of owning a finger monkey is that they are prone to a variety of human illnesses. In contrast to dogs, finger monkeys may get the common cold, chicken pox, and even HIV. As a consequence, they may be highly challenging patients to provide with medical treatment.

Do Finger Monkeys Make Good Pets?

The topic of whether finger monkeys make suitable pets still lingers in light of this disagreement. No! Pet finger monkeys are not a good idea. Although these monkeys are really lovely, the challenges and disadvantages of having them surpass their cuteness.

Owning a finger monkey is quite immoral in our opinion since domesticated lives often result in inadvertent maltreatment of the animals. Similarly, keeping a pet finger monkey may be quite challenging for the owner and lead to property damage as well as numerous injuries.

Therefore, finger monkeys are bad pets. Do not purchase one for yourself, despite how adorable they are. Simply go to the zoo, watch Animal Planet, or hunt out amusing videos online to satisfy your need for Finger Monkey entertainment.

Who Are Finger Monkeys Right For?

Pet finger monkeys are not a good idea. Since they are wild animals, they need highly particular living arrangements and concerns. Regular people who own pets simply lack the knowledge, capacity, facilities, or resources necessary to meet the needs of Finger Monkeys.

Having said that, pros may use Finger Monkeys. For instance, since they are so adorable to look at yet still have all the resources they need, they may be a wonderful addition to a zoo with a good reputation and a license. Again, only experts who are knowledgeable on how to properly care for these vulnerable animals should handle finger monkeys.

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How to Care for a Finger Monkey

Replicating a Finger Monkey’s natural environment is essential for proper care. This involves providing a very large habitat with plenty of room for climbing and swinging. At least two Finger Monkeys, if not more, must fit comfortably in the cage. The huge cage must be outdoors in full sunshine to get the greatest results.

Additionally, finger monkeys need a healthy diet that includes fruits, vegetables, and insects. Being fed every two hours, baby finger monkeys in particular need a unique diet. In case your Finger Monkey becomes ill, be sure to have a specialist exotic veterinarian who treats monkeys and Finger Monkeys on hand.


It is impossible to exaggerate how terrible a choice it is for both you and the monkeys to introduce a finger monkey into your house. Finger monkeys are wild creatures that should not be kept as pets. Instead, they need other Finger Monkey pals and a full-sized cage that resembles their native environment.

Therefore, finger monkeys don’t make good pets for common pet owners. Even if owning primates is permitted in your state, they wouldn’t make a fantastic addition to a zoo or other professional organization and shouldn’t be bought by normal pet owners.

5 Questions and Answers



Are Finger Monkeys Legal Pets?

Generally, finger monkeys are not legal pets in most places. Their exotic status often leads to stringent regulations and permits for ownership. Always check local and national laws regarding exotic pet ownership before considering a finger monkey as a pet.


What Are the Care Requirements?

Finger monkeys have specific care needs. They require a specialized diet, a large enclosure, and ample social interaction with their own kind. They are highly social creatures and thrive when kept in pairs or small groups.


Can Finger Monkeys Be Domesticated?

Finger monkeys, while adaptable, are not truly domesticated animals. They retain their wild instincts and behaviors, which can be challenging to manage in a home setting.


What Is the Ethical Concern About Finger Monkey Ownership?

Ethical concerns surround the exotic pet trade, as it often contributes to the capture and trafficking of these creatures. It is crucial to consider the ethical implications of owning a finger monkey and whether supporting the exotic pet trade aligns with your values.


Are There Alternatives to Finger Monkeys as Pets?

For those seeking exotic and small pets, there are alternative options like sugar gliders, hamsters, or domesticated rodents. These animals are easier to care for and are more readily available as pets.




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